Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping in Singapore

Lauren Dado

Lauren Dado

Last updated 28 June, 2017

Don't click the 'checkout' button without these credit cards for online shopping!

Updated 28 June 2017. Credit card terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

When it comes to online shopping, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice. And since we’re big fans of avoiding crowds and saving money, we want to share the best credit cards for online shopping in Singapore.

These cards are quite special because of the discounts and rewards they give when you shop at your favourite online brands. Without further ado:

Best Online Shopping Credit Cards in Singapore

Card Name

Cashback / Points Earned

Required Minimum Spend Per Month

Maximum Cashback / Points Earned Per Month

Welcome Offers

Standard Chartered SingPost Platinum Card7% cashback on eligible online purchasesS$600S$60Choose from: (a) up to $138 cashback, (b) $150 Caltex StarCash card or (c) $150 in Uber credits
OCBC Titanium Rewards MasterCard10x OCBC$ per S$1 spent on eligible online and offline purchasesNo minimum spend required120,000 OCBC$ per year, thereafter, 1 OCBC$ per S$1 spent
DBS Live Fresh Card3 DBS Points per S$5 spent online,

5% cashback on online purchases (until 31 December 2016)

No minimum spend required to earn DBS Points,

S$700 minimum spend required to earn 5% cashback

No cap for DBS PointsCashback capped at S$70 per cardUp to S$160 cashback when you apply online

Standard Chartered SingPost Platinum Card

Vying for top place is the Standard Chartered SingPost Platinum Visa Card.

This card was built with online shoppers in mind, with 7% cashback for online purchases and 2% cashback at supermarkets (with a minimum spend of S$600 a month).  

Don't get too excited, though - cashback is capped at S$60 per month. It would be great if the cap were set a little higher, or if there were separate caps for online and supermarket spend. Still, S$60 is quite a lot, so we'll gladly accept the savings.

The SingPost Platinum Visa comes equipped with great safety features to keep online shoppers protected. If within 30 days after making an online purchase, you find the same item on a different website at a much lower price, you can claim a 50% refund of the price difference through the card’s Online Price Guarantee feature. And with the card’s CardSafe Guarantee, you never have to worry about strangers getting ahold of your card number and charging thousands of dollars worth of transactions on it.

If you do the bulk of your online shopping on Amazon and other US-based stores, you might like the fact that it comes with vPost shipment discounts. New customers get 30% off their first shipment, while you get 20% off for subsequent shipments. 

Finally, this card also gives you discounts on your Uber rides until 30 September 2017.

SCB SingPostfind-out-more_button-300x59

Qualifying Criteria & Costs

Check your eligibility before applying for the Standard Chartered SingPost Platinum Visa Card.

Singaporeans / PRForeignersAnnual FeeFee Waiver

Interest Rate

21 - 65 years old

S$30,000 minimum annual income

21 - 65 years old

Employment Pass holders

S$60,000 minimum annual income

S$192.62 with GST2 years24.455% p.a.

What We Like:

  • 7% cashback on online purchases
  • Online Price Guarantee feature, which refunds 50% of the price difference if you find a cheaper price elsewhere
  • CardSafe Guarantee, which protects you from unauthorised online transactions on your card
  • vPost shipment discounts
  • 2% cashback on supermarket purchases

What We Don’t Like:

  • S$60 cashback cap limits your savings
  • 0.2% cashback on everything else

Get This Card If You...

  • Make a lot of overseas online purchases that require a US address. The vPost discounts save you quite a bit on shipping costs!
  • Also do the groceries. 2% cashback isn't much, but you might as well take advantage of it and use this card for groceries to help you reach the minimum spend

OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

For its new iteration, the OCBC Titanium credit card received a massive boost to its shopping rewards, making the new OCBC Titanium Rewards Card a bona fide contender for the title of best online shopping card in Singapore.

This card gives you 10x OCBC$ for every S$1 spent, whether you’re shopping online or at brick-and-mortar stores, in Singapore or anywhere in the world.

Even better, there’s also no minimum spend required, so you can start earning bonus points from the first dollar onwards. Also, your purchases are protected by an online price guarantee and e-commerce protection, handy in the case of disputes.

The rewards cover a generous catalog - bonus points are available for clothes, shoes and bags, electronics and gadgets, babies and children’s wear, personal care, and department stores. Honestly, we think they’ve covered everything except the kitchen sink.

And good news for the tech early adopters out there: the 10x rewards points also apply on mobile payments!


Qualifying Criteria & Costs

Check your eligibility before applying for the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card.

Singaporeans / PRForeignersAnnual FeeFee WaiverInterest Rate
21 years old

S$30,000 minimum annual income

21 years old

S$45,000 minimum annual income

S$192.602 years25.92% p.a.

What We Like:

  • 10x OCBC$ per S$1 spent on eligible shopping online and offline
  • 10x OCBC$ per S$1 spent through mobile payment platforms Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  • No minimum spend required

What We Don’t Like:

  • No rewards points for movies, F&B, travel and airlines transactions

Get This Card If You...

  • Love generous bonus point cap rates. The OCBC Titanium Rewards card has a generous cap rate of 120,000 OCBC$ per year, which means you can earn accelerated bonus points on up to S$1,000 eligible spend per month. The yearly (instead of monthly) cap also means you can be flexible in your spending.

DBS Live Fresh Card

The DBS Live Fresh Card is a great all-in-one card that also happens to offer reward points and rebates for online purchases.

By default, this credit card offers 3 DBS Points per S$5 spent online or with Visa PayWave purchases, as well as for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay transactions. There’s no minimum spend required and no cap on the number of points you can earn.

From now till 31 March 2017, you can also earn 5% cashback on your online purchases if you spend at least S$700 that month (capped at S$70 per month). However, you need to meet a couple of criteria first.

If you don’t own a DBS Live Fresh card yet, you need to apply for the card before 31 March 2017. You must also not have a canceled card account within the last 12 months. If you’re an existing DBS Live Fresh cardmember, you need to register for the promotion online. Note that you have to be among the first 10,000 registrants to qualify.

One other thing worth noting is the sheer convenience brought by the Live Fresh card. Thanks to the EZ-Reload feature, this is one of the few credit cards you can use as an EZ-Link card. This means you never have to queue to top up! If you have a DBS savings account, you can also link your card to it and use it as your ATM card.

Outside of online shopping and PayWave purchases, however, the DBS Live Fresh Card only earns you 1 DBS point for every S$5 spent. You're better off using a different credit card for groceries or non-online retail.

Qualifying Criteria & Costs

Check your eligibility before applying for the DBS Live Fresh Card.

Singaporeans / PRForeignersAnnual FeeFee WaiverInterest Rate
21 years old

S$30,000 minimum annual income

21 years old

S$45,000 minimum annual income

S$128.402 years24.9% p.a.

What We Like:

  • 3 DBS Points per S$5 spent online and on PayWave purchases
  • Additional 5% cashback online and on PayWave, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay purchases
  • All-in-one EZ-Link and ATM Card

What We Don’t Like:

  • 1 DBS Point per S$5 spent on non-online or non-PayWave purchases
  • No cashback earned from non-online or non-PayWave purchases

Get This Card If You...

  • Have a DBS Savings Account. It's incredibly convenient to have your credit card linked to your ATM account, especially when you can use it as your EZ-Link card too.
  • Want a separate credit card just for online shopping. If you'd rather compartmentalise your online purchases to a single credit card, this is a good choice. The DBS Live Fresh Card has one of the lowest annual fee, if you decide to renew it after the first two years.

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