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Citi Cash Back Card Review: 8% Cashback On Groceries And Petrol, 6% On Dining

SingSaver team

SingSaver team

Last updated 30 May, 2023

If you’re the head of the household with groceries and petrol as two of your key spending categories, the Citi Cash Back card is one to acquire.

Not to be confused with the Citi Cash Back+ card, which boasts a flat 1.6% cashback on all spend, the Citi Cash Back card is targeted at those with everyday household spending.

Offering 8% cashback for groceries and petrol and 6% cashback for dining, the Citi Cash Back Credit Card is perfect for those who frequently spend on those two categories. However, all other spend outside those categories will earn just 0.25% cashback.

Curious to figure out if the Citi Cash Back Credit Card will fit right into your lifestyle? Well, keep on reading.

Table of contents

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What the Citi Cash Back credit card can do for you


Citi Cash Back card product summary:

  • Highest Cashback Rate: 8%
  • Minimum Monthly spend: $800
  • Income requirement: $30,000 (Singaporeans/PR), $42,000 (Foreigners)
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Annual fee: $194.40 (First year waived)
8% cashback on groceries and petrol categories worldwide
Combined cashback cap of $80 across all categories
6% cashback for dining worldwide
All other retail spend earns 0.25% cashback
Access to both local and international deals under Citi World Privileges
Fuel savings of up to 20.88% at Esso & Shell  
Complimentary travel insurance of up to $1 million coverage when you charge your travel tickets to the card

Why should you choose the Citi Cash Back credit card?


#1: It’s a foodie’s best friend

The Citi Cash Back Card offers an attractive 6% cashback on your dining bills at cafes, restaurants and bars, in Singapore and overseas. This 6% cashback also applies to your meals at fast food restaurants. You might also want to keep a lookout for Citi-exclusive monthly promo codes, for your favourite online delivery platforms such as Deliveroo and foodpanda.

#2: More motivation for grocery runs

If you find yourself the designated grocery runner, get 8% cashback on your grocery spends at local supermarkets like NTUC FairPrice or Cold Storage while at it. This also includes online grocers such as Redmart and FairPrice Online for those who prefer grocery shopping online.

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#3: Pump petrol, pump up savings 

Pumping petrol isn’t cheap in Singapore. If you own a car, the Citi Cash Back card can help you to get up to 20.88% in fuel savings at Esso or Shell petrol stations. You will also get 8% cashback when you pump at all other petrol stations worldwide.

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#4: Your average monthly credit card spend is above $800

As luck would have it, you’ll be maximising your cashback gains from the Citi Cash Back card if your lifestyle expenditure is already falling under dining, groceries and petrol. $80 cashback is the total cap across categories for each month.

Citi cashback tableHow cashback is calculated on Citi Cash Back Card
Source: Citibank


For whom is the Citi Cash Back card best for?

If you’ve got your own household and car to look after, you are likely to spend on groceries and petrol, the three categories that earn an attractive 8% cashback. You’ll find that this is one of the highest cashback rates on the market for such categories. The Citi Cash Back is also made for families who regularly pay for everyday household items and meals when dining out.

Otherwise, other similar cashback credit cards for everyday spend with family include the Maybank Family & Friends Card, CIMB Visa Signature Card, and UOB One Card.

  • 8% cashback on 5 preferred categories:
    • Groceries
    • Dining & food delivery
    • Transport
    • Data communication & online TV streaming
    • Retail & pets
    • Online fashion
    • Entertainment
    • Pharmacy
    • Sports & sports apparels
    • Beauty & wellness
  • 0.3% cashback on all other spend


  • Min. S$800 spend per month
  • Cashback capped at S$125 per calendar month, S$25 per category
  • Three-year annual fee waiver
  • Up to 10% cashback on:
    • Online shopping
    • Groceries
    • Beauty & wellness
    • Pet shops & veterinary services
    • Cruises
  • 0.2% cashback on all other spend


  • Min. S$800 spend per month
  • Cashback capped at S$100 per statement month, S$20 per eligible category
  • No cashback cap on all other spend


  • Up to 15% quarterly cashback (new-to-UOB cardmembers)* and 10% quarterly cashback (existing customers):
    • Dairy Farm International
    • Grab
    • SimplyGo (bus and train rides)
    • Shopee
    • UOB Travel transactions
  • Up to 4.33% cashback for SP Group
  • Up to 22.66% fuel savings at SPC

  • Min. S$500/S$1,000/S$2,000 monthly spend (min. 5 purchases) for 3 consecutive months required
  • Quarterly cashback is broken down as follows:
Min. S$500 / S$1,000 spend per month
Min. S$2,000 spend per month
Base cashback
Additional cashback
Enhanced cashback*
Total cashback

*Valid for new-to-UOB cardmembers until 30 Jun 2023 only


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What charges or fees should you look out for?

  • Annual fee: $194.40 (first year waived) 
  • Cash advance fee: S$15 or 6% of amount, whichever is higher
  • Late payment charge: $100 
  • Minimum monthly payment: 1% of current balance plus outstanding unbilled instalment amounts plus all interest charges plus other overdue fees or $50, whichever is higher, plus any overdue amounts 
  • Overlimit fee: Depends on the total outstanding card balance exceeding the total credit limit at any time
  • Interest on purchases: 26.9% p.a. subjected to compounding if full payment is not made by payment due date
  • Interest on cash advance: 26.9% per annum compounded daily on the amount withdrawn from the transaction date until the date that full payment is made
    • Promo rate of 20.9% p.a. is charged if account is deemed under good conduct. This rate will be effective after the next statement billing fate following the payment due date.
    • Otherwise, an increased interest of 29.9% p.a. will be charged if account is past due in the current month.

Eligibility criteria

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Minimum annual income for Singapore citizens and PRs: $30,000 
  • Minimum annual income for foreigners: $42,000 

How to apply? 

Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button on this page and complete the application form on SingSaver site. You might need to prepare the following documents for the application process:

  • Front and back of NRIC/Passport/Employment Pass
  • Salaried employees: Past 12 months CPF statement (Singaporean/PR) or latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment or latest original computerised payslip
  • Self-employed: Last 2 years' Income Tax Notice of Assessment and last 3 months' bank statements

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