Best Petrol Credit Cards in Singapore (2021)

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Nothing beats the kind of savings you get from pumping petrol across the causeway. But having these credit cards at hand should come close to the feeling.

Owning a car in Singapore is already expensive. Your bank balance will thank you if you can keep the maintenance down, with petrol being one of the biggest culprits. 

Depending on how often you ply the roads, your monthly spend on petrol would look anywhere between $150 and $200, given the average mileage clocked by Singaporeans and the average petrol price per litre. Of course, we’d be looking at a much higher range if you happen to be a private hire driver.

Here, we’ve gathered Singapore’s best petrol credit cards so you can enjoy great fuel discounts and save money for other nice things. 

Best For Caltex: OCBC 365 Credit Card
Best For Esso: DBS Esso Card  
Best For Shell: Citibank Cash Back Card
Best For SPC: POSB Everyday Card

Best Credit Cards For Petrol
Petrol stationBest credit card Total benefits
CaltexOCBC 365 Credit CardUp to 22.1%
EssoDBS Esso Card Up to 21.2%
ShellCitibank Cash Back CardUp to 20.88%
SPC POSB Everyday CardUp to  20.1%

Best for petrol at Caltex: OCBC 365

The OCBC 365 credit card packs a punch with when it comes to being an everyday cashback card, rewarding you attractively per category spend. 

Cardholders earn a modest 5% cashback on fuel spend at all petrol service stations locally. Yet, the biggest draw is fuel savings of up to 22.1% at Caltex. It comprises of 18% instant discount on fuel at Caltex and cashback depending on how much you spend. Besides Caltex, you also enjoy up to 20.2% savings at Esso stations.

OCBC 365 is known for its 6% cashback on dining (that includes online food delivery), so drive out to your favourite foodie pitstops and make full use of it. You also earn 3% cash rebate on groceries shopping.

The qualifying monthly spend for cashback is $800, and there is a cashback cap of $80 per month across all categories combined. If you tend to spend more than $800, you may want to consider charging your bills to another card once you’ve hit the cashback cap. 

Read our review of the OCBC 365 card here.

Best for petrol at Esso: DBS Esso

If you’re looking for a no-frills card with the highest cashback rate for petrol, look no further than the DBS Esso Card. 

The card offers 18% instant fuel discount and additional savings depending on the seasonal promotion. You could be looking at a total of 21.2%, and that’s excluding the earned Smiles points you can redeem to offset the fuel purchase. 

When you sign up for the card and use it, you’ll automatically be enrolled into the Esso loyalty program. Drivers, you’ll surely be smiling ear to ear when you know that it gets you 0% interest-free motor insurance and road tax instalment plans—those are just a couple of the benefits.

The downside? The card is really only for drivers who pump exclusively at Esso. Otherwise, it really is a one-trick pony.

Best for petrol at Shell: Citibank Cash Back

The Citibank Cash Back Card would be best for topping up petrol at Shell. With petrol being one of the main categories to qualify you for the full 8% cashback, you could potentially enjoy 20.88% savings each time you make a trip to Shell: 5% instant discount on site, 5% Shell Escape card discount, 4% Citibank card discount and the 8% cashback. You can also enjoy up to 20.88% petrol savings at Esso.

The other big two cashback categories where you enjoy the 6% cashback are dining and 8% cashback on groceries. The minimum monthly qualifying spend is $800—pretty high by cashback credit card standards—but you shouldn’t have a problem hitting the target if you’re clocking higher than average mileage at the wheel (say, if you’re a Grab driver) and you’re also not afraid to spend on good food. 

There is a cashback cap of $80 per month. 

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Best for petrol at SPC: POSB Everyday Card

If you’re looking for an all-in-one card to save money on your car’s fuel maintenance and double as the daily essentials spender, POSB Everyday credit card is the card to have 365 days a year.  

You’ll enjoy up to 20.1% fuel savings at SPC with no minimum spend, which is made up of 10% SPC discount, 5% DBS/POSB discount and a 6% POSB Everyday card exclusive. On top of it, you enjoy 2% cash rebate on car servicing at Speedycare outlets.

Speaking of cash rebates, the savings party continues with 5% on Sheng Siong groceries, 3% at Watsons, and 1% on utilities and StarHub bills.

See what we mean when we said it doubles as your daily essentials card?

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