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Our Mission is committed to helping Singaporeans find the right credit cards, personal loans, and other financial products with easy-to-use self-serve comparison tools. In a constantly changing financial landscape, strives to provide the most up-to-date accurate data and personal finance guides. Our mission is not only to help Singaporeans find the right financial products, but to empower everyone to make sound financial decisions.

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We provide free, quick and easy-to-use tools to help everyone understand consumer finance products in Singapore. Through, you can find the right credit card or personal loan by seeing interest rates, rewards, and sign-up bonuses at a glance. In addition to our comparison tools, we provide practical money saving tips for Singaporeans through our blog, eBooks, podcasts, and guides. We work closely with banks and government agencies to make personal finance accessible to everyone.

CompareAsiaGroup is part of CompareAsiaGroup, which has launched leading financial comparison sites in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Thailand. CompareAsiaGroup is committed to building the most convenient and comprehensive financial comparison platforms to raise the level of financial literacy in the region.

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I used to be scared of credit cards, but made me realise there's nothing to worry about you didI pay my bill on time.
Andrea Tay, Singapore

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