Money Mantra 3: Always Compare Personal Loans

Money Mantra 3: Always Compare Personal Loans

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Rohith Murthy shows you how you can save hundreds of dollars just by comparing personal loans on this podcast episode of Money Mantra.

What is Money Mantra about?

Our team at aims not only to equip every Singaporean with sufficient personal finance knowledge but to save in every aspect of their lives. Money Mantra is a mini podcast series with each episode addressing different ways to get savvy with saving money.

Our last two episodes were on credit cards. You can listen to both of them here.

About Rohith Murthy

Rohith Murthy takes his lessons as Managing Director of outside of the workplace too. He regularly applies money saving advice and tips in his life, especially as a new father and sole breadwinner of his family.

Rohith often writes his experiences on’s blog and has been featured on Channel NewsAsia.

Money Mantra 3: Always Compare Personal Loans

In this episode, Rohith Murthy talks about how taking a few minutes of your time to compare personal loans can save you S$1,104. Here are some issues he covers:

  • Why people take out personal loans and when it’s a better option than credit cards
  • Always look out for exclusive offers that has on our comparison tool
  • Never apply for the first personal loan you see; by shopping around you can save a lot

*Disclaimer: OCBC personal loan has an even lower exclusive interest rate of 3.53% for a 3-year loan on

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Here’s a breakdown of personal loans interest rates:

S$10,000 Loan Over 3 Years

Bank Name Annual Flat Interest Rate EIR (Effective Interest Rate) Processing Fees/ Annual Fees Interest (3 Years) Principal + Interest (3 Years)

Foreign Banks

HSBC* 4.70% p.a. 8.50% p.a. Waived $1,410 $11,410
Citibank 4.83% p.a. 9.00% p.a. Waived $1,449 $11,449
Standard Chartered Bank 8.38% p.a. 16.63% p.a. $299 $2,514 $12,514

Local Banks

OCBC* 3.53% p.a. 8.33% p.a. $200 $1,059 $11,059
DBS 6.80% p.a. 13.63% p.a. $200 $2,040 $12,040
UOB 8.00% p.a. 15.84% p.a. $180 $2,400 $12,400

* Exclusive interest rates for applicants who apply through *Always read and understand the terms and conditions before applying.


So always shop around when you pick a personal loan and you save thousands in interest and fees.”

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Rohith Murthy

By Rohith Murthy
Rohith leads Singapore’s, a financial comparison site aimed at helping consumers in Singapore save money and time by finding the right financial products.