Money Mantra Podcast: Check Your Credit Report Once a Year

Rohith Murthy

Rohith Murthy

Last updated 13 June, 2016

We have with us Cheryl Yeo from the Credit Bureau Singapore to answer everything we wanted to know about credit reports in Singapore.

Welcome to this week’s Money Mantra podcast episode. Over the past few weeks, we talked about credit cards and loans, how to find the right one, and how to use financial products to save time and money.

You may be wondering: how do banks and financial institutions determine if you are responsible enough to apply for a credit card? Where is the information about your credit health available, and how do you access it? Is there anything you can do to improve your credit worthiness?

I have the answer to the second question. You can obtain a copy of your credit report from the Credit Bureau of Singapore (CBS) for an administration fee of around S$6.42. But for the whole month of June, especially for users, you can obtain your credit reports for FREE.

As for the other questions, we’re thrilled to have Cheryl Yeo from the CBS join us as this episode’s special guest. She is the Head of the Consumer Services Team, and she assists the public with questions regarding the CBS and their credit reports.

Listen to this episode on iTunes or Soundcloud as Cheryl provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about credit reports, such as:

  • What factors influence your credit score?
  • What details of the credit report raise red flags for banks?
  • Does having a low credit score mean you can’t get a credit card or a loan?
  • What things can I do to improve my credit score?

If you have a credit report question we didn’t cover in this podcast, drop us a note on Facebook!

Don’t forget to download your credit report. We’re offering it for free throughout the month of June, exclusively for our readers.

Rohith is the Group General Manager of Hyphen Group’s SaaS platform that connects, powers and accelerates an ecosystem of consumers, financial institutions and the ‘Creator Economy’.


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