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PetCare Liberty Pet Insurance Review (2024)

SingSaver team

SingSaver team

Last updated 14 December, 2022

Looking for a reliable insurance product for your pet? Here’s what Liberty Insurance has to offer. 

Like humans, pets deserve an insurance policy for protection. Pets can get ill from time to time, thus requiring medical care which can be expensive to acquire on a regular basis. 

In addition, your furry friend can get involved in an accident or damage other people’s properties, which can be expensive to repair.

Luckily, you can avoid such costs by purchasing insurance coverage for your pet from a reputable insurance provider or company.

There are many pet care insurance providers in Singapore offering unique products and benefits to their clients. One such company is Liberty Insurance; one of its flagship products is Pet Insurance. 

Here’s what Liberty Insurance’s PetCare plan is all about. 

Benefits at a glance

The PetCare product is accompanied by unique benefits including:

  • Caters for third party liability
  • Does not require medical examinations
  • Allows you to choose your favourite vet for your pet
  • Caters for all vet bills 

The PetCare insurance product has a wide coverage for your cat or dog. It guards against potential unforeseeable surgical and medical expenses resulting from your pet’s illness and injuries.

Below are some of the features of this product.

Accidental Death

If your insured pet dies due to an accidental injury, you are entitled to S$1,000, S$2,000, and S$3,000 for the standard plan, enhanced plan, and superior plan, respectively.

Accidental Injury

If your pet suffers from an accidental injury, you are entitled to S$500, S$750, and S$3,000 for the standard, enhanced, and superior plan, respectively.

However, there is a S$50 deductible that you will pay out of pocket.


If your dog gets stolen, you are entitled to S$300, S$500, and S$1,250 for a standard, enhanced, and superior plan, respectively. However this benefit does not apply to cats.

Non-Surgical Illness

If your pet suffers from non-surgical medical complications that will require medical expenditure, you are entitled to S$500, S$750, S$3,000 under the standard, enhanced, and superior plan, respectively. However, you will pay 50% of the total cost per incident.

Surgical Illness

If your pet requires surgical treatment for an illness, you are entitled to S$1,500, S$2,000, and S$10,000 for the standard, enhanced, and superior plan, respectively. You will bear 30% of the cost per incident.

Third-Party Liability

For third-party loss occurring due to your insured pet, you are entitled to S$100,000, S$250,000, and S$500,000 for the standard, enhanced, and superior plan, respectively. However, there is a  S$500 deductible.


To meet the eligibility requirements for your insured pet, your pet must:

  • Have a micro-chip
  • Be regularly living within your premises
  • Be not less than eight weeks old and not exceed nine years of age at the date of enrolment
  • Not be a work dog like a guard or guide dog
  • Not be for breeding purposes (for cats and dogs)


You will not receive the insurance claim under the following circumstances:

  • The theft is arising from a preventable, or intentional act
  • The liability is arising from any preventable or intentional act
  • Your pet had hereditary, pre-existing, skin and congenital conditions
  • It relates to daily care, e.g., grooming, training, vitamins, vaccinations, or supplements
  • Damage to gums and teeth unless they relate to an accident
  • The illness is related to rabies, endoparasites, hip dysplasia, ectoparasites
  • The incident is related to elective treatments and procedures, for example, tail docking, nail clipping, and debarking.

Premiums payable

The table summarises the Liberty Insurance annual premiums that include the prevailing GST:

PlanAmount (S$)

All these annual premiums are accompanied by a benefit of No Claim Discount. The table below shows the available discount rates:

No claim duration (years)Applicable discount (%)
Two consecutive10
Three consecutive15

Claiming procedure

The claiming procedure for PetCare at Liberty Insurance involves a few simple steps. 

File your claim

The first step is to file your claim which involves downloading and filling out the Petcare claim form within 30 days after the incident occurs. 

Be sure to attach all the supporting documents and mail them to Liberty via 51 Club Street Liberty House, Singapore 069248

The following are the vital supporting documents:

  • Ownership documents of the insured pet
  • Matching documents to the nature of the claim. These may include vet reports, original vet bills, and a duly filled and signed document by the attending vet.

It’s worth noting that these supporting documents vary depending on the nature of the claim. At times you may be contacted after submitting your claim for additional documents.


Soon after Liberty Insurance receives your claim documents, they will subsequently notify you via email.

Claim processing

After reviewing your submitted documents, Liberty Insurance processes your claim.

Receive your claim amount

You will receive an email notifying you of the success of your claim. They will then send the money via your selected mode of payment.

Comparison of Liberty Insurance with other pet insurance companies in Singapore

The insurance premium varies depending on the pet's age. The table below shows the annual premium payable for a one-year-old dog or domestic cat with short hair at various pet insurance companies in Singapore:

Pet insurance companyAnnual premium (S$)
AIA Singapore79
CIMB Singapore75
AON Happy Tails262
AON-Happy Tails Fur284
Liberty Insurance350

As you can see, the annual premium for Liberty Insurance is higher than other providers on the market. 

If you are a pet owner without budget constraints looking for an insurance plan with broad coverage, Liberty PetCare Insurance is the best choice. 

It has three available tiers of standard, enhanced, and superior plans. Since these plans cost about 1.7 times more than the industry average, any pet owner considering cost over benefits would not find this plan the best option. 

However, for any pet owner willing to spend the extra bucks to get an insurance plan with a wide range of benefits, Liberty could be an attractive option.

Liberty PetCare proves to be the best in multiple ways. 

Firstly, it is the only plan in the market with wide contingent coverage that includes theft, illness, accident, non-surgical treatment, and third-party liability. By contrast, you will only find illness coverage and accident coverage in most other plans. 

Secondly, Liberty insurance provides coverage for pets as young as eight weeks old. Other insurers usually only insure pets that are a minimum of three to four months old. 

Despite these benefits, Liberty Insurance has some drawbacks. As mentioned earlier, these advantages come at a high cost that some pet owners would not be able to afford.

Also, it has a considerable co-insurance obligation of between 30%–50%. This implies that despite some percentage of financial coverage, you may still need to spend to meet some expenses. 

Subsequently, a pet owner with a healthy pet that is less prone to such contingent expenses or that may end up not incurring vet bills may find these high premiums not worth the coverage.


When is my pet insurance effective?

Your pet care insurance policy will become effective when your payment is authorised. After your payment is verified, you can conveniently print your policy certificate, add other insureds, and access your online account.

What modes of payments does Liberty Insurance accept for premiums?

Liberty has a wide range of payment options that include cheques, credit cards, nets, GIRO, bank transfers and AXS Stations.

Does Liberty Insurance offer commissions for referrals?

Yes, you can receive commissions by referring your friends and relatives to the insurance policies; these commissions are receivable on a weekly basis and are reconciled against non-paid premiums.

How can I initiate a premium refund after receiving a credit note from Liberty?

Simply email and state your policy number.

Bottom line

Liberty Insurance’s PetCare product is among the best insurance policies for pets in Singapore. All packages are packed with more features than other pet insurance plans. Also, it has a convenient online claiming procedure that makes it easy for you to meet expenses in the event of your pet’s illness or accident. 

However, these uncountable benefits are accompanied by a higher premium rate than what Liberty’s competitors offer. Therefore, the policy is suitable for anyone who knows the value of its varied benefits. 

Besides coverage for your pet, make sure you’ve got sufficient protection for yourself to protect against any emergencies. Check out the best personal accident insurance plans so you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to the well-being of both yourself and your pet.  

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