7 Best Travel Insurance in Singapore for Different Needs (2024)

Want to get the best travel insurance in Singapore for holidays gone wrong? Look beyond just flight delays, lost phones and premium costs. 

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6 Best Travel Insurance in Singapore for Different Needs (2024)
Best travel insurance in Singapore for all sorts of travel needs

Travel Insurance Promotions

Whether you are a frequent traveller seeking an annual travel insurance or an occassional traveller travelling alone, with a group or with your family, we curate the best travel insurance plans to suit your needs. 

Every travel insurance offers a unique scope of cover and distinct strengths. 

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Discover the top travel insurance plans in Singapore below.

Best Travel Insurance Plans in Singapore 2024


Best For


Tiq Travel Pre-Ex Entry - Asia
Tiq Travel Pre-Ex Entry - Asia

For Entry Plan: Up to S$200,000 for overseas medical expenses (In Singapore: not covered)
Trip cancellation and loss of deposit: S$5,000

Starr TraveLead Essential with COVID-19 Coverage (Bronze Plan)
Starr TraveLead Essential with COVID-19 Coverage (Bronze Plan)

Amateur sports activities

Up to additional S$3,000 trip cancellation and interruption

Up to S$6,000 cruise cancellation and interruption by agency and covers for exclusion tour cancellation and satellite phone

Option to extend to cover amateur hazardous sports, such as short air ballooning, scuba diving, skiing etc., no restriction on height or death

FWD Premium
FWD Premium

Budget single trip plan

Quick, hassle-free mobile claims via the FWD app.

Unlimited medical evacuation and full terrorism coverage

MSIG Premier Pre-Ex Plan (For Pre-existing Conditions)
MSIG Premier Pre-Ex Plan (For Pre-existing Conditions)

Pre-existing medical conditions, sports/adventures

One of the few plans on the market that does not exclude pre-existing medical conditions and maternity illnesses.

Allianz Travel Insurance Platinum Plan
Allianz Travel Insurance Platinum Plan

High medical coverage

Up to S$1,00,000 overseas medical coverage for individuals 69 years and below.
Up to S$100,000 medical coverage for 70 years and above in age.

Seedly Travel Secure
Seedly Travel Secure
Complimentary coverage for up to 4 children
Child support grant up to S$30,000
Child companion benefit of up to S$10,000
Singlife Travel Prestige
Singlife Travel Prestige

All rounded coverage including protection of frequent flyer points

Get refunded the value of a redeemed air ticket.

Covers trip cancellations for any reason.

Offers other coverage like travel cancellations for any reason and rainfall.


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Starr TraveLead Travel Insurance: Best for Cruise Coverage



Though Starr no longer offers their Cruise to Nowhere travel insurance policy, they do have a rider that provides cruise vacation coverage if you're planning on going one soon.

As one of the few insurers that provide a rider for cruises, they offer up to an additional S$3,000 trip cancellation and interruption and up to S$6,000 cruise cancellation and interruption by agency. They also cover for excursion tour cancellation and satellite phone, up to S$1,000 and S$200.

Aside from this, their coverage for other aspects is also quite decent. They offer up to S$1,000,000 medical expenses coverage, up to S$800 coverage for travel delay (S$100/6h), up to S$15,000 for trip cancellation and curtailment, and up to S$7,500 personal baggage loss coverage.

Who should get this: Travellers going on a cruise for vacation.

SingSaver's Starr TraveLead Exclusive Promotion:  Enjoy 58% discount when you use promo code SS58. Valid till 30 June 2024. T&Cs apply.


  • Complimentary lounge access during flight delays. Valid till 1 July 2024 8:59 am. 

Increase COVID-19 medical expenses coverage and protection against trip cancellations due to COVID-19 when you select either the Gold or Silver plans. T&Cs apply.


MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex: Covers Pre-existing Conditions and Sports/Adventures

If you’re like most of us, you don't really read the policy document cover to cover. But if you do, you’ll realise most policies do not cover claims resulting from pre-existing medical conditions. What does it really mean?

It means that if you have to cancel your trip due to a major asthma attack, chances are your claim will not be successful. Common pre-existing conditions include eczema, hypertension and diabetes. If you have any pre-existing condition, it’s best to get MSIG’s Pre-Ex travel insurance plan to be adequately covered.

MSIG does not have co-payment if you cancel, postpone, shorten or disrupt your trip due to a possible flare-up. 

(Note: The MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex includes what you would get under the regular TravelEasy plan.)

Who should get this: Travellers with pre-existing conditions that are under control. 

For the standard MSIG TravelEasy plan (which doesn't cover pre-existing conditions), do take advantage of the current promotion for your travel insurance needs. 

SingSaver's Exclusive MSIG TravelEasy Insurance Promotion: Get 40% off  Single Trip and 20% off Annual Trip when you buy NOW! Valid till 31 May 2024.

Also receive:

  • Complimentary lounge access during flight delays. Valid till 1 July 2024 8:59 am. 

MSIG TravelEasy has been enhanced to provide better travel protection with over 50 benefits and COVID-19 coverage.

Allianz Travel Insurance: Best for Enjoying High Medical Coverage




If you want to get a plan with medical coverage, Allianz is a great travel insurance plan to go for. Just by getting the most basic tiered bronze plan, you’d be getting S$250,000 in coverage (for travellers ages 69 years and below). 

Even if you were to find yourself having ingested something contaminated or being at the wrong place at the wrong time, you could be sure that the benefit amount will see you through.

Upgrading to the platinum tier will unlock medical coverage for up to S$1 million for individuals aged 69 years and below.

Who should get this: Travellers who don't mind paying for a basic plan containing COVID-19 coverage. 

Read our review of Allianz Travel Insurance to find out more.



FWD Travel Insurance:  Budget Single-trip Plan

Since its disruption of the travel insurance market with digital claims, FWD is known for its ease of claims and application—all in a tap from your smartphone. But it also has plenty of value to offer for the kind of price point you’re getting. 

For the basic plan coverage (Premium), you may be getting a standard S$200,000 in overseas medical coverage and personal accident, up to S$300 in flight delays and per item of lost belongings, but don’t forget that you’re paying a lower premium (FWD offers regular discounts to boot) for this compared to other insurer’s travel insurance offerings. All tiers of FWD’s travel insurance come with unlimited medical evacuation and emergency repatriation.   

You could also opt for the COVID-19 add-on. This coverage includes trip cancellation costs and loss of deposit (pre-trip) up to S$5,000 and medical expenses (during or post-trip) up to S$200,000.

This is an excellent choice for those who are either travelling to faraway destinations and want to save money, or those planning a quick weekend getaway. 

Who should get this: Travellers who want more bang out of their buck. 

Find out more about FWD Travel Insurance in our review.

SingSaver's Exclusive FWD Promotion: Use the promo code SSTRIP to get a 30% discount on Single Trip and Annual Trip plans! Valid till 26 May 2024. T&Cs apply. Also receive:

  • Complimentary lounge access during flight delays. Valid till 1 July 2024 8:59 am. 


Tiq Travel Insurance:  Best for Travellers with Pre-existing conditions




One of the rare few travel insurance plans that cover pre-existing conditions, Tiq Travel Insurance offers value-for-money coverage with its comprehensive plans. A plus point is that it offers three tiers of coverage to cater to travellers with different budgets - Entry, Savvy, Luxury. 

The basic Entry plan covers common trip disruptions such as a trip cancellation (up to S$5,000) for any reason, baggage delay up to S$200 (S$100 per 6 hours), travel postponement (S$500), travel curtailment (S$3,000). It also covers personal accident (up to S$150,000) and personal liability (up to S$250,000)

For those who are used to travelling with your gadgets in tow, you’ll be reassured to know that the protection includes “Personal effects” of up to S$2,000 (S$250 per article, S$1,000 per laptop) for the basic Entry plan. 

Apart from COVID-19 add-ons (which are not available for the pre-ex plan), other optional riders include Child education: S$3,000 per child (up to S$15,000), rental car excess: Up to S$1,000, pet hotel cover: S$1,000 (S$50 for every 6 hours), sports equipment (up to S$4,000)

TIQ is the only insurer that allows you to claim for flight delays of at least 3 hours, while other insurers require at least 6 hours of travel delays. Their claim system is also automated, which means that you don't even have to file for a claim yourself!

Who should get this: Those with or travelling with family members with pre-existing conditions

Check out our Tiq Travel Insurance review blog for more details.

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Seedly Travel Insurance: Best for families


seedly TI logo

This plan is especially ideal for every kind of traveller, but especially advantageous for families with children. If you're a parent, you would know that certain travel insurance plans come with additional cost to add coverage for a child, and the coverage may also differ from an adult.

With Seedly Travel Insurance, you get complimentary coverage of up to four children when you purchase the Family Plan, allowing you to have a peace of mind knowing that your kids are sufficiently insured without any add-ons. On top of that, it not only covers parents but also extends protection to your children up to S$30,000 for Seedly Travel Secure (highest-tier plan), up to S$6,000 per child in the unfortunate event of your demise.

They also offer a Child Companion Benefit of up to S$10,000. If the insured individual suffers an injury and is hospitalised abroad while traveling with a child, the costs for the travel and accommodation expenses for one adult travelling from Singapore to the destination, and back to Singapore to accompany the child back is covered.

Beyond just family-centric coverages, their other claim limits are also very decent. It offers up to S$500,000 overseas medical expenses including COVID-19, up to S$10,000 baggage loss benefit, u to S$10,000 trip cancellation and up to S$300,000 accidental death & permanent disablement.

For more info, check out our Seedly Travel Insurance review.

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  • 1x 3GB Airalo eSIM before you fly with no minimum premium. Valid till 31 May 2024






Singlife Travel Insurance:  Best for Protecting Your Miles and Flight Redemptions 

Singlife Logo - Red on White - Horizontal

You diligently accumulate your miles, and then use them to redeem a free flight to your dream holiday. The dream turns into a nightmare as you’re forced to cancel or postpone your flight due to unforeseen circumstances.

But wait, not all is lost; unlike most other travel insurance plans, Singlife can help you to ‘claim’ back your redeemed miles. Once you file your claim and it’s verified that your miles are irrecoverable, you’ll be refunded the value of the airline ticket. 

Another key highlight is that the plan offers a trip cancellation benefit of S$5,000 for any reason, provided that you’ve purchased either the Plus or Prestige plan.  

Singlife also recently rolled out their new rainfall protection that provides a payout of up to S$150 should your trip be affected by excessive rainfall. This is applicable only for single trips (minimum 3 days) where more than 50% of the trip duration is affected by rainfall levels of >6.4mm in a 24-hour period.

On top of that, Singlife is the only insurer that allows you to cancel your trip without any reason and claim for it up to S$5,000 if you opt for the Travel Plus and Travel Prestige plans.

Who should get this: Hardcore miles credit card users

Find out more about Singlife Travel Insurance in our comprehensive review blog.

Singlife Travel Insurance Promotion:

Single Trip: Enjoy a 25% discount when you use the promo code TRAVEL25 for Single Trip. Valid till 31 May 2024. T&Cs apply.

Annual Trip: Use promo code ANNUAL25 to get 25% off Annual Trip plans when you buy now. Valid till 31 May 2024. T&Cs apply. Also receive:

  • Complimentary lounge access during flight delays. Valid till 1 July 2024 8:59 am. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Travel Insurance


Is travel insurance worth the cost?

Depending on the insurer, travel insurance policies typically provide the following coverage:

- COVID-19 Coverage

- Personal accident

- Medical expenses (Overseas and Local)

- Travel delay/diversion

- Baggage delay/damage

- Trip cancellation

- Overbooked flight

- Loss of travel documents such as your passport and visa

- Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

- Loss of personal belongings

- Terrorism

- Adventurous activities

There are also add-ons you can add to the travel insurance, such as coverage for sports equipment, overseas wedding and photoshoot, rental vehicle excess cover and more.

Most travel insurance policies cover the loss of travel documents. The policy will cover the cost to replace these documents as well as the transport expenses incurred during the process.

You must report the loss to the local police within 24 hours after the incident and obtain a written statement from them which will help with the claims. You should also report your lost passport to the nearest Singapore Overseas Mission immediately.

Can I buy travel insurance if I am already overseas?

Once you’re overseas, you won't be able to buy travel insurance so you will need to purchase your plan before leaving Singapore for your overseas trip.

Insurers are unlikely to cover you if you purchase travel insurance after your trip begins. For example, insurers such as Singlife and Allianz Travel state on their website that the travel insurance has to be purchased before departing Singapore.

Can foreigners buy travel insurance in Singapore?

There are specific insurers that offer foreigners travel insurance.

Foreigners in Singapore can buy travel insurance from NTUC Income, FWD, Tiq, Sompo, Allianz Travel, and AIG. You will need to provide your FIN and show your employment pass or work permit when buying.

You may also refer to our travel insurance page for more information.


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Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

Note: This is only product information provided. You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before buying the product. If you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether the product is suitable for you. Buying an insurance product that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs.

If you decide that the policy is not suitable after purchasing the policy, you may terminate the policy in accordance with the free-look provision, if any, and the insurer may recover from you any expense incurred by the insurer in underwriting the policy.


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