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Money Confessions: Have You Ever Submitted a Travel Claim?

Annette Anthony

Annette Anthony

Last updated 01 June, 2022

Real stories about money from real people. Money Confessions, a SingSaver series, will excite you, inspire you, and leave you wishing to get financially woke.

We reveal stories of people who got into difficult scenarios while travelling. Luckily, travel insurance had them covered. Here’s what happened when they made a travel claim. 

Thanks to travel insurance packages, your trip is protected from worst-case scenarios. But what happens exactly after you get into trouble while travelling abroad? From flight cancellations to falling ill to losing a handbag, here are some people’s travel claim stories. 

#1: “I requested a premium refund because COVID-19 put a brake on my travel plans.”

Imagine having an inevitable change of plans after all the excitement for your upcoming trip. Thankfully, this insurance company accommodated his claim request by quickly refunding his premium in full. 

#2: “My kids fell ill when we returned from our trip. It only took a few days to clear their medical travel claims.”

All this mum had to do was submit the doctor’s receipt on the travel insurer’s portal. She received the claimed sum into her account in a few days.

#3: “My handbag was snatched while I was in Europe.”

Sadly, losing your belongings to theft while travelling is not as uncommon as you think, and that’s exactly what happened to this person. Thankfully, she had a travel insurance plan. She submitted her claim and got her insurance refund sum in no time.

#4: “My Europe trip got cancelled and my travel agent refused to refund our travel deposit.”

COVID-19 affected so many trips, especially those to other continents. And being on the receiving end of travel agent woes is no fun. This claimant shared that the cancellation fee was the same sum as the travel deposit.  

How did the story end? A travel insurance claim was submitted, and the refund was in their account after 2 weeks.

#5: “My husband got pickpocketed in Malaysia.”

Her husband lost his car keys and some cash. Thus, they filed a police report and an online travel claim when they arrived back in Singapore. The reimbursement came in a month later with no questions asked. 

#6: “Our caravan gave way while we were on a road trip.”

This couple’s caravan broke down during a roadtrip in Australia, thanks to heavy rains and strong winds. Fortunately, their travel insurer paid them S$2,000 to cover their losses. The claim process was clear and easy. 

#7: “My flight to Melbourne was delayed.”

There’s nothing more irritating than having to wait longer to board your plane. As this traveller’s flight got delayed, he submitted his travel claims and got his insurance sum within three weeks. 

#8: “I was robbed in France. The robbers smashed the car windscreen.”

This traveller was a victim of crime – all his belongings were stolen when his rental car was broken in. He called his insurer’s 24-hour hotline, and was advised to get the necessary documents for a claim. 

Because of their help, he was able to file a police report and collect the necessary paperwork from both the car rental agency and police station. These documents were enough to make his claim when got back to Singapore. His claims were processed in due time. 

#9: “I had food poisoning while on a holiday in Indonesia.”

This insurer got sick after eating local food in the country, and the submission process was as easy as just a few clicks. The hardest part was just getting the invoices in order. 

#10: “My wife and daughter got into an accident while we were in China.”

This insurer took a family insurance package for a trip to China. Unfortunately, his wife and daughter got into an accident and had to seek medication attention from a Chinese hospital. 

Upon returning to Singapore, he went to the travel insurer’s website, wrote a summary of the accident, and attached the relevant documents (medical reports and receipts). That was all it took for him to receive his claim.

#11: “I had a bad fall while I was in Thailand.”

This insurer sustained an injury while travelling, and submitted claims the old-fashioned way — through an agent. It didn’t take her too long to receive her sum claim.

Why get travel insurance?

It’s quite normal not to see ourselves in the aforementioned scenarios when planning a trip abroad. But life can get unpredictable, even when you’re away from your home ground. Hence, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and safeguard your trip with travel insurance. 

Here are travellers’ testimonies on why travel insurance worked for them. 

#1: “I got a message about my delayed flight directly from my insurance provider. Talk about going the extra mile!”

Insurance providers really make sure you travel safely and conveniently. Even something as simple as letting you know your flight is delayed speaks volumes about their services.

#2: “I keep going back to the same insurance provider since they’ve been giving me great value for my money.”

Certain travel insurance providers give you the best value for your dollar, especially with ongoing promotions. To top it off, all it takes is a few minutes to complete your travel insurance purchase. 

Interested to know more about the latest travel insurance deals? Click on the comparison button below.

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