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11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Your Travel Insurance Can Cover

Deborah Gan

Deborah Gan

Last updated 01 February, 2023

Aside from the usual baggage delay and medical expenses incurred overseas, what else can your travel insurance cover? 

We’re all too familiar with the usual travel insurance coverage that covers medical expenses, baggage delays and trip cancellations. However, how familiar are you with the additional covers you may not know about?

From home protection that insures your personal belongings from theft when you’re overseas to domestic pet care coverage that reimburses you for extra charges at a pet hotel, here are 11 things you probably didn’t know you’re covered for. But note that not all travel insurance plans offer these coverages — read the product brochure carefully to find out what you’re covered for and not. 

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#1 Home protection

Some travel insurance plans offer home protection for your house — yes you read that right. If you home contents get stolen or are damaged because of a fire while you’re on holiday, you can make claims for it, and it usually covers household furniture and furnishing, clothing and personal effects like your tablets and laptops.

It’s best you read the policy wording on your chosen travel insurance as there are some exclusions they don’t cover, like money, motor vehicles and livestock. Some policies also do not cover any damaged belongings if the fire was caused by an electrical or mechanical breakdown including an electrical short-circuit.

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#2 Credit card fraud

You might think that if you happen to encounter fraudulent usage of your credit card either through theft or a loss, then it’s just pure bad luck on your part. However, some travel insurance policies actually allow you to claim for it. This is only applicable for unauthorised charges and payments made on your personal credit cards while you’re abroad.

Make sure you report early though, as some insurers require you to make a report to the bank within a few hours of the incident. Tokio Marine’s policy document states that you have to report it within 6 hours. 

Check out Tokio Marine’s TM Xplora travel insurance!

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#3 Pre-existing conditions

You’ll think that any pre-existing conditions that you might have will not be covered, but that’s not the case for all policies. 

For example, MSIG’s TravelEasy Pre-Ex is one of the few travel insurance that offers coverage for all pre-existing medical conditions, from asthma to cancer or heart conditions, as long your health condition is stable and under control. All you got to do is answer a few simple health questions to see if you’re eligible for it.

They also cover for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of up to S$1,000,000 for any expenses incurred due to your pre-existing medical condition, and even overseas hospitalisation expenses. The best thing is that there’s no upper age limit to be insured!




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#4 Terrorism

In the event of any acts of terrorism that is making you think twice about your trip, any cancellations or postponement and medical expenses will be covered by your insurer — that is, if they offer terrorism cover.

Be it a trip cancellation, postponement or an airline disruption directly caused by the act of terrorism, the insurance company can reimburse you. Even if you get injured, you’ll be able to make a claim.

Check out Allianz Travel Insurance which insures you against any acts of terrorism.



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#5 Loss of wedding clothing and accessories

If you’re planning for a destination wedding or heading abroad to take your pre-wedding photos, some travel insurance plans offer coverage specifically for wedding clothing and accessories.

MSIG TravelProtect provides coverage of up to S$3,500 (Not available for Standard Plan) for bridal and ceremonial attire, wedding rings, jewellery and wedding accessories.

Singlife’s Travel Insurance also offers optional cover for bridal-related belongings. They offer coverage of up to S$8,000 for the loss of ceremonial attire and wedding accessories. Other things they cover for include loss of marriage certificate, the financial failure of wedding service providers, loss of wedding photo album and personal liability of invited guests.



#6 Golf insurance

If you’re a golfer, you’ll be thrilled to know that some travel insurance plans specifically cover your golf equipment by default, without the need of adding extra coverage. 

Besides covering for any damages, loss or theft of your golf clubs and equipment, they also cover green fees if you fall sick, meet with an accident or bad weather that prevents you from playing.

Most golf insurance also covers hole-in-one insurance, which is a type of prize indemnification insurance that covers you against paying someone if they make a hole-in-one during your golf event.

#7 Domestic pet care

Travelling as a furparent makes it extra difficult as you’ll need to put your pets in temporary lodging, constantly worry for their well-being while you’re abroad and unforeseen circumstances would mean additional expenses, on top of not seeing them for an extra day or two.

But you’re in luck — some travel insurance plans do provide domestic pet care coverage. It covers the expenses for the continued stay of the pet at the pet hotel due to injury or illness sustained by you overseas, or delay of public transport. This means that if your flight is delayed or cancelled, an extra night at the pet hotel would be covered by the insurer.

#8 Kidnap and ransom 

Though unlikely, getting kidnapped and being held hostage in a foreign country is covered by certain insurers. They usually provide a payout every few hours that the insured is being kidnapped or held hostage, up to a certain cap.

#9 Unused entertainment tickets

If you sustain serious injury, illness or death but have already pre-paid for any entertainment tickets, your insurance plan may be able to reimburse you for them. This includes tickets to theme parks, performances, concerts, sports events and more.

#10 Child benefit

If you choose the right travel insurance, some plans may offer sponsor protection cover for your kids if their sponsor suffers permanent total disability from an accident or passes away.

MSIG’s Global Study Overseas Student Travel Insurance is not your usual travel insurance, as it is meant for students going abroad to study. Not only does it offer sponsor protection cover, but it also provides study interruptions cover that reimburses their pre-paid course fees if their studies are interrupted by illness or injury.

MSIG’s TravelEasy Travel Insurance also has a child education grant that provides a lump sum payment for each child upon the accidental death of a covered parent. There’s also a family assistance benefit that similarly provides a lump sum payment upon the accidental death of a insured parent.



#11 Rainfall protection

So far, only Singlife Travel Insurance pays you a lump sum of up to S$150 if your trip is affected by excessive rainfall. This is only claimable if the accumulated rainfall level is greater than 6.4mm for each full 24-hour period, and more than 50% of your trip duration is affected due to this rainfall level.

This means that a day wasted because of wet weather can now at least be claimed!

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