HL Assurance Travel Insurance Review: HL Travel Protect360

HL Assurance Travel Insurance Review: HL Travel Protect360

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HL Assurance travel insurance plans offer great value. Besides offering high discounts for its plans, HL Assurance also grants perks such as hotel booking vouchers and car rental discounts.

HL Assurance offers three tier of plans – Basic, Enhanced, Superior, for both single trips and annual multi-trips. These plans combine comprehensive coverage at reasonable pricing and provide coverage where it counts, such as for travel inconveniences like trip delays and lost luggage.

It will also appeal to budget conscious travellers and individuals who already know the right travel insurance to buy for their trip. For travellers who prefer to pay/ bring along cash, do take note that the limit for theft of personal money is capped at S$250 – S$500.

Here’s everything you need to know about the HL Assurance Travel Insurance policy:

Product summary

Unlimited emergency medical evacuation/repatriation of mortal remains
In the event of death, bodily injury or sickness whilst travelling out of Singapore and is medically appropriate to move you to another location for medical treatment or to return you or your mortal remains to Singapore, company shall arrange for the mode of evacuation, based on the medical severity of your condition and HL assurance shall pay for such expenses incurred.

24-hour travel, emergency medical, and evacuation assistance
One of the benefits of HL Assurance travel insurance is the 24-hour travel, emergency medical, and evacuation assistance which provides round-the-clock assistance for loss of travel documents and baggage, air tickets arrangements, emergency medical evacuation, referral services for interpreter/ translator, legal, embassy, hospital admission and other medical facilities etc.

The 24-hour assistance hotline is (65) 6922 6009.

Credit card outstanding balance
In the event of death due to bodily injury or sickness sustained whilst travelling out of Singapore, HL Assurance will pay up to the benefit limit any outstanding balance under your credit card(s) for purchases and services charged to such card(s) while outside Singapore during the period of insurance.

Rental car excess
HL Assurance shall pay up to the benefit limit for any car rental excess payable by you under the rental car agreement in respect of loss or damage to the rental car due to an accident or theft of the rental vehicle during the rental period.

Loss of home content due to burglary
HL Assurance shall pay up to the benefit limit for loss of or damage to home contents as a result of burglary involving the use of forcible, violent and visible means to enter into or exit from the home premises in Singapore and occurring whilst such premises are vacated during the period of insurance.

Golfing ‘Hole in One
HL Assurance shall pay up to the benefit limit for bar expenses if an adult insured person achieves a “Hole in One” whilst playing golf on any recognised golf course outside Singapore and during the period of insurance.

Pros and cons

Unlimited emergency medical evacuation (across all Plans)

Unlimited repatriation of mortal remains (across all Plans)

Loss of home content due to burglary
Exclusions on a variety of adventurous activities

No benefit payable for pre-existing conditions

No coverage for acts of terrorism

Policy exclusions

The list of exclusions for this policy include the following:

  • Pre-existing conditions (including mental and nervous or sleep disorders,  any diagnosed psychological or psychiatric disorder, anxiety or depression)
  • Pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth or abortion and their complications
  • Travelling against Medical Practitioner’s advice
  • Elective treatment or surgery
  • Dental care, other than that necessitated by accidental injuries to sound natural teeth
  • Rafting, canoeing, bungee jumping, jet skiing, ski racing, backcountry skiing or off-piste skiing, ski jumping, hang gliding, parasailing, the use of bobsleigh or skeleton, hunting, potholing, mountaineering or rock climbing
  • Participation in sports activities to receive financial compensation
  • Items taken/ destructed by customs or other officials
  • War, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, conspiracy, civil commotion, acts of terrorism
  • Breakage or damage to fragile articles

The full list of exclusions is available in the policy wording.

Types of plans

HL Assurance offers three tiers for both single trip and annual multi-trip insurance – Basic, Enhanced, and Superior. For more details, please read the full list of benefits and exclusions in the policy wording.

Plan TypeCancellationMedical Coverage (Overseas)Bags/ Belongings
Travel Protect360 BasicS$5,000S$150,000S$3,000
Travel Protect360 EnhancedS$7,000S$250,000S$5,000
Travel Protect360 SuperiorS$12,000S$500,000S$7,000

Travel Protect360 Basic

One of the more affordable travel insurance options available in Singapore for single-trip plans. It stands out by focusing its coverage on trip and baggage delays: Trip and baggage delays are covered for S$100 every 6 hours of delay and at a maximum limit of S$1,000. Personal accident coverage is at S$200,000.

Travel Protect360 Enhanced

The coverage and affordable pricing makes HL Assurance Enhanced a bargain buy for the budget conscious traveller with: Trip and baggage delays covered at S$100 every 6 hours of delay with a maximum limit of S$1,000. Personal accident coverage is at S$250,000.

Travel Protect360 Superior

The relatively low pricing and decent coverage makes HL Assurance Superior an attractive bargain for travellers. Trip and baggage delays are covered for S$100 every 6 hours of delay with a maximum limit of S$1,000. Personal accident coverage is at S$300,000.


We will look at pricing comparison across various plans for both Single Trip and Annual Trip. HL Assurance offers a decent seasonal discount as high as above 60% and coupled with treats such as hotel discount perks. This packs a great bargain.

In terms of pricing, HL Assurance travel plans stand out for being price competitive across all tier of plans, for both single and annual plans. The prices shown below are before the discount.

Basic Plan

Trip TypeTravel Protect360 BasicIndustry Basic Plan Average
1 week AseanS$56S$26
1 week AsiaS$62S$32
1 week WorldwideS$81S$46
Annual AseanN/AS$149
Annual AsiaS$356S$208
Annual WorldwideS$446S$282

Mid-Tier Plan

Trip TypeTravel Protect360 EnhancedIndustry Mid-Tier Plan Average
1 week AseanS$71S$33
1 week AsiaS$78S$41
1 week WorldwideS$109S$59
Annual AseanN/AS$206
Annual AsiaS$374S$242
Annual WorldwideS$486S$332

Top-Shelf Plan

Trip TypeTravel Protect360 SuperiorIndustry Top-Shelf Plan Average
1 week AseanS$91S$47
1 week AsiaS$101S$58
1 week WorldwideS$142S$80
Annual AseanN/AS$269
Annual AsiaS$447S$310
Annual WorldwideS$582S$430

How to make a claim

Online: HL Assurance website
Email: claims@hlas.com.sg
Hotline:  +65 6922 6003

HL Assurance Travel Insurance Promotion:
Single trip: Get 60% off when you purchase through SingSaver
Annual plan: Get 50% off when you purchase through SingSaver

Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

Note: This is only product information provided. You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before buying the product. If you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether the product is suitable for you. Buying an insurance product that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs.

If you decide that the policy is not suitable after purchasing the policy, you may terminate the policy in accordance with the free-look provision, if any, and the insurer may recover from you any expense incurred by the insurer in underwriting the policy.

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