Best Travel Insurance Policies for the United Kingdom (UK)

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 30 October, 2023

Find the best travel insurance plans for the UK.  

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Long known for its rich history and captivating architecture, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales – the four regions that make up the United Kingdoms – are rewarding and satisfying holiday destinations. 

If you’re looking to quench your love for castles, lochs and majestic mountains, you may be planning a trip – perhaps around Christmastime for a truly authentic and unique experience?

Before you rush off to drink too much mulled wine, be sure to obtain the right travel insurance plan for the UK. We’ve saved you a step by reviewing five top-notch policies for your consideration, as well as compiling all the latest information on entry requirements.

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Entering the UK: Travel requirements to note (COVID-19, visa, etc)

COVID-19 vaccination and quarantine requirements

There are no longer any COVID-19 travel requirements to enter the UK. 

Visitors do not need to complete a UK passenger locator form before travel;

do not need to take any COVID-19 tests before travel or upon arrival; and also do not need to quarantine when upon arrival. 

This applies whether you have been vaccinated or not.

Also, note that the above is applicable whether you are visiting England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. 

However, you will be required to comply with any travel requirements imposed by your travel carrier or operator. 

Travel insurance requirements to the UK

Travel insurance is not required to enter the UK, and visitors may travel without an overseas health insurance if they so choose.

Note that not having travel insurance means visitors will have to bear full responsibility for any costs incurred due to injury or sickness. This includes the costs of emergency services, medical treatment and hospitalisation, as well as  associated fees and charges for medications, dressings, ambulance conveyance, etc. 

Besides medical coverage during your holiday travel insurance can also provide compensation for a wide range of travel mishaps and delays, including flight cancellations, lost or delayed luggage, or non-refundable bookings and accommodations. 

Additionally, the UK faces a substantial threat of acts of terrorism stemming from both domestic and foreign organisations. On its Travel Advisory page, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that in 2021, the UK threat level for international terrorism was raised from ‘Substantial’ to ‘Severe’ (level four on a five point scale, with level five being the most likely). 

Given that travel insurance for the UK is generally affordable, with a wide range of plans available, it is advisable to purchase a suitable travel insurance policy for you and your travelling companions.

Visa requirements

Singaporeans travelling to the UK may enter without a visa for tourism purposes. The maximum duration of stay is six months. However, you should fulfil the Standard Visitor eligibility requirements, including not having a criminal record, and not having been denied entry to the UK for any reason. 

If you do not fulfil the Standard Visitor requirements for visa-free entry, consider applying for a Standard Visitor visa to improve your chances of being allowed entry.

Best travel and health insurance plans for the UK 




Tiq Travel Entry - Asean (Annual)
Tiq Travel Entry - Asean (Annual)
Overseas medical cover: S$200,000
- S$100,000 for COVID-19
Personal accident: S$150,000
Cancellation cover: S$5,000
Bags and belongings: S$2,000
Emergency evacuation and repatriation: Combined up to S$1 mil
- S$200,000 for COVID-19
Terrorism cover: S$100,000
FWD Premium
FWD Premium
Overseas medical cover: S$200,000
- S$200,000 for COVID-19
Personal accident: S$200,000
Cancellation cover: S$7,500
- S$5,000 for COVID-19
Bags and belongings: S$3,000
Emergency evacuation and repatriation: unlimited
- S$200,000 for COVID-19
Full terrorism cover included
S$42.50 (COVID-19 add on: S$21.54)
Singlife Travel Lite
Singlife Travel Lite
Overseas medical cover: S$250,000
- S$50,000 for COVID-19
Personal accident: S$50,000
Cancellation cover: S$5,000
Bags and belongings: S$3,000
Emergency evacuation: S$250,000
Repatriation of mortal remains: S$30,000 
Terrorism cover (aggregate): S$50,000
Allianz Travel Insurance Silver Plan
Allianz Travel Insurance Silver Plan
Overseas medical cover: S$500,000
- S$150,000 for COVID-19
Personal accident: S$100,000
Cancellation cover: S$5,000
- S$4,000 for COVID-19
Bags and belongings: S$3,000
Emergency evacuation and repatriation: S$1 mil 
Terrorism cover: Emergency medical and emergency transportation only
COVID-19 coverage included
MSIG Elite Plan
MSIG Elite Plan
Overseas medical cover: S$500,000
- S$150,000 for COVID-19
Personal accident: S$200,000
Cancellation cover: S$10,000
- S$4,000 for COVID-19
Bags and belongings: S$5,000
Emergency evacuation and repatriation: S$1 mil (also for COVID-19)
Terrorism cover: S$300,000
Adventurous activities: Covered

Premiums shown for single-trip plan, 10-day trip, 1 adult

Tiq Travel – Entry 


Tiq Travel – Entry has one of the lowest premiums amongst travel insurance plans for the UK right now. A 10-day trip for a single adult traveller costs just S$40.70, yet it manages to pack in quite a decent level of coverage. 

You’ll get overseas medical coverage up to S$200,000, and personal accident benefits up to S$150,000. For emergency evacuation and repatriation, there’s a combined limit of S$1 million.

COVID-19 cover is also included, with up to S$100,000 cover for overseas medical expenses, and up to S$200,000 cover for emergency evacuation and repatriation.

As for travel inconveniences, you will be covered for up to S$5,000 for pre-departure cancellation, while along with up to S$2,000 for luggage and personal belongings.

All told, this plan strikes a good balance between cost and coverage, although it may be a little thin for those looking for more robust coverage levels. 

FWD Premium


Another value-for-money option for UK travel insurance is FWD Premium, which clocks in at S$42.50 for a 10-day plan for one adult. 

What you’ll get is up to S$200,000 for overseas medical expenses and personal accident coverage, and unlimited coverage for emergency evacuation and repatriation. 

Should you need to cancel your trip, this plan provides a generous S$7,500 worth of benefits to help you recover lost funds. Personal luggage and items are covered for up to S$3,000.

The main drawback of this plan is that COVID-19 cover is only available as a paid add-on. You’ll receive up to S$200,000 coverage for overseas medical expenses as well as emergency evacuation and repatriation. Travel cancellation due to COVID-19 is covered up to S$5,000.

Those that are comfortable travelling without COVID-19 cover will enjoy the most value here. But even if you spring for the add-on, you’re likely to find this a well-priced option. 

SingSaver's Exclusive FWD Promotion: Use the promo code SSTRIP to get a 30% discount on Single Trip and Annual Trip plans! Valid till 26 May 2024. T&Cs apply. Also receive:

  • Complimentary lounge access during flight delays. Valid till 1 July 2024 8:59 am. 

Singlife Travel – Lite


At first glance, Singlife Travel – Lite may not appear to be the most compelling option. Its coverage levels aren’t exactly ground-shattering or anything, and it is priced slightly higher than more budget-minded competitors. 

But there’s one undeniable benefit that helps it stand out from the crowd. Singlife Travel comes with a Trip Cancellation for Any Reason clause that allows you to make a claim if you have to cancel for reasons not spelled out in the policy. 

This serves as an extra layer of protection for those who are worried about the “just-in-case”, but do note that you will only be able to claim up to 50% of non-refundable travel, accommodation and entertainment costs if you activate this clause. 

With this plan, you’ll get up to S$250,000 cover for overseas medical expenses (S$50,000 for COVID-19) and S$50,000 in personal accident benefits. Emergency evacuation coverage stands at S$250,000, with S$30,000 in repatriation benefits.

For travel inconveniences, this plan offers up to S$5,000 in travel cancellation cover, and up to S$3,000 benefits for baggage and belongings. 

Singlife Travel Insurance Promotion:

Single Trip: Enjoy a 25% discount when you use the promo code TRAVEL25 for Single Trip. Valid till 31 May 2024. T&Cs apply.

Annual Trip: Use promo code ANNUAL25 to get 25% off Annual Trip plans when you buy now. Valid till 31 May 2024. T&Cs apply. Also receive:

  • Complimentary lounge access during flight delays. Valid till 1 July 2024 8:59 am. 

Allianz Travel Insurance Silver Plan


For those who want a higher level of insurance coverage while travelling in the UK, one option is the Allianz Travel Insurance Silver Plan. 

It offers high overseas medical benefits of S$500,000, and also provides S$100,000 in personal accident coverage. There’s also emergency evacuation and repatriation benefits of S$1 million. 

COVID-19 benefits are quite generous too, with up to S$150,000 for overseas medical expenses, and up to S$4,000 for travel cancellation.

For non-COVID-19 travel cancellations, this plan offers up to S$5,000 for reimbursement of unused flights, accommodations and tickets. 

As for personal luggage and belongings, you’re protected for up to S$3,000 with this plan. 

MSIG Elite Plan


Another option for high travel insurance UK coverage is the MSIG Elite Plan. 

Like the previous plan, this travel insurance policy gives you up to S$500,000 coverage for overseas medical expenses, and up to $150,000 for COVID-19. However, it provides higher personal accident coverage of S$200,000 – which can be doubled if the accident took place on public transport. 

Travel cancellation cover is also higher at up to S$10,000 (S$4,000 for COVID-19), and so is bags and personal belongings benefits, which clocks in at S$5,000. 

Another reason to choose this plan: Adventurous activities are also covered, so you don’t have to get a separate policy if you’re planning to go skiing in the UK.

SingSaver's Exclusive MSIG TravelEasy Insurance Promotion: Get 40% off  Single Trip and 20% off Annual Trip when you buy NOW! Valid till 31 May 2024.

Also receive:

  • Complimentary lounge access during flight delays. Valid till 1 July 2024 8:59 am. 

MSIG TravelEasy has been enhanced to provide better travel protection with over 50 benefits and COVID-19 coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the best health insurance for travellers to the UK?

We evaluated that the best health insurance for travellers to the UK provides a good balance between budget and protection. Some great low-budget options include Tig Travel Entry and Singlife Travel Light plans – the latter especially because it allows claims for travel cancellation for any reason. 

For UK travel insurance with high coverage, consider MSIG Elite Plan, which has up to S$500,000 cover for overseas medical expenses and S$200,000 personal accident coverage with double cover for public transport. 

2. What is the average cost for travel insurance for the UK?

Travel insurance to the UK is relatively affordable. For a 10-day tip, 1 adult, travel insurance to the UK may cost between S$40 to S$120. This depends on the level of cover you choose, as well as whether there are any add-ons and optional benefits. 

3. Is it worth getting travel insurance for UK holidays?

Given that travel insurance to the UK comes with many useful benefits and a wide range of choices to suit every budget, getting a plan for your UK holiday is well worth it. The premiums are also affordable, especially if you do not need high levels of coverage. 

4. Do I need to buy travel insurance to the UK?

Purchasing a travel insurance plan is not required to travel to the UK. However, the benefits and coverage provided in a travel policy will prove useful should you encounter any mishaps or accidents during your holiday. Thus, it is recommended to travel with a policy instead of without. 

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