Best Tuition Centres In Singapore

Emma Lam

Emma Lam

Last updated 15 July, 2022

Worried that your child might be falling behind his/her peers? Here’s a list of the top tuition centres in Singapore to boost your child’s academic scores.

Gone are the days when tuition is a ‘good-to-have’. Nowadays, tuition is almost a necessity for students. COVID-19 has only exacerbated the need for tuition among households. The home-based learning (HBL) and irregular in-person schooling during the height of lockdown also impeded the rigour of academic learning. 

And even till now, there are no signs of slowing down. It’s no wonder why parents are anxious about finding the best tuition centres for their children. With over 750 MOE-registered tuition centres in Singapore, there’s bound to be a right match for your child.

So if you are on the lookout for a tuition centre to help your child turn his/her academic score around, here are 18 (in no particular order) that might fit the bill.

18 Best Tuition Centres In Singapore

Tuition Centre Location / Contact Subjects Price Range
The Learning Lab Central, East and West
+65 6733 8711
Contact Us
English, General Paper
Math (Kindergarten to JC level)
Science (Pri to Sec level)
S$408.74 to S$564.96 per month (4 lessons)
True Learning Centre Jcube, Kovan and Novena
+65 6708 9382
Contact Us
English, Science (Pri 3 to 6 level)
Math (Pri to JC level)
S$150 to S$350 per month
Mavis Tutorial Centre Islandwide
Contact Us
English (Nursery to JC level)
Math, Math, Science (Pri to IP level)
General Paper, H2 Math, Chemistry (JC level)
S$117.70 to S$326.35 per month
Aspire Hub Islandwide
Contact Us
English, Math, Science, Chinese (Pri level)
Math, Science, Chinese (Sec level)
General Paper, Math, Science (JC level)
S$660 to S$1,200 per term
Science Studio Learning Lab Bukit Timah Plaza
+65 6737 2720
Contact Us
Science (Pri level) S$70 to S$85 per session
The Physics Café Beauty World, Novena, Marymount, Paya Lebar
+65 9100 1235 (Whatsapp)
Contact Us
Physics, Math and Chemistry (Sec/IP to JC level) S$344 to S$882 per month
Berries World Islandwide
+65 6338 2916
Contact Us
Chinese (Kindergarten to Pri level) S$35 to S$55per session
Tien Hsia Language School Islandwide
+65 6238 8558
Contact Us
Chinese (Kindergarten to Sec level) $36 to $49.50 per session
Ace Physics & Maths Woodlands Ave
+65 9836 4183
Science (Pri level)
Math, Physics (Sec, IB and JC level)
S$120 to S$360 per month
Smile Tutor 21 Bukit Batok Crescent #22-76/77

+65 6266 4475
+65 9014 4201 (Whatsapp)
Contact Us

All subjects (Pri to JC level) S$20 to S$130 per hour
Mind Stretcher Islandwide
Contact Us
English, Math, Science, GEP Prep Lab, Creative Writing (Pri to JC level) S$149.80 to S$240.75 per month
Young Scholarz The Waterside Condo
+65 8228 1164
Contact Us
All subjects (Grade 5 onwards for IB, IGCSE, Edexcel, AP curriculums) From S$65 per hour (Group class)

From S$150 per hour (Solo class)

Andrew Yap Education Centre Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Block 302 #01-1842, Singapore 560302

+65 8388 1912
Contact Us

Math (Sec, IP and JC level) S$300 to S$400 per 4 lessons
Gavin’s Tuition Centre Toa Payoh, Midtown condo, Bukit Batok
+65 8779 4773 (HP)
+65 6635 8390 (Office)
Contact Us
Chinese, Other preparatory subjects (Kindergarten)

English, Math, Chinese, Higher Chinese, Science (Pri to JC level)

History, Geography, Literature, Social Studies, Principle of Accounts (Sec to JC level)

Economics (JC level)

Upon consultation
Math Science Guru 91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189652

+65 8233 2805

Math, Science (Pri and Sec level) Upon consultation
Stag Match Tuition Centre Islandwide
Contact Us
English, Math, Science, Chinese, Creative Writing (Kindergarten and Pri level) Upon consultation
Edufront Tuition Centre Pasir Ris, Choa Chu Kang, Serangoon North, Woodlands, Tampines

+65 6816 5493
+65 9382 5201
Contact Us

English, Math, Science, Mother Tongue (Pri and Sec level) S$160 to S$260 per subject per month
(Up to 20% discount on registering ≥ 5 subjects)
Our Learning Loft 613A Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269715

+65 6908 8884
Contact Us

English (Pri level only)
Math, Science (Pri to IP/Sec level)
Upon consultation

(DBS promo: Up to 10% off pri and sec curriculum)

1. The Learning Lab

Source: The Learning Lab

Grade Subject
Kindergarten English, Math
Primary English, Math, Science
Secondary English, E.Math, A.Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Junior College General Paper, Math

Price: S$408.74 to S$564.96 per month (4 lessons)

The Learning Lab is one of the most popular tuition centres in Singapore. Their claim to fame is a unique teaching pedagogy that not only helps children achieve their best, but also helps to stimulate their curiosity to learn.

The Learning Lab also prides itself on lesson plans that are not only highly rigorous but also aligned with the school’s curriculum. For over 18 years, they’ve shown dedication and patience in developing students into curious and confident learners. It also helps students reach their full potential with teaching materials slightly beyond their current level.

So whether you have a nursery youngun or tertiary teenager, The Learning Lab is well-loved by many parents all across the island --- they have eight branches spread from the east to the west of Singapore.

Locations: Central, East and West
Tel: +65 6733 8711
Contact Us

2. True Learning Centre

Source: True Learning Centre

Grade Subject
Kindergarten -
Primary English, Math, Science
Secondary/IP E.Math, A.Math, IP Math
Junior College H2 Math

Price: S$150 to S$350 per month

True Learning Centre has a strong reputation for putting its students first and helping them excel in their academic endeavours.

Established in 2010 by Mr Max Tan and Ms Angeline Teo, their team consists of qualified NIE-trained curriculum teachers and writers with years of experience under their belt. Their teachers have won awards such as President’s Award for Teachers, Outstanding Science Teacher Award, and Caring Teacher Award.

Source: True Learning Centre

Possessing a strong focus on Math, this centre is ideal for students needing a little guidance and assistance in the subject. Asides from that, the tuition centre is renowned for its 24/7 academic assistance with a system that supports students whenever they need help with their work. 

Locations: JCube, Kovan and Novena
Tel: +65 6708 9382
Contact Us

3. Mavis Tutorial Centre

Source: Mavis Tutorial Centre

Grade Subject
Nursery & Kindergarten English
Primary Math, Science
Secondary/IP English, A.Math, E.Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese
Junior College General Paper, H2 Math, H2 Chemistry

Price: S$117.70 to S$326.35 per month

Mavis Tutorial Centre has an islandwide presence with 15 outlets around Singapore, making it one of the biggest tuition centres in Singapore. It is popular among parents who are looking for a value-for-money tuition centre to enrol your child in.

Throughout the semester, there are multiple intensive revision workshops conducted to give primary and secondary students the extra academic assistance needed. Students are taught the skills of critical thinking and application to answer questions effectively. After all, regurgitating textbook knowledge alone isn’t usually enough to ace exams. 

Mavis Tutorial Centre also offers fees of a neighbourhood tuition centre but delivers quality teaching service on par with former school teachers.

Locations: Islandwide
Tel: +65 6786 8718
Contact Us

4. Aspire Hub

Source: Aspire Hub

Grade Subject
Primary English, Math, Science, Chinese
Secondary A.Math, E.Math, Science, Chinese
Junior College General Paper, H2 Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics

Price: S$660 to S$1,200 per term

Aspire Hub is a tuition centre that offers a personalised approach towards teaching. It tries to keep its tuition classes small so that the teachers are able to focus more on the students’ development. Academically, students are given constant feedback and customised coaching to identify areas of improvement.

On top of adhering to MOE syllabus, the tuition hub also focuses on personal development and enhancement of vocational skills.

Locations: Islandwide
Contact Us

5. Science Studio Learning Lab

Source: Science Studio Learning Lab

Subjects: Science (Pri level)
Price: $70 to $85 per session

Science Studio Learning Lab is a tuition centre that focuses solely on the Science subject. What sets Science Studio Learning Lab apart from the rest is the hands-on experiments and creative mini projects that lets students learn while having fun. The centre designs its own fun learning experiences under the guidance of Mr Chong who had years of experience teaching in top MOE schools and the Gifted Education Programme (GEP).

Locations: 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, Bukit Timah Plaza, #02-24E, Singapore 588996
46 East Coast Road, East Gate @ Katong, #05-04, Singapore 428766
Tel: +65 6737 2720
Contact Us

6. The Physics Café 

Source: The Physics Cafe

Subjects: Physics, Math and Chemistry (Sec/IP to JC level)
Price: S$344 to S$882 per month

The Physics Café specialises in Physics, Math and Chemistry classes for secondary and JC students. Its claim to fame is its teaching methods coupled with state-of-the-art offerings like its own lecture theatre, in-house café, study rooms, digital library, scholarship programmes and shuttle bus. They have been featured numerous times on AsiaOne, Straits Times and TheSmartLocal.

Their class flexibility enables enrolled students to attend lessons remotely with both online and onsite classes conducted concurrently. Students will also enjoy complimentary annual membership to sitcoms worth S$2,000.

There’s even a gifted programme — Accelerated Class (A Class) — for students excelling in the PMC curriculum. This programme benefits those with an acute and faster pace of learning by broadening their critical thinking and deepening their conceptual understanding.

Locations: Beauty World, Novena, Marymount, Paya Lebar
Tel: +65 9100 1235
Contact Us

7. Berries World

Source: Berries World

Subjects: Chinese (Kindergarten and Pri level)
Price: S$35 to S$55 per session

If you have seen small kids carrying a white/green rectangular bag, there’s no doubt that they are students from Berries World.

Berries World caters to preschool and primary school students with its proprietary MOE-approved syllabus for learning Chinese. With China expected to become the biggest economy in the world, it is best to start equipping your child with conversational and written Chinese skills from young.

They host preparatory PSLE webinars for registered students too, so you’ll never have to worry about a lack of Chinese enrichment here at Berries World.

Locations: Islandwide
Tel: +65 6338 2916
Contact Us

8. Tien Hsia Language School

Source: Tien Hsia Language School

Subjects: Chinese (Kindergarten to Sec level)
Price: S$36 to S$49.50 per session

Tien Hsia Language School is another tuition centre that excels in delivering Chinese language tuition. It is neck-and-neck with Berries World in terms of its reputation as a Chinese tutor among parents.

Having been founded in 1989 with over 25,000 enrolled students, the numbers explain why they’re one of the most trusted Chinese tuition centres in Singapore. Furthermore, their team consists of Chinese specialists purposefully trained across kindergarten, primary and secondary levels along with separate banding for higher and primary Chinese.

Those who have sent their child to Tien Hsia have mostly good things to say about the tuition centre.

Locations: Islandwide
Tel: +65 6238 8558
Contact Us

9. Ace Physics & Math

Source: Ace Physics & Math

Grade Subject
Primary Math, Science
Secondary A.Math, E.Math, Physics, Chemistry
Junior College/IB H1/H2 Math, H1/H2 Physics

Price: S$120 to S$360 per month

Ace Physics & Math is a tuition centre that specialises in physics and math for secondary and JC level. Their class sizes range from two to eight students, fostering a conducive environment for personalised coaching.

But content alone is insufficient to ace exams. That’s why Ace Physics & Math also emphasises the importance of time management and answering questions critically.

International Baccalaureate (IB) students are also welcomed here.

Location: 19 Woodlands Ave 6, Singapore 738999
Tel: +65 9836 4183

10. Smile Tutor

Source: Smile Tutor

Subjects: All subjects for primary to JC level
Price: S$20 to S$120 per hour

Smile Tutor is a platform that connects you with home tutors. Unlike the rest of the tuition centres on the list, its role is to connect parents with the best home tutors for your child.

Compared to tuition centres, Smile Tutor offers parents and students much more flexibility in terms of tuition timing. Plus, the lessons are also conducted on a very small scale, either 1-to-1 or small groups depending on your preference.

Locations: Home tuition
Tel: +65 6266 4475; +65 9014 4201
Contact Us

11. Mind Stretcher

Source: Mind Stretcher

Grade Subject
Kindergarten English, Math, Chinese
Primary English, Math, Chinese, Science, GEP Prep Lab, Creative Writing

Price: S$149.80 to S$240.75 per month

According to their website, over 645 students attained a PSLE score of 10 or lower — with 89 students attaining a perfect score of 4 in 2021. Prior to the grading system change, 507 students achieved a score of 250 and above with their top scorers being above 280.

Needless to say, the teachers at Mind Stretcher do a great job at stretching students' minds, with every batch consistently acing their major exams. Believing in the importance of a solid learning foundation, the centre believes in enriching students from young. 

They’ve also developed their unique in-house standardised curriculum that follows MOE’s guidelines, to aid your child’s learning to the best of their ability. 

Moreover, they also introduced their separate banded “higher achiever” curriculum that fosters greater academic exposure by teaching advanced topics to gifted learners.

Benefits of their online classes
Source: Mind Stretcher

Since the tuition centre’s conception in 2022, it’s since expanded to other brands like Xue Hui Le and MS Junior Campus that specialise in Chinese and pre-school programmes. One of their major plus points is their provision of online class webinars to cater to those preferring remote learning.

Pro-tip: Do keep your eyes peeled for many of their online workshops and series offered across various subjects and topics.

Locations: Islandwide
Contact Us

12. Young Scholarz

Source: Young Scholarz

Grade Subject
Grade 5 onwards (IB, IGCSE, Edexcel, AP curriculum) Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Global Perspectives, Spanish, Computer Science, and more

Price: From S$65 per hour (Group class) | From S$150 per hour (Solo class)

Compared to the rest on this list, Young Scholarz is distinctive in their diverse range of subjects and courses taught from Grade 5 to university level. Under them, you can find subjects like Computer Science, Psychology, Sports Science, and even foreign languages across IB, pre-IGCSE, IGCSE, and university curriculum.

They offer a hybrid of online learning, weekly structured classes, and individualised sessions — lending tailored support to students who need it the most. 

Positioning themselves as a teaching hub, their efforts are recognised in the form of their stellar track record of 98% As and A*s in IGCSE exams along with 95% 7s on IB exams. 

Admittedly, this tuition centre is less ideal for those following mainstream MOE schooling.

The Waterside, Tanjong Rhu Road, Singapore 436896
+65 8228 1164
Contact Us

13. Andrew Yap Education Centre

Source: Andrew Yap Education Centre

Subjects: Math (Sec, IP, and JC level)
Price: S$300 to S$400 per 4 lessons

Find your child struggling with numeric equations and word problems? Well, if Math isn’t exactly your strong suit, don’t worry — because it’s Mr and Mrs Yaps’ forte. This brainy couple got their humble beginnings at Hwa Chong Institution, before progressing to consultants and heading their respective Math departments.

Following their MOE stint, they still felt compelled to spread their love for Math through teaching, which led them to open their own Math-centric tuition centre in 2010 under the eponymous Andrew Yap Education Centre

At their centre, their tutors undergo a stringent selection process. The founders also personally ensure that their curriculum closely aligns with MOE’s syllabus to maximise their students’ learning.

Their dedication to their individualised progress is also reflected in their patience in helping a student achieve mastery of a concept before moving on. Not to mention, classes are recorded for those that miss a lesson.

Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Block 302 #01-1842, Singapore 560302
+65 8388 1912
Contact Us

14. Gavin’s Tuition Centre

Grade Subject
Kindergarten Chinese, Primary school prep
Primary English, Math, Chinese, Higher Chinese, Science
Secondary English, E.Math, A.Math, Chinese, Higher Chinese, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Geography, Literature, Social Studies, Principle of Accounts
Junior College General Paper, Math, Chinese, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, Literature, Social Studies, Economics

Price: Upon consultation

At Gavin’s Tuition Centre, you can expect a holistic pedagogy method in their curriculum. With an emphasis on curiosity and bold learning, their team of tutors are wholly committed to developing your child’s academic excellence.

Coming from humble origins, its founder Dr Gavin Ng was just like any other part-time private tutor earning a side income to support his family. However, his reputation as an educator preceded him, leading to the success of his tuition franchise.

Despite only opening its first brick-and-mortar branch in 2015, the institute centre has expanded rapidly to open more branches locally and internationally. Their facilities are conducive and well-furnished, with some outlets even having an in-house lab!

The centre also offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of subjects to choose from, allowing your child to cover all bases if necessary. Their students’ exceptional performance should convince you to give this tuition centre a shot.

Toa Payoh, Bukit Batok, Upper Serangoon (The Midtown)
Tel: +65 8779 4773 (HP); +65 6635 8390 (Office)
Contact Us

15. Math Science Guru

Source: Math Science Guru

Grade Subject
Primary Math, Science
Secondary E.Math, A.Math, Chemistry, Physics

Price: Upon consultation

“Guaranteed F9 to A1 in 12 weeks, if not, money back!”

If this isn’t a bold claim to make, we don’t know what is. But that’s exactly what Math Science Guru prides its successful teaching methods on. More notably, its founder, Mr Allen, is the sole teacher at its entire helm. 

Despite being a one-man team, his pedagogy has proven effective with over 3,000 students having graduated from his tutelage. 

Perhaps, what’s best about his methodology is his ability to help students interpret, understand and apply topics to real-world practice. Apart from that, he also emphasises the importance of answering exam questions critically and rationally.

Upcoming crash courses at the time of writing
Source: Math Science Guru

Furthermore, he offers frequent intensive crash courses over several weeks to help students gear up for the coming semester and examinations. So if you’re frustrated with subpar results, why not put Mr Allen’s teaching to the test. Simply call his number to book a free 90-minute trial.

Location: 91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189652
Tel: +65 8233 2805

16. Stag Match Tuition Centre

Source: Stag Match Tuition Centre

Grade Subject
Kindergarten English, Maths
Primary English, Maths, Science, Chinese, Creative Writing

Price: Upon consultation

Founded in 2001, the Stag Match Tuition Centre has established itself as a reputable education business that hones your child’s creative thinking and analytical skills. They’re consistently in touch with the pulse of MOE’s curriculum, allowing them to keep abreast with the ever-changing education system.

Under their syllabus, they endeavour to lead the next generation of young leaders through their first-class education. With a variety of extra-curricular subjects like robotics and coding, your child is sure to benefit from such a comprehensive learning experience.

With over 12 branches located islandwide, accessibility won’t be an issue.

Location: Islandwide
Tel: +65 6612 7165
Contact Us

17. Edufront Tuition Centre

Source: Edufront Tuition Centre

Grade Subject
Kindergarten English, Math
Primary English, Math, Science, Chinese/Malay
Secondary E.Math, Malay

Price: S$160 to S$260 per subject per month (In-person & Online)*
*Up to 20% discount for registering for ≥ 5 subjects

What makes Edufront Tuition Centre a top choice among parents is their proven reputation of producing outstanding, award-winning students year after year. Their weekly tuition programme consists of mastery modules across English, Math, Science, and Mother Tongue from primary to secondary level.

PSLE Mastery Programme
Source: Edufront Tuition Centre

Besides those, they also offer a specialised PSLE Mastery Programme outlined with a substantial and thorough schedule to keep your P6 kid on track. 

School Holiday Intensive Workshop
Source: Edufront Tuition Centre

Apart from their mastery programmes, they also feature School Holiday Intensive Revision workshops to give PSLE students the boost they need. Implemented with their online-hybrid system, these programmes are personally designed by their Principal Tutor, Mr Yang Iskandar, to challenge students while strengthening their conceptual foundations simultaneously. Prices for these special workshops stagger between S$360 to S$400 depending on your child’s tuition enrollment status.

Of course, it stands to reason that their tuition syllabus is regularly updated with the latest changes in MOE’s curriculum.

Tel: +65 6816 5493; +65 9382 5201
Contact Us

18. Our Learning Loft

Source: The Learning Loft

Grade Subject
Primary and IP English (Primary only), Math, Science
Secondary E.Math, A.Math, Physics, Chemistry

Price: Upon consultation*

Want to become more proficient in content, application, skills and techniques? Our Learning Loft blends theoretical and practical seamlessly into their lessons with their engaging pedagogy. 

For instance, their science classes leverage on experimental-based learning, translating textbook knowledge into real-life situations.

This similar pattern of inquisitive learning is likewise encouraged in their secondary level and integrated programme (IP) cohort. Students continue to hone their keenness for creative problem-solving techniques to tackle higher-order thinking questions independently.

Their minimally-sized classes allow tutors to give undivided attention to each student. In turn, students can foster greater interpersonal connections with their tutors and clarify content confusions more effectively.

613A Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269715
+65 6908 8884
Contact Us

*DBS promo: Enjoy up to 10% off primary and secondary tuition curriculum.

DBS/POSB Credit Card Welcome Gift: Receive up to S$388 cashback or 85,000 miles when you apply for select DBS credit cards and fulfil the relevant promotion criteria. T&Cs apply.

FAQs about enrolling for tuition in Singapore

#1 How to choose a good tuition centre?

What are the hallmarks of an effective tuition centre? Is there a standard or benchmark to meet? 

While there’s no straightforward answer. However, there are a few qualifying factors to consider:

  • Reputation and tutor’s experience/background
  • Class size
  • Rigour of the curriculum
  • Teaching/learning style
  • Location and affordability

Depending on which criterion is your priority, the definition of a good tuition centre will vary from parent to parent. Most importantly, it should match your child’s learning style because they’re the ones who’ll be taking the classes.

#2 Are all tuition centres registered with MOE?

As long as a tuition centre has more than 10 students, they must be registered with MOE. This procedure involves a full background check of the tutor’s academic credentials. 

So technically, most, if not all, tuition centres in Singapore should be registered. Unless they only have 9 students, then that’s fine. But let’s be honest, the more enrolled students there are, the more reputable a tuition centre probably is. 

#3 Do I need to perform my own preliminary background check on a tuition centre’s credibility and standard?

Yes, we highly encourage you to do so. Though there are MOE checks, you can never be too sure about a tuition centre’s standards. You should do your own research and discuss it with fellow parents.

Word of mouth is usually the best source of recommendations and criticisms. If a tuition centre is bad, online forums or community chitchat would be the first to hear about these critiques. This applies to recommendations too.

For instance, certain tuition centres might only hire NIE-trained teachers or experienced educators. Prestige and association with brand-name schools might also be brought up.

Which is better? Tuition centre or private tuition?

Get a private 1-on-1 session or enrol in a group class? This dilemma is often a tough nut to crack. Many parents end up being conflicted on which class setting would allow their child to thrive academically.

Although there’s no guarantee that one is better than the other, it truly is up to your child’s learning style and preference. At first glance, it might appear more effective to choose private tuition as lessons are curated and tailored to a student’s needs. However, sometimes, students need external peer support to keep them motivated and grounded in learning.

The best learning environment for your child boils down to which setting is more conducive and empowers their academic confidence? If they thrive in an intensive, individualised learning style, then sure, private tuition is the support they need.

However, if they get stressed over being under single scrutiny, then perhaps a more light-hearted but equally focused class setting would be the alternative. In fact, group classes tend to be more dynamic and collaborative — allowing students to bounce ideas off each other and deepen their understanding together.

Read more: Tuition Centres vs. Private Tutors: Which is More Cost Effective?

Just like how tuition provides supplementary support in your studies, an education loan can also help tide you through your child’s schooling. 

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