A Comprehensive Guide To Starting Salaries for Fresh Graduates In Singapore

Marie Cheng
Last updated Apr 21, 2020

These days, fresh university graduates seem to be getting a higher starting pay … at least that’s what it says in the newspapers.

According to an article by The Straits Times published last year, some are in fact earning $4,000 to $5,000 a month in their first job. But how true is that? How many will raise false hope and expectations, based on a catchy news headline? I know I did. 

If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I’ve always been a writer. After many years of penning subpar poetry, I began my editorial career at the age of 18. For years, I hustled whilst in school, taking on side gigs and freelance opportunities wherever I found them. By the time I graduated, I’d built up a portfolio that I was convinced could rival that of any veteran in the industry — and therefore command a higher starting salary. 

“With your experience, you’ll easily get a good job that pays at least $4,000 a month. No question about it,” my mother assured me. Coupled with that Straits Times report, I was optimistic about my prospects. Alas, when I finally got around to the job applications, I realised no magazine or copywriting agency was going to offer me anything more than $3,500 a month. 

In fact, the basic pay for writers hovered at around $2,000 to $3,000 a month. How was I supposed to survive on such meagre sums, especially in one of the world’s most expensive cities? 

Spare yourself the rude awakening and manage your expectations of how much you’ll earn as someone new to the workforce. 

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the average starting salaries for permanent full-time, entry-level jobs, not including CPF deductions, categorised by university and industry, based on graduate employment surveys by Ministry of Education. 

By University

NUS Graduates (2019)

DegreeAverage Basic Monthly Salary
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
BA (Hons)$3,290
Bachelor of Social Sciences$3,459
Faculty of Dentistry
Bachelor of Dental Surgery$4,057
Faculty of Engineering
BEng, Biomedical Engineering$3,480
BEng, Chemical Engineering$3,802
BEng, Civil Engineering$3,685
BEng, Electrical Engineering$3,957
BEng, Engineering Science$4,115
BEng, Environmental Engineering$3,474
BEng, Industrial and Systems Engineering$4,303
BEng, Materials Science and Engineering$3,796
BEng, Mechanical Engineering$3,745
Faculty of Law
Bachelor of Laws $5,068
Faculty of Science
BSc (Hons)$3,510
BSc, Pharmacy$3,648
National University of Singapore Business School
BBA (Hons)$4,286
BBA, Accountancy$3,209
BBA, Accountancy (Hons)$3,643
School of Computing
Bachelor of Computing, Computer Science$4,577
Bachelor of Computing, Information Systems$4,338
BSc, Business Analytics$4,432
School of Design & Environment
BA, Industrial Design$3,309
BSc, Project and Facilities Management$3,189
BSc, Real Estate$3,295
Yong Loo Lin School (Medicine)
BSc, Nursing$3,230
BSc, Nursing (Hons)$3,306
YST Conservatory of Music
Bachelor of Music $2,000
Yale-NUS College
BA with Honours $4,283
BSc with Honours$5,017
Multi-Disciplinary Programmes
BEng, Computer Engineering$4,105
Bachelor of Environmental Studies$3,371

NTU Graduates (2019)

DegreeAverage Basic Monthly Salary
College of Business (Nanyang Business School)
Accountancy  $3,220
Accountancy and Business$4,284
Business and Computing$4,479
College of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering$3,816
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering$3,681
Civil Engineering$3,525
Computer Engineering$3,994
Computer Science$4,270
Electrical & Electronic Engineering$3,769
Environmental Engineering$3,574
Information Engineering & Media$3,934
Maritime Studies$3,512
Materials Engineering$3,601
Mechanical Engineering$3,608
College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Art, Design & Media$3,031
Communication Studies$3,220
Linguistics & Multilingual Studies$3,265
Public Policy and Global Affairs$3,756
College of Science
Biological Sciences$3,315
Biomedical Sciences & Chinese Medicine$2,964
Chemistry & Biological Chemistry$3,246
Environmental Earth Systems Science$3,401
Mathematical Sciences$3,741
Mathematics & Economics$3,838
Physics & Applied Physics $3,782
National Institute of Education (NIE)
Arts (With Education)$3,629
Science (With Education)$3,719
Sport Science and Management
Sport Science and Management$3,289

SMU Graduates (As of November 2018)

DegreeAverage Basic Monthly Salary
School of Accountancy (4-yr programme)
Accountancy  $3,753
Cum Laude and above$4,364
School of Business (4-yr programme)
Business Management$4,056
Cum Laude and above$4,401
School of Economics (4-yr programme)
Economics $4,042
Cum Laude and above$4,401
School of Information Systems (4-yr programme)
Information Systems$4,413
Cum Laude and above$5,029
School of Social Sciences (4-yr programme)
Social Sciences$3,523
Cum Laude and above$3,599
School of Law (4-yr programme)
Cum Laude and above$5,136

SIT Graduates (As of March 2018)

DegreeAverage Basic Monthly Salary
DigiPen Institute of Technology
BA, Game Design$3,040
BFA, Digital Arts & Animation$2,859
BSc, Computer Science & Game Design$3,232
BSc, Computer Science in Real-Time
Interactive Simulation
The Glasgow School of Art
BA, Communication Design (Hons)$2,819
BA, Interior Design (Hons)$2,818
Newcastle University
BEng, Chemical Engineering (Hons)$3,061
BEng, Electrical Power Engineering (Hons)$3,191
BEng, Marine Engineering (Hons)$3,461
BEng, Mechanical Design & Manufacturing
Engineering (Hons)
BEng, Naval Architecture (Hons)$3,451
BEng, Offshore Engineering (Hons)$3,792
BSc, Food and Human Nutrition (Hons)$2,784
Technische Universität München
BSc, Chemical Engineering$3,061
BSc, Electrical Engineering & IT$3,504
The Culinary Institute of America
Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Art
SIT & Trinity College Dublin
BSc, Occupational Therapy$3,217
BSc, Physiotherapy$3,483
University of Glasgow
BEng with Hons in Aeronautical Engineering$3,367
BEng with Hons in Aerospace Systems$3,207
BEng with Hons in Mechanical Design Engineering$3,608
BEng, Mechatronics (Hons)$3,412
BSc, Computing Science (Hons)$3,633
University of Manchester
BSc, Nursing Practice (Hons)$3,507
University of Liverpool
BA, Criminology and Security (Hons)$3,759
Wheelock College
BSc, Early Childhood Education$2,883
Singapore Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons)$3,073
Bachelor of Hospitality Business (Hons)$2,713

SUTD Graduates (As of February 2019)

DegreeAverage Basic Monthly Salary
BEng, Engineering Product Development$3,773
BEng, Information Systems Technology and Design$4,448
BEng, Engineering Systems and Design$3,798
BSc, Architecture and Sustainable

SUSS Graduates (As of November 2018)

DegreeAverage Basic Monthly Salary
Bachelor of Accountancy$2,858
Bachelor of Science, Finance$3,364
Bachelor of Science, Marketing$2,925

By Industry (According to Kelly Services)


Job TitleMinimum Monthly Salary
Accountant or Assistant Accountant$2,500
Accounts Assistant$2,500
Accounts Payable Executive$2,500
Accounts Payable Officer or Assistant$2,500
Accounts Receivable Executive$2,500
Accounts Receivable Officer$2,500
Accounts Executive$2,800
Accounts Officer$2,500
Finance Assistant$2,800

Banking & Finance

Job TitleMinimum Monthly Salary
Credit Control Assistant or Officer$2,500
Trade Finance

Customer Service

Job TitleMinimum Monthly Salary
Concierge or Helpdesk Officer$1,900
Customer Care Consultant$2,400
Customer Service Assistant or Officer$1,800
Customer Service Executive$1,800
Customer Service Officer, Foreign Speaking$2,500
Guest Relation Officer$1,800
Telesales Executive$1,700

Engineering & Technical

Job Title Minimum Monthly Salary
Administration & Support
Executive, Customer Relations$3,100
Technical Support Engineer$3,600
Healthcare & Medical
Customer Support Engineer$3,000
Pump Mechanic$2,000
Mechanical & Electrical
Layout Engineer$3,200
Mechanical or Electrical Technician$2,000
Telecommunications Engineer$3,300
Chemical Process Technician$2,100
Production Engineer$2,300
Production Technician$1,800
Construction or Project Management
Project Coordinator$2,200
Service Engineer$2,100
Quality Assurance or Control
Quality Control Technician$2,200
Real Estate or Property Development
Interior Design$2,300
Property or Mall Executive$1,500
Workplace or Environment Safety & Health
Security Engineer$2,200

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods & Retail

Job TitleMinimum Monthly Salary
Retail Associate$1,500
Retail Executive$1,800
Retail Specialist$1,400
Store Specialist$1,800
Store Support Assistant$1,600

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Job TitleMinimum Monthly Salary
Dental Surgery Assistant$1,800
Laboratory Technician$2,300
Medical Sales Representative$3,150
Medical Technologist$1,700
Occupational Therapist$3,400
Operations Executive$2,400
Patient Service Associate or Clinic Assistant$1,800
Pharmacy Technician$2,000
Research Fellow$3,000
Staff Nurse$2,100

Human Resources

Job TitleMinimum Monthly Salary
Human Resource Assistant or Officer$2,200
Human Resource Executive$2,000
Learning & Development Administrator$2,400
Payroll Officer or Assistant$2,500

Information Technology

Job TitleMinimum Monthly Salary
Analysis & Project
Analyst Programmer$2,600
IT Analyst$2,800
Project Executive$2,600
Application Development
Application Support Executive$2,600
Interactive or Web Developer$2,000
Software Developer$2,600
IT Infrastructure
IT Support Engineer$2,700
Customer Service Executive$2,700
Helpdesk Support$2,000
Service Desk Engineer$2,150
Support Engineer$2,200

Office Support

Job TitleMinimum Monthly Salary
Admin Executive, Foreign Speaking$2,500
Administrative Assistant or Coordinator$1,500
Administrative Executive$1,800
Business Coordinator$2,100
Customer Service Coordinator or Executive$2,200
Data Entry$1,500
Facilities Coordinator or Executive$3,200
Mailroom Officer$1,400
Office Administrator or Assistant$2,400

Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics

Job TitleMinimum Monthly Salary
Logistics or Warehouse
Forklift Driver$1,400
Logistics Assistant or Coordinator$1,400
Logistics Executive$2,200
Store Specialist or Associate$2,000
Warehouse Assistant$1,500
Operations or Shipping
Operations Assistant or Officer$2,400
Shipping Administrator or Coordinator$2,500
Procurement or Purchasing
Export Executive$2,000
Junior or Assistant Buyer$2,100
Supply Chain
Customer Service Officer or Representative$1,200
Order Entry Support or Analyst$2,500
Quality Assurance Inspector$1,700
Supply Chain Executive$2,200
Supply Chain Coordinator$2,300

Sales & Marketing

Job TitleMinimum Monthly Salary
Web Designer$2,300
Events Executive$1,800
Brand Executive$2,500
Digital Marketing Executive$2,500
Marketing Assistant, Coordinator or Officer$1,600
Marketing Executive$2,200
Public Relations & Communications
Corporate Communications Executive$2,300
Project Management
Project Administrator$1,800
Sales & Business Development
Sales Officer$2,000
Sales Coordinator$2,000
Retail Sales Associate or Assistant$1,600

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By Marie Cheng
Marie is a self-diagnosed cheapskate, who once went dumpster diving and returned with a luggage of free loot. Nothing excites her more than stumbling upon vintage gems with wholesale price tags at the flea market.

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