Yu Sheng Credit Card Promotions to Welcome 2017 With

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Welcome the new lunar year in Singapore with these fresh yu sheng promotions in 2017.

Last updated on 24 January 2017

If you’re young and new to your career, Chinese New Year is a great time to show appreciation for the support your parents gave you all these years. Bring home a yu sheng platter for an unexpected treat; the dish is delicious whether as an appetiser or eaten on its own.  

From pouring the ingredients in the correct order, reciting auspicious phrases, the joyous (and loud!) tossing of the dish, and right down to the last satisfying bite, yu sheng represents all the best parts of the Spring Festival.

Whether at home or in the office, toss up some good luck this year with these yu sheng promotions in Singapore this 2017We’ll update this page with all the best Yu Sheng takeaway deals as we find them, so stay tuned!

15% off Crystal Jade Restaurant Yu Sheng with DBS, POSB and Standard Chartered Cards

Everyone’s favourite go-to chain for wallet-friendly Chinese cuisine has put together a stellar take-away menu for Chinese New Year. There’s a wide variety of traditional meats and sweets, but what’s caught our attention is the most affordable abalone yu sheng we’ve seen yet.

Starting at S$42.80, you and your loved ones can comfortably enjoy the overpriced mollusk (it’s actually a variety of sea snail, you guys) as you celebrate the coming of the Year of the Rooster. And just in case you are opposed to eating snail in any form, you can swap the abalone out for salmon at no extra cost.

The Promotion

  • 15% off for Jadeite members paying with DBS, POSB or Standard Chartered credit cards
  • For non-members: 11% off when you pay with DBS, POSB or Standard Chartered credit cards
  • Valid till 9 Feb 2017


Reunion Baby Abalone Yu Sheng

Small – S$42.80
Large – S$68.80

Availability and Other Details

Ordering period: From now 9 Feb  
Collection period: From now till 9 Feb
Order website here.

15% off Conrad Centennial Yu Sheng with Citibank, UOB and HSBC Cards

If you’re looking to impress the prospective in-laws, Chinese New Year is the time to do it. Not only do you have a built-in excuse to splurge, there is no better time to raise your credit with a showy display.

Go ahead and order the indulgent Tri-Star Yu Sheng by Conrad Centennial and wow your dinner hosts with a platter full of lobster, abalone and salmon. The 15% discount for Citibank, HSBC and UOB cardholders will help keep your budget under control, so you can fully focus on gracefully returning the compliments sure to come your way.

The Promotion

Pay with a credit card from Citibank, UOB or HSBC to enjoy 15% discount on your Takeaway Yu Sheng orders. To activate the offer, enter the code CNY15 at checkout. This offer is valid until 27 Jan only.


Fortune Salmon and Crispy White Bait Yu Sheng
Small (for 3 to 6 pax) – S$68
Large (for 7 to 10 pax) – S$128

Fortune Abalone and Salmon Yu Sheng
Small (for 3 to 6 pax) – S$98
Large (for 7 to 10 pax) – S$178

Fu Lu Shou Tri-star of Lobster, Abalone and Salmon Yu Sheng
Small (for 3 to 6 pax) – S$118
Large (for 7 to 10 pax) – S$218

Availability and Other Details

Ordering period: From now till 24 Jan
Collection period: From now till 27 Jan
Lead time: 3 days
Order website here.

Conrad Centennial Singapore
Address: 2 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038982
Email: sinci.festive@conradhotels.com
Tel: 6432 7486


10% Off Din Tai Fung Yu Sheng with Citi Credit Cards

Made with the freshest ingredients and topped with Norwegian smoked salmon, Din Tai Fung’s classic Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng is not to be missed. Their take on this traditional delicacy is enhanced with roasted Taijin chestnuts, fresh pomelo pulp, and crispy yam strips, just in case you needed an extra dose of strength and success in 2017. Rounding it off is a generous drizzle of Din Tai Fung’s famous plum sauce.


S$32.80 for small portion (2-3 pax); S$48.80 for medium portion (4-6 pax)

The Promotion

Use your Citibank credit card to get 10% off all Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng purchases. And if you spend a minimum of S$110, you get one complimentary Sliced Smoked Salmon top-up voucher worth S$9.80, which you can use on your next yu sheng purchase!


Valid from 5 Jan – 12 Feb 2017

30% off Grand Shanghai Yu Sheng with Citibank Cards

To order from Grand Shanghai is to feast upon the restaurant’s abundant history and keen expertise in classic Shanghainese cuisine.

What better way, then, to enjoy the venerable establishment’s heritage than with a take-home Prosperity Yu Sheng platter. And with a generous 30% discount for Citibank cardmembers, celebrating this Lunar New Year is a prosperous affair indeed.  

The Promotion

Get 30% off the price of your takeaway Yu Sheng when you pay with a Citibank credit card.


Prosperity Yu Sheng (with Salmon or White Bait)
Small – S$55
Large – S$98

Availability and Other Details

Ordering period: From now till 11 Feb
Collection period: From now till 10 Feb
Lead time: 1 day

Grand Shanghai by Grand Copthorne Waterfront
Address: 390 Havelock Road, Level 1 King’s Centre, Singapore 169662
Email: restaurant@grandshanghai.com.sg
Tel: 6836 6866

5% Off Soup Restaurant Yu Sheng with OCBC Cards

With outlets located all across the island, Soup Restaurant is a convenient choice for takeaway Yu Sheng.

The restaurant chain offers a classic take on the beloved dish, with colourful shredded vegetables and traditional seasonings of oil, pepper, spice powder and plum sauce.

The only concession to modern tastes is the replacement of salmon with the more traditional ikan parang. But if you (or the elders) have a craving for that ‘Old World restaurant’ taste, opt for the version with added jellyfish.

The Promotion

Soup Restaurant also offers a Reunion Takeaway set, which includes Salmon Yu Sheng, along with Samsui Ginger Chicken, Lobster Seafood Treasure Pot, and Double-boiled Rice with 8 Gems.

The prices for the set is at S$298 (for 6 pax) and S$388 (for 8 pax).

OCBC 365 CreditCard-no bgANZ Optimum World Mastercard

From now until 13 Jan, book this set with the OCBC 365 Credit Card to receive a 5% discount. However, you must use the hotline – tel: 6645 9345 – to qualify.


Salmon Yu Sheng
Medium (6 pax) – S$30.80
Large (10 pax) – S$42.80

Salmon Yu Sheng with Jellyfish
Medium (6 pax) – S$36.80
Large (10 pax) – S$48.80

Availability and Other Details

Ordering period: Now till 26 Jan 2017
Collection period: 9 Jan to 11 Feb 2017 (Collection on 27 Jan is available from 2pm to 4pm only.)
Takeaway order hotline: 6645 9345


10% Off Peach Garden Yu Sheng with OCBC Cards

Peach Garden’s Salmon Yu Sheng is a real treat, and one you can enjoy at 10% off with your OCBC credit card! A colorful tray of shredded carrot, radish, and vegetables, is drizzled with yusheng oil and sweet sauce, then finally topped with golden crackers and salmon. You can get fresh salmon with your yusheng if you self-collect at any of their outlets. For deliveries, smoked salmon will be provided.


Salmon Yu Sheng for 5-8 pax – S$104.86 nett
Salmong Yu Sheng for 8-10 pax – S$65.48 nett

Ordering period: Now till 11 February 2017

Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

If you’re hankering for the authentic Old World style Yu Sheng – made with Ikan Parang that go from translucent to opaque white as you marinate it with lime juice and oil – then you’ll want to keep Dragon Phoenix Restaurant on your radar.

The restaurant is founded by one of the 4 original creators of Yu Sheng dish, so it’s no wonder that they’re proudly sticking to tradition.

Besides the original version, there are also Salmon and Abalone varieties, in case not everyone wants to walk down memory lane with you.

But we all know the real crowd pleaser is the crispy savoury biscuit chips, and Dragon Phoenix Restaurant wisely has an option for you to add extra at S$2 per plate. Guys, these people know their stuff.

One more reason to keep them on speed dial: if you get a particularly severe craving for Yu Sheng (very common around this time of the year, don’t worry), Dragon Phoenix Restaurant needs only 1 hour advance notice for Yu Sheng takeaways.


Original Yu Sheng (for 6 pax)
Additional Ikan Parang: S$7
Additional Crackers: S$2

Salmon Yu Sheng (for 6 pax)
Additional Salmon: S$9
Additional Crackers: S$2

Abalone Yu Sheng (for 6 pax)
Additional Salmon: S$11
Additional Crackers: S$2

Availability and Other Details

Ordering period: Now till 11 Feb 2017
Collection period: 13 Jan to 11 Feb 2017 (Collection on 27 Jan is available from 11am to 5pm only.)

Address and Contact number:

  • CLASSIC: 177A River Valley Road, Liang Court (Level 6) – Tel: 6339 3368
  • GRAND: 131 Rifle Range Road, Block 2 (Level 2) – Tel: 6463 3628
  • CONTEMPO: 2 Netheravon Road, #04-03 Sports Hub – Tel: 6542 1711
Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

15% off Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant Yu Sheng with UOB Cards

For a truly decadent Yu Sheng experience, try the Alaskan King Crab Yu Sheng from Li Bai restaurant, which pairs creamy and succulent crab meat with crunchy fresh vegetables and a piquant sauce.

If your family doesn’t fancy crab much, several other varieties are available for selection. These include Lobster, Abalone, Salmon and Ikan Parang. Those avoiding meat in their diets need not feel left out of the festivities – there’s also a vegetarian version you can take home.

The Promotion

Pay with a UOB credit card to get 15% discount on your takeaway Yu Sheng order. Try using the UOB PRVI Miles World MasterCard card, so you can earn air miles on your spending – every S$1 spent gets you 1.4 miles.


Alaskan Crab Yu Sheng Platter
Small – S$138
Large – S$260

Lobster Yu Sheng Platter
Small – S$128
Large – S$238

Abalone Yu Sheng Platter
Small – S$93
Large – S$168

Salmon Yu Sheng Platter
Small – S$62
Large – S$108

Ikan Parang Yu Sheng Platter
Small – S$62
Large – S$108

Vegetarian Yu Sheng Platter
Small – S$55
Large – S$88

Availability and Other Details

Ordering period: Now till 9 Feb 2017
Collection period: 11 Jan to 11 Feb 2017
Order lead time: 2 days

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, Sheraton Towers Singapore
Address: 39 Scotts Road, Singapore 228230
Email: libai@sheratonsingapore.com
Tel: 6839 5623

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

10% off Carousel Restaurant Yu Sheng with Major Credit Cards

Go for a local twist this Chinese Lunar Year with Carousel’s dramatic-sounding Rice of the Phoenix. Inspired by Singapore’s very own Chicken Rice, this unique Yu Sheng dish features lobster sashimi, crispy chicken rice puffs, chicken bakkwa, boneless chicken feet, garlic chilli, green ginger sauce, with ginger flower-lime leaves sauce and chicken oil to bring it all together.

Beside the playful-sounding concoction, Carousel also offers more mainstream takes on Yu Sheng, such as Salmon, Tuna and Abalone varieties.

And to help you with your meal planning, the “small” size feeds 4 to 6 pax, and the “large”, 8 to 10 pax.

The Promotion

Order and pay with your credit card to receive 10% off your total bill. This offer is available to holders of credit cards from DBS/POSB, OCBC, UOB, Citibank and American Express.


Rice of the Phoenix Yu Sheng
Small (4 to 6 pax) – S$188
Large (8 to 10 pax) – S$218

Salmon Yu Sheng
Small (4 to 6 pax) – S$68
Large (8 to 10 pax) – S$98

Tuna Yu Sheng
Small (4 to 6 pax) – S$68
Large (8 to 10 pax) – S$98

Abalone Yu Sheng
Small (4 to 6 pax) – S$98
Large (8 to 10 pax) – S$138

Availability and Other Details

Ordering period: Now till 8 Feb 2017, 12nn
Collection period: 20 Jan to 11 Feb 2017
Order lead time: 3 days

Carousel Buffet, Royal Plaza on Scotts
Address: 25 Scotts Road, Singapore 228220
Email: gourmet@royalplaza.com.sg
Tel: 6589 7788

Earn Credit Card Rewards On Festive Spending

When you make your purchase, don’t forget to use a credit card to start earning rewards on your festive spend. Consider the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card, which gives you 1.2 miles for every S$1 spent. Unlike most air miles cards in Singapore, this credit card has a low minimum salary requirement of S$30,000 per annum.

You can also use a dining credit card to earn rebates on your yu sheng takeaway or your restaurant reunion dinner.

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