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Car Sharing Options In Singapore

Si Jie Lim

Si Jie Lim

Last updated 08 December, 2021

Want to enjoy the convenience of a car without the financial commitment of owning a car? You’re not alone. Good thing is, with car sharing platforms on the rise, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Singaporeans would unanimously agree that buying a car is one of the most expensive financial endeavours. With cars priced at six-figure digits, owning one easily sets you back by a few years (sometimes, a decade) in your pursuit for financial freedom. Luckily, the recent rise of car sharing platforms in Singapore has given us a viable option to enjoy the advantage of car ownership without the financial obligation that almost always comes attached. 

Last updated on 8 December 2021. Car sharing options, prices and promotions are subject to change without prior notice.

Car sharing options: How much does it cost?

CompanyFleet size/
Car sharing stations
Rental feeSubscription fee + commitment periodPetrolDriver Age
Tribe CarFleet size: 350

Number of car sharing stations: 350+
Super off-peak: S$4.28 per hour 
Off-peak: S$6.42 per hour
Peak: S$10.70 per hour

Daily (Mon-Thu): S$90.95
Daily (Fri-Sun): S$112.35

Late charges: S$10.70 for every 15 minutes
NAPay per use

Note: You will have to top up fuel and return fuel at any level so long as the fuel light does not come up. If the next hirer reports that the fuel light comes up, Tribe Car will deduct S$20-S$50 from your account
Between age 23 and 65

Drivers below 23 will be subjected to additional security deposit and 30% surcharge for booking
Car ClubFleet size: 280

Number of car sharing stations: 110+
Basic plan 
- Weekday: S$10-S$14 for first hour; S$2.50-S$3.50 for every subsequent 15 minutes 
- Weekend: S$11-S$15 for first hour; S$2.75-S$3.75 for every subsequent 15 minutes+ (distance charge) S$0.30-S$0.40 for each km driven

Value plan
- Weekday: S$9-S$13 for first hour; S$2.25-S$3.25 for every subsequent 15 minutes
- Weekend: S$10-S$14 for first hour; S$2.50-S$3.50 for subsequent 15 minutes+ (distance charge) S$0.20-S$0.30 for each km driven
Membership fee: S$10.70 per month
Registration fee: S$100

Commitment period
- Basic: None
- Value: Top up S$50 driving credit every month
Fuel included in fees

Fuel can be topped up for free using Esso Speedpass attached to the vehicle key

Note: User needs to return the vehicle with at least ¼ tank fuel
Min. age 22
BlueSGFleet size: 667

Number of car sharing stations: 360+
S$0.33 per minute

Premium plan comes with free 45 minutes’ drive per month
Subscription fee
- Basic: S$8 per month
- Premium: S$18 per month

Commitment period
Premium: 6 months
BlueSG uses electricity
At least aged 20 years old with a minimum of 1 year driving license
WhizzCarNumber of car sharing stations: 50+Standard plan: S$13-S$15.80 for first hour; S$5.97-S$7.37 for every subsequent 30 minutes + (distance charge) S$0.43 for every km driven
S$127.12-S$170.87 per day

Extra Value plan: S$10.86-S$14.50 for first hour; S$4.90-S$6.75 for every subsequent 30 minutes + (distance charge) S$0.43 for every km driven
$95.02-$140.33 per day

Whizz-Ezzy plan: S$16.90-S$20.54 for first hour; SS$7.76-S$9.58 for every subsequent 30 minutes + (distance charge) S$0.43 for every km driven
S$165.26-S$222.13 per day
Subscription fee
- Membership fee:
S$10.70 per month
- Registration fee: S$107

Commitment period
- Minimum 12 months for Standard, Extra Value membership

To attain the Extra Value membership, you will need a minimum usage charge of S$60 per month

Fuel included in fees

User has to refuel at any Esso petrol station using the Speedpass attached to the key 

Note: Petrol level needs to be above ½ tank when returned
Between age 21 and 68
Car LiteNAWeekday (12am to 5pm): S$1-S$2 for every 15 minutes; S$60 - S$83 per day

Other timings: S$1.60-S$2.80 for every 15 minutes; S$80-S$110 per day

Late charges: S$10 for every 15 minutes
NAPay per use

Note: Petrol level must be above ¼ tank when returned
Above age 22

For drivers less than 22 years of age and/or 2 years of driving experience, additional security deposit is required

Things to know about using car sharing services

While price is the primary factor that most people consider when using car sharing services, it isn’t the only one. There are other watchouts that need to be considered before making an informed decision. We’ve listed these out for you to take note of:

1. Safety deposit

The fees for car sharing services are fairly reasonable at a few dollars an hour. However, there’s the ‘hidden cost’ of a safety deposit that you’d need to place with the car sharing company. While the safety deposit is fully refundable upon cancellation of membership, it is an upfront cost that you need to consider.

CompanyTribe CarCar ClubBlueSGWhizzCarCar Lite
Safety DepositS$100

S$200 for drivers below age 23
S$100 for Singaporean/PR

S$200 for foreigner
-S$100 for Standard, Extra Value membership

S$200 for drivers below age 23
$200 for drivers below age 22 and/or 2 years driving experience 

2. Miscellaneous fees (ERP, carpark, petrol)

Another set of hidden costs of car rental could be miscellaneous fees like ERP, parking and petrol. Some (or all) of these fees have to be borne by you, depending on the car sharing platform you are renting from. And if you happen to be renting quite often, you could rake up a few hundreds of dollars from these miscellaneous fees alone. 

So, make sure you do your math before you decide to make your next car reservation on any car sharing platform.

3. Location and accessibility

The reason you want to use a car sharing service is because you want the convenience of having a car to drive around in. That’s why location and accessibility of the rental car’s location is important. It doesn’t make much of an economic sense if you end up having to take public transport or Grab to a faraway car station, just because you want to save on rental fees. 

So, before you rent a car, make sure to check where the nearest car station is located from your home.

4. Late penalty fees

Nobody sets out to be late. But we’re only human. Therefore, it is prudent to account for the financial penalties that will be charged to you when you are late in returning your rental car to the car station. 

How do you rent a car from a car sharing platform?

Once you’ve done all these important calculations and decided that car sharing is indeed the right option for you, the next step is to go ahead and rent a car (of course). 

Now, most car sharing platforms follow a five-step rental process:

  1. Apply for a membership on the car sharing platform
  2. Receive a smart pass (Car Club)/key fob (Car Club)/BlueSG card that is used to unlock the car
  3. Reserve a car online or via the mobile app
  4. Collect your rental car at the car station. You can unlock the car via the app or the key provided by the company
  5. Return the car to the car station before the end of your reservation period

Car sharing is a smart option for those who don’t drive often. It lets you enjoy the flexibility and convenience of a private car while helping you avoid owning a depreciating asset, thereby bringing you one step closer to financial freedom. 

To make car sharing even more worthwhile, try paying for it with a cashback credit card. You get rewarded every time you pay for your rental car. What’s not to like?

Don’t have a cashback credit card yet? Simply use our credit card comparison tool to find the best cashback credit card within minutes, and you might even get rewarded with cash and prizes*.

*Rewards may change at any time. Terms and conditions apply.

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