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Compare Pet Insurance (2024): AIA, CIMB, Aon, & Liberty

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

Last updated 05 June, 2023

Let’s be real, having a furry friend comes with a lot of responsibilities and costs. Luckily, pet insurance can shoulder some of these costs while safeguarding your pet. Let’s compare four great pet insurance plans to help you find out the best one for you. 

Not only does your pet need regular check-ups, but you must also anticipate medical treatments in case of accidents, injuries, or illnesses (touch wood). The financial burden may impact the quality of your pet’s life. 

This is where pet insurance comes in. With a handful of pet insurance options, we’ve created a comparison between AIA, CIMB, Aon, and Liberty to help you make a smart decision. 

Why do you need pet insurance in Singapore?

Pet insurance protects your pet and your wallet. It could be stressful if you’re unable to cover the cost of a potentially life-saving treatment as prices of emergency procedures range from S$600 or more (for tumour removals) to over $1,000 (for urinary stone removals). 

Did you know that some dog breeds are more susceptible to illnesses such as cancer, hip dysplasia, and patellar luxation? Meanwhile, cats can also suffer from feline lower urinary tract disease, diabetes, and more.

There’s no way to predict whether these diseases will manifest in your pet, so it’s wise to safeguard them with insurance.

What does pet insurance cover

Generally, pet insurance in Singapore covers accidental injury or death, vet costs due to accidents or illnesses, loss of pet due to theft, third-party liability, and more. 

Some pet insurance providers have exclusions for certain dog breeds, working or breeding dogs, and pets with pre-existing conditions. Nonetheless, there will always be a pet insurance plan suited to your pet’s needs and your budget. 

Comparing pet insurance in Singapore

To help you find the perfect pet insurance for your furry friend, we’re comparing AIA Paw Safe, CIMB My Paw Pal Pet, Aon Pet Insurance (HappyTails for dogs and HappyTails Purrfect for cats), and Liberty PetCare.

Assuming your pet is a one-year-old mixed breed dog or domestic short-haired cat, here are things to take note of.

Description  AIA Paw Safe Aon HappyTails Pet Insurance CIMB My Paw Pal Pet Liberty PetCare
Eligibility - Dogs

- 3 months to 7 years old

- Licenced
-Dogs (HappyTails) & cats (HappyTails Purrfect)

-16 weeks old to 9 years old

- Vaccinated and microchipped

- Pet needs to undergo clinical examination before or within 30 days of start of policy

- Guide dogs and emotional therapy dogs are eligible 
- Cats and dogs

- 12 weeks to 7 years old

- Dogs need to be licensed with AVS

- Microchipped

- Fully vaccinated

- Neutered/spayed 
- Cats and dogs

- 8 weeks to 9 years old

- Microchipped

- Lives with you
Exclusions - Mastiff, bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, pit bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, Argentina dog, Canary dog, American bulldog, or dogs crossed with any of these breeds and/or wolves

- Pre-existing conditions

- Congenital defects
- Animals used for breeding

- Pre-existing conditions

- Clinical examination for insurance enrolment

- Non-surgical treatment or preventive care

- Spay/neuter
- Working dog

s- Pre-existing conditions  
- Working or breeding dogs

- Pre-existing conditions

- Hip/elbow dysplasia 
Coverage - Accidental death

- Cremation and/or burial fees due to accident

- Vet fees due to an accident

- Loss of dog due to theft

- Third-party liability
- Clinical and surgery benefits

- Prescribed medications

- Post-surgery follow-up treatments

- Surgical implants

- Chemotherapy benefits

- Euthanasia, cremation, and funeral benefits

- Third-party liability
- Accidental injury and/or death

- Cremation and/or burial fees due to an accident

- Vet fees due to an accident

Add on:
Option A:
Loss of dog due to theft (not available for cats)

Option B:
- Vet fees due to illness
- Cremation and/or burial fees due to illness
- Accidental death

- Vet cost for accidental injury and/or illnesses

- Loss of dog due to theft

- Third-party liability
Tiers and premiums (annual) Microchipped: S$79.49

Not microchipped: S$84.58
Cats: S$280.19

Three tiers (dogs):

Fur: S$304.04

Furry: S$369.19

Furball: S$434.35
Basic cover: S$87.74

Add on:

Option A: S$32.10

Option B: S$321
Three tiers:

Standard: S$350

Enhanced: S$450

Superior: S$750 
Assuming your pet is a one-year-old mixed breed dog or domestic short-haired cat.

Which pet insurance should you choose?

Choosing a pet insurance depends on your budget and your preferred coverage. Here are a few scenarios to help you choose. 

AIA Paw Safe: cheapest option for accident coverage

The cheapest pet insurance plan in this list is the AIA Paw Safe at just under S$80 per year (S$6.67 per month). This plan covers accidental death and vet fees due to accidents. 

Hence, if your dog has shown a history of bolting even with proper training, this insurance plan may be for you. 

Benefits Coverage
Accidental death S$1,000 or purchase price (whichever is lower)
Vet fees due to accident Up to S$1,000 ($150 deductible per claim)
Cremation or burial due to death by accident Up to S$250
Loss of dog due to theft S$1,000 or purchase price (whichever is lower) ($250 deductible per claim)
3rd party liability Up to S$1,000,000 ($1,000 deductible per claim)

Do note that this plan mainly protects your dog in the event of accidental death, and doesn’t cover illnesses. This plan is also only for dogs, capped at two dogs per household with one policy per dog. This plan’s deductible is quite similar to Aon’s Happytail plan.

CIMB My Paw Pal: affordable accident and third-party liability coverage, but pricey add-ons for illnesses 

CIMB My Paw Pal pet insurance offers coverage for accidental death or injury with an optional cover for illnesses. No medical examination and reports required for application. 

Benefits Coverage
Accidental death $1,500
Vet fees due to accident Up to $1,500 per year
Cremation or burial due to accidental death  Up to $300
Third-party liability Up to $250,000
Add on: Option A (+$32.10): Loss of dog due to theft
Option B (+$321): Vet fees due to illness. Cremation or burial due to illness

Option A: Up to $1,500Option B: Up to $1,500 per year (includes basic plan)Up to $300 per year (includes basic plan)

At only S$87.74 a year, this plan is affordable if you only want to cover accidental death and injury coverage. However, if you choose to add riders for illnesses, it will total S$408.74 a year.

Aon HappyTails: affordable insurance with coverage for illnesses

If you’re looking for affordable pet insurance that covers procedures for illnesses, Aon Happytails’ three tiers for dogs cost S$304.04, S$369.19, and S$434.35 annually for a one year old mixed breed dog.

Benefits Fur  Furry  Furball 
Total Claimable Policy Amount (Annually) $3,500 $7,500 $12,500
Clinical and surgical S$2,500
Room and Board: S$250

Post Surgical Treatment: S$150

Room and Board: S$600

Post Surgical Treatment: S$300

Room and Board: S$1,000

Post Surgical Treatment: S$500
Chemotherapy S$1,000 S$1,500 S$2,500
Euthanasia, cremation, funeral service - S$250 S$250
3rd party liability S$100,000 S$250,000 S$500,000
Co-insurance 20% - Dogs enrolled before 4 years old

30% - Dogs enrolled before 7 years old

40% - Dogs enrolled before 9 years old
20% - Dogs enrolled before 4 years old

30% - Dogs enrolled before 7 years old

40% - Dogs enrolled before 9 years old
20% - Dogs enrolled before 4 years old

30% - Dogs enrolled before 7 years old

40% - Dogs enrolled before 9 years old
Deductible S$250 S$250 S$250

For cat owners, HappyTails Purrfect Plan costs S$280.19 annually for a one year old domestic shorthair cat.

Benefits Annual coverage S$5,000
Clinical and surgical S$3,800

Room and Board: S$380

Post Surgical Treatment: S$200
Chemotherapy S$1,200
Euthanasia, cremation, funeral service S$250
3rd party liability S$250,000
Coinsurance 20% - Cats enrolled before 4 years old

30% - Cats enrolled before 7 years old

40% - Cats enrolled before 9 years old
Deductible S$250

With HappyTails, you must consider co-insurance and deductibles on top of initial vet costs or third-party liability claims. It has a No Claim Discount, meaning there will be a discount on the following year’s premium if no claim was made for a year.

Period  of insurance Year of inception 1st renewal 2nd renewal 3rd and subsequent renewals
Discount 0% 5% 10% 15%

Liberty PetCare: the most comprehensive pet insurance plan

Liberty PetCare is a pricey yet very comprehensive pet insurance plan in Singapore. With plans starting from S$350 to S$750 annually, their coverage includes the following. 

Benefits Co-insurance Deductible Standard Plan benefit per incident Enhanced Plan benefit per incident Superior Plan benefit per incident
Accidental death - - S$1,000 S$2,000 S$3,000
Accidental injury - S$50 S$500 S$750 S$3,000
Loss of dog due to theft (not applicable to cats) - - S$300 S$500 S$1,250
Illness (non-surgical treatment) 50% - S$1,500 S$750 S$3,000
Illness (surgical treatment 30% - S$1,500 S$2,000 S$10,000
3rd party liability - S$500 S$100,000 S$250,000 S$500,000

Liberty's PetCare Standard Plan (S$350 annually) is still cheaper than CIMB Paw Pal’s plan with add-on (S$408.74), and yet both have similar coverage.  

Similar to HappyTails, Liberty PetCare also has a No Claim Discount.

Period  of insurance 1st renewal 2nd renewal 3rd renewal
Discount 5% 10% 15%

Your furry companion deserves the best life you can give it. Insuring your pet gives you peace of mind. In case anything happens, you’ll be able to take care of your pet without worrying about the unforeseen costs.

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