Million Dollar HDB Home: What’s The Hype All About?

Marissa Saini

Marissa Saini

Last updated 11 May, 2021

Million dollar HDB flats are currently in the spotlight. This might come on the back of rising prices, construction delays and possible wave of property cooling measures on the horizon.

Depending on where you stand on the matter, spending over a million dollars on a resale HDB flat might either be a ludicrous notion or make total sense.

Based on recent headlines, buyer sentiments might point to the latter. 

In April 2021, a record total of 21 million-dollar flats were sold in the span of one month, adding to a total of 74 million-dollar flats sold this year alone. This is especially high considering that transaction prices showed an upward trend for ten consecutive months. 

Why do buyers pay top dollar on a HDB flat over a similarly priced condo?

Reasons why million-dollar flats are in demand

Property cooling measures (both present and future)

Those keeping their ears to the ground might have caught wind that cooling measures may hit the private housing market sometime in the near future. While nothing’s concrete at the point of writing, it’s substantial enough to steer folks towards the resale HDB market.

It’s worth noting that when the last wave of cooling measures came into effect back in July 2018, bank loan LTV was lowered from 80% to 75% (assuming the buyer has no outstanding home loan). Consequently, this increased the initial down payment to 25%.

BTO construction delays 

Yes, the wait to get the keys to your BTO may have gotten a little longer. Due to the shortage of labour, BTOs are seeing widespread construction delays that could stretch up to a year or more. To avoid being one of the many disappointed couples left in the lurch, the resale market might just be the ticket you need to get out of your in-law’s place.

Hefty condo downpayment

As HDB prices rise, condo prices are also trending upwards. Younger couples (especially first-time home buyers) may not have the cash on hand to comfortably afford the 25% down payment required.

For example, a low-range S$1.2 million condo unit will typically entail a S$300,000 down payment, of which 5% or S$60,000 must be paid in cash.

In comparison, buying a HDB flat with a 10% down payment that can be paid via CPF is a lot more forgiving.

What are the makings of a million-dollar flat?

Million-dollar flats are more than just buzzwords - they also happen to have a combination of winning features that bring all the buyers to the yard with 7-figure offers. Here are some of them in case you’re on the lookout (or secretly hoping that your flat belongs in this category).

High floor

Most of the time, the higher the floor, the higher the selling price — that is, if the flat boasts panoramic views and practically sells itself. Views from certain sky-high (think: over 40 storeys) HDB flats can now rival that of private properties. Flats that are perched high enough and display expansive views of the CBD skyline or the sea are also known to fetch over S$1 million.

Rare flat types

Scarcity is also another major reason buyers willingly shell out the big bucks. Spacious maisonettes and jumbo flats are a godsend for multi-generational families. However, they are not as widely available and are considered ancient compared to newly MOP flats. This is probably why the aforementioned flat types come at a significant premium if you manage to snag one.

Prime location

HDB flats that fetch million-dollar prices are usually situated in central locations that are in close proximity to the CBD. Ditto if they’re also a short stroll from the nearest MRT station. They also tend to be found in more mature estates such as Bishan, Ang Mo Kio and Clementi.

One example would be the poster child of ‘premium’ HDB projects, AKA The Pinnacle @ Duxton located in Tanjong Pagar. This development is certainly no stranger to million-dollar transactions, with over 40 units (and counting) sold.

Newly MOP

Units that are fresh off their five-year MOP are also a huge pull for buyers as they have a long way to go in fulfilling their 99-year lease. This is especially attractive if you plan to put it on the market again one day.

However, lease decay does not always deter buyers. In June 2020, a jumbo flat made headlines when it was sold for S$1.03 million despite its 59-year balance lease.

Buying a million-dollar HDB flat vs S$800k condo: Which one makes more money sense? 

To compare between the two housing options, let’s break down the costs of buying a 5-room resale HDB flat versus a condo.

S$1m HDB flatMore square footage
Smaller 10% down payment
Lower conservancy charges (< S$100)
Lower mortgage repayments
Lower legal fees
Lower stamp duties
High floor, mature estate
Minimal (or even zero) facilities
Appreciates slower
S$800k condominium unitWide range of premium facilities
Appreciates faster
Less square footage
Hefty 25% down payment
Higher conservancy charges (> S$200)
Higher mortgage repayments
Higher legal fees
Higher stamp duties
Wide range of premium facilities
Mid floor, far flung district

Let’s assume that: 

  • The HDB flat was bought at S$1,000,000 using a HDB concessionary loan while the condo was bought at S$800,000 with a bank loan
  • HDB concessionary loan is pegged at 90% LTV and bank loan is pegged at 75% LTV
  • HDB is acting for you in your flat purchase and your down payment is paid fully via your CPF savings
  • Legal fees add up to about S$2,000 to buy the condo

Loan amount:

  • For HDB = S$1,000,000 x 90% = S$900,000
  • For condo =  S$800,000 x 75% = S$600,000

Cost of downpayment:

  • For HDB = S$1,000,000 x 10% = S$100,000 (can be paid via CPF or cash or both)
  • For condo = S$800,000 x 25% = S$200,000 (of which 5% or S$40,000 must be paid in cash)

Total Buyer Stamp Duty (BSD) payable:

  • For condo = S$1,800 + S$3,600 + S$13,200 = S$18,600
Purchase price or market value of the residential propertyBSD rates (on or after 20 Feb 2018)Amount
First S$180,0001%S$180,000 x 1% = S$1,800
Next S$180,0002%S$180,000 x 2% = S$3,600
Next S$640,0003%S$440,000 x 3% = S$13,200

Total cash outlay needed to buy a HDB flat = Resale application administrative fee + Processing fee for Request for Value + Fire Insurance + Caveat fee + Title search fee = S$80 + S$120 + S$7.13 + S$64.45 + S$32 =  S$303.58

Total cash outlay needed to buy a condo = 5% Down payment + BSD + Legal fees = S$40,000 + S$18,600 + S$2,000 = S$60,600


Buying a property is no small matter. Whether it’s a HDB flat or a condo, the route you take should ultimately depend on why you’re buying the property in the first place.

If you’re buying it purely as a home to plant your roots and grow a family, the more affordable option will give you more room in your budget and significantly less financial strain down the road. 

However if you see your property as a nest egg that you’ll eventually sell off and downsize to a smaller home in your sunset years, perhaps the better option would be to buy private property as they tend to appreciate faster than their HDB counterparts.

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