3 Incredible Adventures in Australia that are Now Under S$400

Ryan Ong

Ryan Ong

Last updated 10 July, 2015
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Rejoice adventure lovers, the value of AUD$1 is now almost on par with SGD$1--it’s time to go on the adventure you’ve been craving for.

The value of AUD$1 has been steadily approaching that of SGD$1 over the past few months, and today, they have almost reached parity. The Australian dollar has never been cheaper--you’ll get about 10% more AUD than you would last year.

It’s not going to stop there. Experts have predicted that it will only get cheaper.

Now might just be the best time to head down under on a holiday and embark on one of those fantastic adventures Australia is oh-so-famous for.

Here are some of our favourite activities that you couldn’t have done with SGD$400 last year (prices are based on exchange rate on 10 July 2015):

1. Yarra Valley Hot Air Ballooning with Champagne Breakfast

Hot air balloon adventures in Australia

What’s better than visiting a vineyard? Flying over a vineyard on a hot air balloon, of course.

Yarra Valley, one of the most famous vineyards in Australia, is a sight to behold from above. And even though it’s a few hours’ drive from Melbourne city, you’ll be able to see the skyline when you’re on the hot air balloon.

The Yarra Valley Hot Air Balloon tour starts with a ride in the hot air balloon at dawn, just in time for you to catch the sunrise. And the best part of this tour is the champagne breakfast at the vineyard after landing.

Transport to and fro Melbourne city is included in the package.

Cost: AUD$395/SGD$398.90 per person

Location: Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

2. Skydive Cairns (The Great Barrier Reef)

Adventures in Australia - Sky Diving

When you’re 4,200 metres from the ground, you can see for miles around you. But when you’re 4,200 metres above the Great Barrier Reef, you can see the ocean, the barrier reefs beneath, and the pale shore it washes up to. There’s nothing dreamier than skydiving in one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Skydiving in tandem--jumping off a plane with an expert instructor attached to the back of you--is the perfect introduction to skydiving if it’s your first time and you’re pumping for an adrenaline surge.

Skydive Cairns provide a round-trip transportation from your accommodation in Cairns to the skydiving center.

Cost: AUD$334/SGD$336.65 per person

Location: The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

3. Green Island Scenic Helicopter Flight by GBR Helicopters

Adventures in Australia - Helicopter Flight

If you didn’t get enough from skydiving in the Great Barrier Reef (and trust us, you won’t), you can sign up for a helicopter tour around Green Island with GBR Helicopters.

Green Island, the crown jewel of the reef, will take your breath away. Instead of just exploring the reefs on foot, why not rent a helicopter and observe them from the sky instead? While corals are no doubt beautiful close up, you will be amazed by how enthralling they look as a whole from a top down view.

At least two people are required for this activity, so it’s definitely an ideal getaway for a romantic getaway for couples.

Cost: 20 minutes for AUD$299/SGD$301.40; 30 minutes for AUD$399/SGD$402.20

Location: Green Island, Queensland, Australia

Save More Money

Sweeten your Australian adventures by signing up for an ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card before you book your flight.

Not only does the card give you 2.8 miles for every dollar spent on your air tickets if you fly via Qantas or Jetstar, you will also get the same for every dollar spent on retail shopping anywhere in Australia. That’s double the miles you get for every dollar spent locally.

Assuming you spent SGS$6,000 on your Australia getaway with your family, you would have accumulated 16,800 miles, equivalent to one round trip ticket to Bali.

Or check out our free comparison tools help you find the best air miles credit card.

Photo Credit: WotifSkydive Cairns, GBR Helicopters

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