4 Best Apps in Singapore for Freebies And Perks

Alexa Fang
Last updated Oct 06, 2017

apps for getting savings and perks

Switch to these apps and you never have to mess with paper loyalty cards ever again.

Something needs to be done about those loyalty/rewards cards they give out at restaurants and boutiques.

You know, those cards that make you collect stamps in order to redeem a goodie or a freebie? Has those ever worked for you? Most of the time, we either lose them, misplace them or forget we even have them. There are so many!

And for ladies, what happens when we change our bags? We inevitably leave a few things in the other bag. So no, dear waiter, we do not have the card with us today. And we are missing out on two stamps, dang it.

What’s a loyal customer to do? Turn to apps instead, that’s what. First of all, we always have our phones on us. Secondly, going paperless could be good for business — and trees.

These apps get our stamp of approval. Check them out.

nandos chicken reward app
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Nando’s gets it. We are done playing hide and seek with all of our loyalty cards. With the Nando’s app, we can now eat our chicken and have our rewards, too — all at your (greasy) fingertips.

All you have to do is, as Nando’s puts it, “eat chicken and collect Chillis” in their “Peri-vilege Loyalty Program”. Every time you dine at Nando’s, you earn one “chilli point” for every S$20 spent.

And with every third, sixth and ninth “chilli point” earned, you will get a free chicken — quarter, half and whole, respectively. More awesomeness awaits. Terms and conditions apply. Download the app and start munching on delicious chicken.


Perx claims to be the Number One rewards app in Singapore.

It’s a simple and convenient way of earning rewards such as a free lunch through points, chops or stamps from more than 200 merchants including Watsons, Sasa, SaladStop, Tigerair and Resorts World Sentosa.

That’s not all — you can also connect your EZ-Link card in one easy step and collect points every time you hop on a train or bus. Get more details or download the app here.

starbucks reward app

My Starbucks Rewards

Oh Starbucks! How many times have they saved your day?

Better yet, with your caffeine fix comes a chockfull of rewards with the Starbucks rewards app. But other than earning Stars and rewards to get a free beverage on them, there’s so much you can do on the app that makes life so much easier.

You could pay for coffee and cake with your phone, reload your card, register for a new account, add new Starbucks cards, get messages on the latest promotions, send eGift cards to someone you love, locate your nearest Starbucks and check out the menu.

All with just a few taps.


Poket describes itself as “your ticket to thousands of attractive vouchers, rewards and loyalty cards to the best places to shop and dine”.

What can you do with the app? Discover new places to eat, shop and play; claim exclusive offers and promotions; accumulate points to redeems rewards at your favourite hangouts; send vouchers to your BFFs, and say goodbye to days of losing or forgetting all your rewards cards.

They also boast an expansive list of merchants spanning seven countries. They include MOF, Safra, En Dining, Tampopo Deli, Far East Organisation and more. Check it out here.

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