How Much Can You Get From Trading In Your Old Phone in Singapore?

Emma Lam

Emma Lam

Last updated 29 September, 2022

Thinking of upgrading to a new phone model soon? Compared to simply storing or selling your phone, here are some reasons why it might be more worth it to trade in your old phone instead.

On average, the typical usage lifespan of a phone is around two years. But with new Apple and Android models released every year, the temptation to upgrade each time becomes harder to resist. Especially with the recent iPhone 14 launch, there’s been a lot of hype and talk deliberating whether it’s worth the purchase or not.

Notwithstanding that, the advent of SIM-only no-contract phone plans has risen to prominence over the last couple of years. Many people see less appeal in locking into phone contracts and prefer the flexibility and convenience of SIM-only plans instead. These plans offer the same, if not better, plan options and data coverage than fixed mobile contracts.

So whenever a phone is due for an upgrade, many opt to sell or trade it in to earn that extra bit of cash to fund buying a new flagship. Curious to know your options? In this article, we’ll explore more about phone trade-ins and the best retailers offering competitive prices in Singapore.

Disclaimer: Last updated on 23 September 2022. Price quotations are subject to change at any time, even within the same day itself. Please contact or inquire directly with the respective retailers for more accurate prices and deduction details where applicable.

Overview: Best retailers to trade in or sell your phone, tablets & other devices in Singapore 2022

Before we dive into the specifics, here’s a brief rundown of the different retailers and their offer rates available in Singapore to trade in both used and new mobile devices. Devices here generally refer to phones, tablets, Bluetooth wireless earphones, and others.

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Retailer Brand Used device trade-in value New device trade-in value
Red White Mobile Apple, Google Pixel, Huawei, One Plus, Oppo, Realme, Samsung Apple: S$100 to S$1,380
Google Pixel: S$50 to S$370
Huawei: S$60 to S$1,520
One Plus: S$30 to S$570
Oppo: S$50 to S$920
Realme: S$80, S$100
Samsung: S$70 to S$1,670
Apple: S$380 to S$2,680
Huawei: S$840, S$1,270, S$1,820
Oppo: S$320 to S$1,070
Mister Mobile Apple, Oppo, Google Pixel, Huawei, One Plus, Razer, Samsung, Xiaomi  Apple: S$40 to S$1,420
Google Pixel: S$60 to S$300
Huawei: S$60 to S$560
One Plus: S$60 to S$580
Oppo: S$70 to S$930
Razer: S$130, S$180
Samsung: S$10 to S$1,680
Xiaomi: S$50 to S$420
Buyback (not trade-in) prices*
S$120 to S$2,760

Samsung: S$50 to S$1,860
Oppo: S$310 to S$1,120
WhyMobile Apple, Google Pixel, Huawei, Nothing Phone, One Plus, Oppo, Samsung Apple: S$80 to S$1,320
Google Pixel: S$130 to S$700
Huawei: S$100 to S$550

Nothing Phone: S$350, S$450, S$520
One Plus: S$180 to S$720
Oppo: S$250 to S$750
Samsung: S$80 to S$1,520
Apple: S$170 to S$2,780
Huawei: S$800
Xiaomi: S$400, S$550, S$950
Nothing Phone: S$520, S$610, S$690
Oppo: S$410 to S$1,000
Samsung: S$70 to S$1,860
GW Mobile Apple, Google Pixel,  Huawei, Nothing Phone, One Plus, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, Apple: S$200 to S$2,600
Google Pixel: S$140 to S$970
Huawei: S$120 to S$650
Nothing Phone: S$550
One Plus: S$240 to S$660
Oppo: S$60 to S$1,300
Samsung: S$40 to S$1,700
Vivo: S$50 to S$400
Xiaomi: S$170. S$210, S$220
Apple: S$630 to S$2,760
Huawei: S$820, S$1,400
Nothing Phone: S$690
Oppo: S$590 to S$1,160
One Plus: S$810
Samsung: S$160 to S$1,880
Vivo: S$180 to S$720
Xiaomi: S$250, S$310, S$330
*Deductions only apply if the device is being traded in. The buyback price is not deducted for pure reselling.

What is a mobile device/phone trade-in?

In the simplest term, a mobile phone trade-in refers to selling your device to a retailer/reseller at corresponding trade-in values determined by them. In turn, this converted cash value is for you to use towards buying a new device at the same retailer.

So think of it as using your old, used device to pay forward your new one.

These rates are subjective to the individual retailer, with initial price quotes based on market estimations and actual valuations further quoted during the site inspection itself. Factors affecting the device’s final valuation include cosmetic defects, length of remaining warranty, availability, and condition of original accessories and original packaging.

How does a mobile device/phone trade-in work?

These retailers require customers to bring their entire device’s set down to their location to assess its true quality and resale value. This cash earned from selling off your phone, tablet or earphone can subsequently fund your next brand new device’s purchase.

Other than walk-ins, some retailers provide either a pickup service or prepaid return/shipping label to collect your trade-in device on your behalf. This streamlines the trade-in process, making it more convenient and efficient.

But if you don’t opt for a third-party retailer like the aforementioned ones, trading in through your device’s own manufacturer or your wireless carrier is feasible too.

💡 Pro-tip: Some older phone models might not be accepted for trade-ins. For example, Apple’s trade-in policy has a limit on how far back a model is permitted, not including any model before the iPhone 6 model.

Things to know before a mobile device/phone trade-in

Before proceeding with your trade-in though, there are some key pointers to take note of.

  1. Trade-ins mean exchanging your used or new device for another new device at the retailer’s shop. Some shops will physically exchange it for money while others won’t, and instead directly count it towards your new device’s purchase. 
  2. Deductions apply differently depending on whether it’s a used or new device. For used devices, deductions are typically based on their physical conditions. For new devices, deductions are typically based on closed/open set, colour, or if the warranty has been activated or not.
  3. In general, a device is considered new if it’s unused, not charged or tested prior. All accessories must be found in the original box. Warranty must have also been activated three days ago or less. Negotiations (and less deductions) might be possible for some retailers.
  4. The device must not have been repaired before as these modifications affect the final trade-in value.
  5. Used devices must come with their original accessories. This pertains to the original box, charger, cables, adapters, memory cards, and earpiece set if applicable. Some retailers will reduce your device’s valuation per missing item.
  6. Certain colourways of iPhone models might be valued higher because of their rarity.
  7. The original printed or soft-copy receipt with the date and IMEI number is required for trade-ins and selling. NRIC or IC card is also required.
  8. Some retailers consider exchange sets from a local service centre as used sets.
  9. retailers highly recommend customers confirm and lock initial price valuations with them before heading down for the trade-in or selling.
  10. Prices are often valid for same-day transactions only. Prices are subject to change even within the same day.
  11. Device trade-in prices are usually only valid for transactions comprising less than three units. Anything above that would not be eligible for trade-in, only bulk resale price.
  12. The retailer shop has the final say in final trade-in or selling prices.
  13. If your device is faulty, you are encouraged to repair them before selling them. However, trade-in devices should ideally have not undergone any repair or modification to preserve their true value.

Did you know that you can buy insurance for your mobile phone?

Best retailers for mobile device trade-ins or reselling in Singapore 2022

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Disclaimer: The full, individual trade-in and buyback prices of each retailer can be found on their respective websites. These tables serve as a rough guide to assess their overall price ranges.

Red White Mobile

Red White Mobile offers a decent range of brands to trade in or sell your mobile device at. It offers a mid-range price tier and offers one of the most extensive lists of Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Airpods) and Samsung products (Galaxy Z, A series, S series, Note series) eligible for used trade-ins.

When trading in your device, customers won’t receive any money as part of the exchange. They’ll only receive a cash conversion upon selling it.

The only downside is that it only has one retail outlet to go to. But otherwise, it has a fairly central location in town, making it generally accessible.

Red White Mobile
Brand Eligible device models for trade-ins Used device trade-in value New device trade-in value
Apple iPad 9.7 (2018) onwards
iPad Pro 9.7 onwards
iPad Air 2 onwards
iPad Mini 4 onwards
iPhone 7 onwards
Apple Watch Series 5 onwards
Airpods 3 onwards
S$100 to S$1,380 S$380 to S$2,680
Google Pixel 3 onwards
Pixel 4 onwards
S$50 to S$370
Huawei Mate XS onwards Mate 20 onwards
Y6s onwards
Nova 5t, 7i, 7se
P20 onwards
S$60 to S$1,520 Mate XS 2: S$1,820
P50 Pro: S$840
P50 Pocket with Huawei Watch 3: S$1,270
One Plus One Plus 7 onwards
One Plus Nord onwards
S$30 to S$570
Oppo A5 onwards
Find X onwards
R15 onwards
Reno onwards
$50 to S$920 Find X3 Pro: S$770
Find X5 Pro: S$1,070
Reno 5z: S$320
Reno 7: S$470
Reno 7 Pro: S$600
Realme Realme 6, 6i S$80, S$100
Samsung Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Fold/Flip onwards
Axx series
Note 8 onwards
S8 onwards
Galaxy Buds
Tab A7/A8
Tab S7 onwards 
S$70 to S$1,670 S21 FE: S$720
S22 models: S$880 to S$1,470
Tab S7 FE LTE: S$550, S$620
Tab S8/S8 Ultra: S$800 to S$1,040 / S$1,520

Address: 420 North Bridge Road, #01-20 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727
Opening hours: 
11am to 9.30pm daily
+65 6735 4811 (Call) | +65 8668 4811 (Whatsapp)

Mister Mobile

Mister Mobile is another convenient retailer to consider reselling your devices at because it has over five outlets islandwide — City Plaza (Geylang), Hougang, Woodlands, Jurong East, and Chinatown.

In comparison to Red White Mobile, the variety of device exchanges are more limited. They only permit later models for device trade-ins. But on the plus side, Mister Mobile offers higher rates, which makes trading your devices (if eligible) more profitable and worthwhile in funding your next device purchase.

However, their rates come at S$10 or S$50 deductions depending on the condition of the phone, tablet, or earphones for trade-in.

For instance, an open set or activated iPhone model will incur a S$50 deduction on its overall value. Similarly, an open set or activated Samsung phone model will incur a S$10 deduction. 

Used devices for trade-ins are subjected to price deductions too for the following conditions:

  • No full set
  • Dent or scratch on device’s body
  • Scratch on screen

Forgot to bring your telco receipt, accessories, or box along? Fret not, your outstanding accessories can be returned at a later date. However, the full transaction sum will be withheld until returned.

Cash will also be immediately paid in full upon each phone trade-in transaction. 

The calculated deduction differs from product to product so it’s best to call ahead to clarify with Mister Mobile to avoid disappointment. All quoted deductions are final and there are no hidden charges to worry about. Price negotiations will be kept to a minimum.

For specific deduction penalties, please refer to their rates directly. 

Mister Mobile
Brand Eligible device models for trade-ins Used device trade-in value New device trade-in value
Apple iPad 9.7 (2018) onwards
iPad Pro 9.7 onwards
iPad Air 2 onwards
iPad Mini 4 onwards
iPhone 7 onwards
Apple Watch Series 5 onwards
Airpods 3 onwards
S$40 to S$1,620 S$120 to S$2,760
Google Pixel models
Razer phone models
Pixel: S$60
Pixel XL: S$70, S$80
Pixel 2/2 XL: S$90, S$110 / S$90
Pixel 3/3 XL: S$120, S$150 / S$190, $220
Pixel 3A: S$100
Pixel 4/4 XL: S$220 / S$240, S$300
Pixel 4A: S$200
Razer Phone: S$130
Razer Phone 2: S$180
Huawei Nova 2 Lite onwards
P20 onwards
Mate 20 onwards
S$60 to S$560
One Plus One Plus 3 onwards
One Plus Nord series
One Plus N10, N100 models
S$60 to S$580
Oppo AX5 onwards
A57 onwards
A73 onwards
F1S onwards
R9 onwards
Reno 7 onwards
Find X3 Pro onwards
S$70 to S$930 Reno 7: S$460
Reno 7z: S$410
Reno 7 Pro: S$600
Reno 8: S$600
Reno 8 Pro: S$780
Reno 5z: S$310
Find X3 Pro: S$750
Find X5 Pro: S$1,120
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 onwards
Galaxy Z Flip 3 onwards
A33, A53 models
S21 Fe, S22 onwards
Galaxy Buds models
S$240 to S$1,680 Galaxy Z Fold 3: S$1,440 to S$1,540
Galaxy Z Fold 4: S$1,740 to S$1,860

Galaxy Z Flip 3: S$750, S$830
Galaxy Z Flip 4: S$1,050 to S$1,260
A33: S$310
A53: S$400, S$450
S21 Fe: S$700
S22: S$900
S22 Plus: S$920 to S$1,020
S22 Ultra: S$1,240 to S$1,450
Galaxy Buds Pro: S$100
Galaxy Buds 2/Buds 2 Pro: S$60 / S$150
Galaxy Buds Live/Plus: S$50
Xiaomi Xiaomi Max onwards
Xiaomi X2
Pocophone onwards
Redmi Note 7 onwardsNote 10 onwards
Xiaomi 9 onwards
Xiaomi 9T onwards
S$10 to S$1,680

Address: Several outlets (Woodlands, Geylang, Hougang, Jurong East, Chinatown)
Opening hours: 11am to 9pm daily
Tel: +65 9223 0410 (Whatsapp)


WhyMobile is a secondhand retailer offering fairly competitive trade-in rates for used and new devices.

With regards to mainstay phone brands like Apple, their range of products accepted isn’t as extensive as the previous two retailers — only accepting for example, Apple iPhone 8 onwards.

However, their range of Samsung products is good, accepting earlier models like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 onwards.

While their device range may be limited for certain brands, WhyMobile does accept more underrated brands like Nothing Phone as an eligible transaction, so that’s a plus point.

Note: Used earphones are not accepted for trade-ins. Only new earphones from selected brands will be accepted.

Their website provides a clear overview of their different brand rates, with a nifty dropdown bar to quickly isolate your preferred brand’s rates. 

Additionally, the estimated prices for a new phone or device trade-ins are already differentiated in their table, allowing direct price comparisons without calculating deductions manually.

Do note that the prices stated are approximate valuations only. The actual prices may vary depending on the device’s physical condition, working conditions, presence of accessories, packaging, remaining warranty and other factors.

Therefore, the final quoted price is decided by their store consultant’s in-store evaluation and can change within the same day itself.

Their range of accepted devices also differs across used devices and new devices. For instance, iPhone 8 models are eligible for used trade-ins, but only iPhone 13 models onwards are eligible for new trade-ins. So you’ll have to check their website directly.

Brand Eligible device models for trade-ins Used device trade-in value New device trade-in value
Apple iPad 7th gen 10.2 (2019) onwards
iPad Pro 11” (2018) onwards
iPad Air 3rd gen (2019) onwards
iPad Mini 4 onwards
iPad Mini 4 onwards
iPhone 8 onwards
Apple Watch Series 5 onwards
AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro (2nd gen)
S$100 to S$1,320 S$170 to S$2,780 
Google Pixel 4 onwards Pixel 4: S$160, S$190
Pixel 4 XL: S$190, S$240
Pixel 4A: S$130, S$150
Pixel 5: S$300
Pixel 6/6 Pro: S$500 to S$700
Huawei Mate 20 Pro onwards
P30 onwards
Mate 20 Pro: S$200
Mate 30/30 Pro: S$200, S$280
Mate 40 Pro: S$420
P30: S$100
P40/P40 Pro/P40 Pro Plus: S$220 / S$330 / S$370
P50 Pro: S$550
P50 Pro: S$800
Nothing Phone 1 Phone 1: S$350, S$450, S$520 Phone 1: S$520, S$610, S$690
One Plus OnePlus 8 onwards OnePlus 8: S$180, S$220
OnePlus 8T: S$210, S$260
OnePlus 8 Pro: S$260, S$320
OnePlus 9: S$310, S$360
OnePlus 9 Pro: S$460, S$510
OnePlus 10 Pro: S$560 to S$620 S$180 to S$720
Oppo Find X3, X5 models
Reno6 Pro onwards
Find X3 Pro/X5 Pro: S$450 / S$750
Reno6 Pro: S$350
Reno 7/Reno 7 Pro: S$250, S$400
Reno8: S$300 
Find X3 Pro/X5 Pro: S$600 / S$1,000
Reno7/Reno7 Pro: S$400 / S$550
Reno8/Reno8 Pro: S$550 / S$800
Samsung Galaxy A13, A22, A32, A33, A52, A53, A73 models
Galaxy Note 10 onwards
Galaxy S10 onwards
Galaxy Z Flip 3 onwards
Galaxy Z Fold 2 onwards
Tab A7 onwards
Tab S6 onwards
Galaxy Buds 2, Buds 2 Pro
S$80 to S$1,520 S$70 to S$1,750
Xiaomi Xiaomi 11T onwards Mi/Xiaomi 11T: S$400
Mi/Xiaomi 11T Pro: S$550
Mi/Xiaomi 12 Pro: S$950
If you choose not to trade in your used phone or device, they can be sold — but only for S$20 or less.

Address: 14 Scotts Road, #03-126 Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Opening hours: 
12pm to 9pm (Mon to Sat) | 12pm to 8pm (Sun/PH)

GW Mobile

Compared to the other retailers, GW Mobile offers a more versatile range of device trade-ins — featuring phones, tablets, watches, and even laptops. Their website offers an intuitive user interface to quickly search and filter through specific products.

They also have a direct “Sell Now” action for each of their individual product listings. Clicking on that button leads you to another page to select your product’s specs, physical condition, associated accessories, and other details.

Once the selections are done, there’s a final button to churn out your device’s price estimation.

GW Mobile
Brand Eligible device models for trade-ins Used device trade-in value New device trade-in value
Apple iPhone 7 Plus onwards
iPad Mini 2 onwards
Macbook (12-inch, early 2015) onwards
Apple Watch SE, Series 7
Phone: S$220 to S$2,600
Tablet: S$75 to S$1,560
Laptop: S$300 to S$2,220
Watch: S$230, S$380
Phone: S$630 to S$2,760
Tablet: S$555, S$690
Laptop: S$300 to S$2,220
Watch: S$230, S$380
Google Pixel 3 onwards S$140 to S$970
Huawei P20 onwards
Nova 3i onwards
Mate 20 onwards
S$130 to S$650 P50 Pro: S$820
P50 Pocket: S$1,400
Nothing Phone 1 Phone 1: S$550 Phone 1: S$690
One Plus OnePlus 7 onwards S$240 to S$660 OnePlus 10 Pro: S$810
Oppo Reno series
Find X2 Pro onwards
Axx series
Rxx series

S$60 to S$1,300 Reno8/Reno8 Pro: S$590, S$770
Find X5/X5 Pro: S$930 / S$1,160
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip onwards
Galaxy Z Fold 3 onwards
Galaxy Axx series
Galaxy A8 (2018) onwards
Galaxy J4 (2018) onwards
Galaxy S10 onwards
Note 20 onwards

Phone: S$40 to S$1,700
Tablet: S$50 to S$1,350
Phone: S$630 to S$2,420
Tablet: S$280 to S$1,600
Vivo X series
Y series
V21 models
S$50 to S$400 Y15s: S$180
Y21/Y21s: S$180 / S$210

V21: S$340
V23: S$490
Y33s: S$210

Y76: S$250
X70/X70 Pro: S$490 / S$720
Xiaomi Poco series Poco X3: S$220
Poco X4: S$210

Poco M4 Pro: S$170
Poco X3: S$310
Poco X4 Pro: S$330

Poco M4 Pro: S$250

Address: 1 Rochor Canal Road, #05-60/61 Sim Lim Square, Singapore 188504
Opening hours: 
10.30am to 8.30pm daily
+65 9628 4044

FAQs about device and phone trade-ins

Disclaimer: Guidelines differ from store to store. Please do contact or search their websites respectively for more information on their FAQs and policies. The information below is meant for general educational purposes only and SingSaver is not affiliated with any of these stores. We do not take any responsibility for faulty or damaged products.

Q: Are mobile phones unlocked?

A: Yes, it is against the law for phones sold in Singapore to be SIM locked. Thus, all mobile phones are SIM-free or unlocked and can be used with any network-compatible SIM card.

Q: Do traded-in phones and devices come with a 7-day exchange policy?

A: Some retailers (like Red White Mobile) don’t offer a 7-day exchange policy. If an exchange is to be made, the phone or device has to be checked thoroughly during the point of sale before leaving the store. A 1-for-1 exchange will then be carried out.

On the other hand, retailers (like Mister Mobile) allow product exchanges for items of equal value or higher (with top-up of excess balance).

Otherwise, all faulty products thereafter will have to be serviced at the device’s respective service centres in Singapore.

Q: Is your phone’s password needed?

A: Yes, in order to test the device, your password is needed to access applications such as the dialer, camera, and settings. A separate SIM card may also be inserted to test your phone’s call functionality.

Q: Do traded-in phones and devices come with a warranty?

A: Yes, they do. Warranty is assumed to be local unless explicitly stated. Depending on the retailer, warranty for brand new mobile devices can be up to 180 days or agent warranty (whichever is applicable).

Warranty for accessories and used mobile devices may be up to 30 days. Please check with your retailer respectively.

Q: Will personal data be affected? Will you need to back up your data?

A: No. 99% of phone trade-ins and repairs will not affect one’s data. However, there might be the off chance that data might be compromised. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that customers back up their data on a regular basis regardless as good practice.

Q: Are instalment plans available?

A: It depends on the retailer. For instance, Red White Mobile offers an interest-free instalment plan for all UOB cardholders with a one-time 3% to 6% charge depending on the plan’s duration.



Q: How to ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of a secondhand retailer?

A: There are specific certifications to look out for to check if a business is trustworthy or not. ISO certifications are awarded to businesses that comply with quality assurance and standardisation requirements. 

For instance, the ISO 9001 – Quality Management System (QMS) is a standard certification issued to businesses that meet the requirements for a quality management system.

This certification ensures that the business adheres to quality management standards and upholds customer satisfaction. This gives customers peace of mind that their device and its stored content/information will not be wrongfully breached or extracted for other unofficial and illegal purposes.

Another certification to look out for is CaseTrust, an accreditation scheme since 1999 used to recognise businesses for their commitment to quality and transparency through fair services.

Q: Are delivery services available?

A: Again, it depends on the retailer.

Q: Do retailers charge GST? And do they offer GST refund?

A: In general, these secondhand retailers are considered small businesses and might not charge GST nor offer GST refunds. Businesses with less than S$1 million in annual turnover are considered small and therefore, aren’t required for GST registration in Singapore.

See also: Singapore Budget 2022: GST Hike — Increase in GST and Packages to Offload the Financial Burden

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