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10 Best Subscription Boxes Worth Your Buck In 2021

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 29 December, 2021

For everyone from fashionistas to parents, pet owners, wine drinkers and snack lovers, here are the 10 best subscription boxes to sign up for in Singapore.

Whoever dreamed up subscription boxes must be a special kind of genius. They shouldn’t work. They make you pay a regular subscription without knowing exactly what you will be getting — an arrangement most people would shy away from. Yet, if you should somehow be moved to signing up, you’ll find that you simply can’t wait for the box to be delivered. I guess that’s how the human psyche works? 

Popular subscription boxes combine the excitement of discovery, the exclusivity of rare finds, and the feeling of getting more bang for your buck. It’s a heady mix that keeps fans coming back for more. 

To help you have a more enjoyable 2021 (because we’ve all suffered enough for 2020, thank you very much), here are 10 great subscription boxes in Singapore to check out that are totally worth your money. 

Subscription What’s in the box?Plans and pricingDelivery fee
Look Fantastic Beauty Box6 beauty, cosmetics skincare or haircare treats worth over $1001-mth: $38
3-mth: $36/mth
6-mth: $35/mth
12-mth: $34/mth
Standard: $8.50 
Tracked: $12
Free delivery applies when you spend more than $51 (standard) or $110 (tracked) on your subscription. 
MADThreadUp to 3 clothing items per order, curated from leading designer brands.Starter: $49/mth for 6 items over 2 orders
Unlimited: $99/mth, unlimited orders
Unlimited VIP: $199/mth, unlimited orders, 4 items per order
Free dry-cleaning
Free next-day delivery

One Happy Book2 to 4 new books, for children aged 0 to 7 yearsFrom $19.90 to $45.90 per month
Subscribe for 6 months and receive one extra book during last month free.
Subscribe for 12 months and get 5% discount, plus one extra book during kid’s birthday month free.
$3.90 per tracked delivery 
Squizzel BoxMonthly themed activity boxes for children aged 3 and above1-mth: $39.90
3-mth: $37.90/mth
6-mth: $35.90/mth
12-mth: $33.90/mth
Economical Sibling Pack add-on to cater to two or more children per box
Free delivery for subscription plans
PerroboxMonthly themed box for your pet dog (2 treats, 1 toy, 1 chew, 1 extra)Small: $29.90/mth
Medium: $34.90/mth
Large: $36.90/mth
Can opt for bi-monthly subscription instead
Free delivery
MaoBoxBi-monthly boxes containing treats, food samples, toys and accessories for cats Single box: $29
6-mth subscription: $27/box
12-mth subscription: $25/box
10% of each box goes to local non-profit Love Kuching Project
Delivery fees apply
Citizen BoxWeekly box of sustainably grown greens from local farmers, minimum 7 units per box.
May contain vegetables, herbs, microgreens, mushrooms and flowers
8-week subscription: $40/week
12-week subscription: $35/week 
$13.50 per trip
Self-collection available
Wala ClubMonthly international wine and sake subscription, 2 bottles per monthWine Basic: $88/mthIndulgence: $158/mth
Sake Basic: $98/mthIndulgence: $168/mth
Free delivery
The Beer PioneerDiscovery box of 8 curated beers Discoverer: $69/mth
Explorer: $85/mth
Pioneer: $99/mth 
Free delivery 
SendThinks Snack BoxesCountry-themed snack boxes, between 10 to 15 items eachFrom $28.80/box$5 per delivery 
Source: Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic Beauty Box: From $34/month

Buying cosmetics and skincare products can be more stressful than it seems. What if that costly new cleanser doesn’t work for your skin or, worse, causes a breakout? That’s hard-earned money down the drain. 

Limit your risk and discover great new products with Look Fantastic’s Beauty Box subscription that gives you no less than six beauty treats each month, ranging from sample-sized cosmetics and skincare to full-sized accessories like makeup brushes.

Subscribe and enjoy special themed boxes, such as December’s Christmas edition, said to contain over $313 worth of products! One downside is the site’s wonky rules for free delivery. You get it only when you spend $51 or more, but Beauty Box subscriptions are charged monthly and costs under $40. Which means that for your first order, you’ll have to either top up with additional purchases to qualify for free delivery, or pay extra for delivery.

MADThread: From $49/month

Source: MADThread

Now you can dress up like your favourite Hollywood leading ladies without needing a paycheck to rival theirs. MADThread offers next-day rentals of fashion pieces curated from over 200 high-end labels from as low as $49 per month. This entitles you to two orders of three items of clothing each (total of six), with each order yours to enjoy for up to 60 days! 

But fashion is a fickle beast, so swap your designer threads often and let your fellow subscribers enjoy the collection too. Get unlimited orders per month when you upgrade to an Unlimited or Unlimited VIP plan. 

Source: One Happy Book

One Happy Book: From $19.90/month

Whether for putting fussy children to sleep or cultivating a useful lifelong habit, children’s books are incredibly helpful. But they can be pricey too, and trips to the library have a way of eating up precious weekend hours.

Give both your wallet and your harried domestic helper a break with a subscription to One Happy Book, which will get you monthly deliveries of 2 to 4 books, selected according to your children’s age. There are even family bundles that cater for up to 4 children, for under $50 per month. 

Source: Squizzel Box

Squizzel Box: From $33.90/month

Keep your children occupied while learning new things with Squizzel Box, a monthly-themed activity box aimed at children 3 and up. Each box contains 10 activities or projects designed to explore five learning areas of the month’s theme, accompanied by step-by-step instructions, learning guide and a full set of materials. To encourage further learning, there are also recommended books and suggestions on how to extend the activities. 

Households with more children can opt for the Sibling Pack, an economical add-on with extra supplies for learning and playing together.

Source: Perromart

Perrobox: From $29.90/month

With a mind-boggling array of pet products out there, buying treats and toys for your doggy furkids can be a wallet-destroying venture. There is also no guarantee your pet dogs will enjoy what you pick for them.

Perrobox aims to solve this problem by supplying a monthly box of fresh new toys, treats, chews, food and more, all catered to the discerning dog owner looking to keep their good boys and girls healthy and entertained. 

Containing at least 6 items each, subscription boxes are sized according to your pet, with Small meant for breeds 0 to 9kgs, Medium for dogs between 9 to 22kgs and Large for hounds weighing in at 22kg or above. Want to limit how many treats your dog consumes? The bi-monthly subscription plan should be a good alternative. 

Source: Instagram @meowgicalmeows

MaoBox: From $25/box

MaoBox is a bi-monthly subscription box aimed at cat owners (Mao is Mandarin for ‘cat’). Similar to Perrobox, MaoBox delivers a cache of cat treats, food samples (both canned and kibble) toys and accessories every other month, which should save pawrents more than a few bucks while discovering new favourites for their fickle-minded pets.

The basic subscription is sized for households with 1 or 2 cats, but there’s a larger Pawty box option suitable for three or more cats. 

Source: Citizen Farm

Citizen Box: From $35/week

Since you ought to be eating vegetables on a daily basis anyway, why not buy your greens fresh from local farmers in Singapore. Not only will you be eating a healthier diet, you will also reduce your carbon footprint by eating local and seasonal, while supporting your fellow Singaporean.

Citizen Box helps you do just that in the form of a subscription box containing a weekly selection of fresh, organically-grown local greens. 

In each delivery, you’ll be guaranteed 7 units of fresh produce comprising 1 to 3 varieties of leafy greens or Asian leafys; 2 to 3 varieties of fruiting veggies or mushrooms; 3 to 4 varieties of microgreens; 1 variety of culinary herbs as well as the occasional bonus fruit and medicinal or edible flowers. 

Wala Club: From $88/month

Love wine but don’t quite know how to pick the good ones? Why not let the experts at Wala Club do it for you? From just $88 a month, you can receive two bottles of wine each month, handpicked from an international portfolio according to your preferences. If you like the recommendations, feel free to order more from the online store at subscriber-only special prices. Sake lovers can avail of the same custom-fit service with a sake subscription starting from $98/month. Want to get serious about your spirits? Splash out for an Indulgence subscription to unlock the top-shelf, award-winning stuff. 

Source: The Beer Pioneer

The Beer Pioneer: From $69/month

With more than 100 types of beers out there, sticking to the same few tired staples is simply a waste. Expand your horizons with a subscription box from The Beer Pioneer that contains eight  fresh beers (including seasonal/limited batch brews) every month.

Drawing from a collection of craft brews from around the globe, The Beer Pioneer’s subscription boxes are a value-for-money way to sample some great beers and find a new favourite or two. To further ensure your enjoyment, your monthly box is customised according to your tastes.

Source: SendThinks

SendThinks Snack Boxes: From $28.80/box

Here’s another way to deal with your travel deprivation — country-themed snack boxes containing the most popular snacks from the country you are pining after. Covering popular destinations such as Thailand, Korea, Japan and Taiwan, SendThinks Snack Boxes are a smorgasbord of biscuits, jellies, beverages, sweets and savouries — in a mix of full-sized and single-serve portions. 

Snack Boxes come in two sizes (Regular and Jumbo) and contain between 10 to 15 items each. While there is no regular subscription plan offered at the moment, there’s nothing to stop you from placing an order every month for a snack box (or 10) from the country you miss the most. 

Make the most of your subscription boxes and charge it to a credit card that can help you earn cashback and points. Apply for one using our simple-to-use comparison button below and you could be rewarded* with attractive prizes and cash! 

An ex-Financial Planner with a curiosity about what makes people tick, Alevin’s mission is to help readers understand the psychology of money. He’s also on an ongoing quest to optimise happiness and enjoyment in his life.


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