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Where To Donate And How To Help Charities During COVID-19

Geralyne Ong

Geralyne Ong

Last updated 20 February, 2021

Our economy might be on track to recovery and many of us have gotten back on our feet since COVID-19 first struck, but there are some in our community who are still struggling to make ends meet.

Within the last year, most of our lives have taken a 180 degree turn. What’s common for every single person in the world right now? Awaiting the day’s COVID-19 numbers with bated breath, staying home, wearing a mask every time you leave the house, maintaining social distancing guidelines when out, and trying to stay sane in this new world. 

These lifestyle changes may be drastic, but for some, these changes come in the form of losing their jobs or having trouble putting food on the table. 

The tightened circuit breaker measures have caused a loss of jobs, while many have had their wages cut. While the government had been quick to introduce special relief funds last year and a comprehensive Household Support Package this year, it isn’t enough to help the needy tide through these trying times. Fortunately, there’s more that we as Singaporeans can do to help.

So, if you want to make a positive change, here are some charities and community-led efforts you could consider donating to (and rack up dollops of good karma while you’re at it!). 

Low income families

NameWhat they doHow Can You Help?
The Food Bank SingaporeProvides hearty meals to families in vulnerable communities.Donate to their cause here.
Free Food For AllDistributes ready-to-eat meals to low-income families, elderly, migrant workers and rough sleepers.Donate to their cause here.
South Central Community Family Service Centre LimitedProvides cooked meals and food rations to low-income families that struggle with food insecurity.Donate to their cause here
Food From The HeartProvides hearty meals to families in vulnerable communities.Donate to their cause here
Singapore Red CrossProvides hot meals to low-income families.Donate to their cause here

Not everyone has a rainy day savings fund. The economic impact of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has affected many, but the biggest impacted section is undoubtedly low-income families who were already struggling to make ends meet. The above charities deliver hot meals, food rations, and basic necessities to these families, many of whom have young children and elderly at home. 


NameWhat they doHow Can You Help?
YWCA Meals-on-Wheels Distributes hearty meals to the elderly and children around Singapore.Donate to their cause here.
Caregiving Welfare AssociationProvides monthly provisions, taxi vouchers, counselling, case management services and home visits for homebound seniors.Donate to their cause here
Buy A Meal For The Needy ElderlyProvides hearty meals to the eldery living in rental estates.Donate to their cause here
Kampung Senang Charity & Education FoundationFresh groceries for cancer patients and elderly people. Donate to their cause here.

Not only are they most at risk of contracting COVID-19, but mobility could prove to also be a difficult task for the older folks. The above initiatives bring hot meals, groceries, hygiene products and some much-needed cheer (especially for the elderly who live alone) to their doorstep.

Animal shelters

NameWhat they doHow Can You Help?
Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD)Rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes stray dogs to give them a second chance at life.Donate to their cause here.
Action for Singapore DogsFeeds and provides medical care to over 150 stray dogs.Donate to their cause here.
Love Kuching ProjectRescues and rehabilitates sick or injured community cats, and promotes the love of cats as companions through cat therapy.Donate to their cause here
Animal Lovers LeagueFeeds and provides medical care to over 500 dogs and cats. Donate to their cause here.
OSCARSFeeds and provides medical care to over 100 stray dogs.Donate to their cause here.

Yes, animals need extra TLC too. With the tightened Circuit Breaker measures in place, donations have taken a hard hit as adoption drives (which helps shelters get most of their donations) are no longer allowed to be conducted. Apart from donating money, shelters also accept donations in the form of dry kibble, wet food and pet cleaning supplies — you can reach out to the shelter directly for more information. 

Note: Most online pet shops offer these pet essentials at discounted prices if you are purchasing it as a donation to an animal shelter and would even include free delivery. 

Migrant workers 

NameWhat they doHow Can You Help?
It’s Raining RaincoatsProvides migrant workers with hot meals and basic necessities.There are a few ongoing campaigns that are in collaboration with other nonprofits. More information can be found here.
Janelle: 8200 2985
Reshma: 9427 0619
Jenna: 9187 1007
Covid-19 Migrant Support CoalitionProvides migrant workers essentials like food, sanitary products, daily essential items or accommodation during the Circuit breaker. Donate to their cause here.
Transient Workers Count TooProvides prepaid SIM card top-up credits to migrant workers. (It might seem frivolous but for quarantined migrant workers, this is their only connection to the outside world and their families back home).Donate to their cause here.
#COVID-19 Migrant Welfare PackageProvides migrant workers with food, personal hygiene supplies and self-help materials.Donate to their cause here.

They’ve helped build our metropolitan skyline and homes, so why should we hesitate to help them when they are in need?

This is a good time to choose compassion and kindness by donating to a charity or a nonprofit organisation that provides basic necessities like food, water, and mobile top-up credits to affected foreign workers. 

Of course, these lists are not exhaustive and there are more causes you can donate to. They can be found at portals such as SGUnited, I Am A Community Circuit Breaker and

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that even the healthiest individual can meet with mishaps and succumb to illnesses. As we lend a helping hand to the needy, we should also have a hand in protecting our loved ones’ welfare, with a Personal Accident plan that offers COVID-19 coverage. 

This is especially important for those who are at higher risk or those who work in an essential industry and do not have the luxury of working from home. Find one that provides good coverage with monthly premiums that cost less than a McDonald's Extra Value Meal in the button below.

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A lover of gin and all things Nigella Lawson, Geralyne’s constantly trying to adult like a pro. She spends most of her leisure time serving fur-babies and doing as many mountain climbers as she possibly can.


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