5 Best Confinement Food Services in Singapore

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 17 September, 2021

Confinement meals aren’t just about rich Chinese meals prepared with copious amounts of herbs. There are plenty of great options for vegetarians, Muslims, and mums who prefer more contemporary dining.     

A new mother’s confinement period is an important one. It’s a period for rest, recuperation, and bonding with her newborn bundle of joy. Chores like meals and cleaning are usually kept to a minimum during this time because nutrition and diet need extra attention in order to help her regain her health.

This is where confinement meal subscriptions come in. Prepared specially to help with appropriate nutrition, while supporting lactation and other physiological needs, these meals on demand provide a healthy and convenient option for new mums in confinement

While traditionally the domain of Chinese health practices, confinement meals aren’t confined to just traditional Chinese dishes. You can also find Western fusion for contemporary dining, Malay and halal options for Muslim families, and vegetarian alternatives for non-meat eaters.

In today’s post, we take a look at five popular confinement meal caterers in Singapore, the cuisines they offer, and the prices of their meal packages.   

Five confinement food providers for all dietary needs 

Confinement food providerCuisine offeredPrice
Mama J’s Confinement FoodChineseFrom S$300 for 7 meals
Chilli Padi ConfinementMainly Chinese, with some Nonya and Korean From S$468 for 14 meals (7 days)
Ummu Fazwill (Halal)Fusion Western and ethnicFom $500 for 20 meals (10 days)
NouRicheTCM VegetarianFrom S$580 for 14 meals
Thomson Baby (Halal)Traditional Chinese, MalayFrom S$488 for 7 meals

Mama J’s Confinement Food

Tel: 9855 4993

Meal packages

Meal typeMeal includesCost (inclusive of delivery fees)
Trial meal2 meats, 1 vegetable, 1 white rice, 200ml homemade teaS$35
Single meal 1 main dish, 1 side dish, 1 soup, white rice for one7 days: S$300
14 days: S$500
30 days: S$1,050
Lunch and dinner1 main dish, 1 side dish, 1 soup, white rice for one
Complimentary for 30-day package:
- 1L of homemade tea
- 8 x full-month red eggs
- 8 x Ang Ku Kueh 
7 days: S$550
14 days: S$850
30 days: S$1,788

Mama J’s is a highly dedicated babysitter and nanny, and has been providing healthy, delicious confinement meals for over two decades.

She makes sure to balance her meals for optimal nutrition to aid digestion, expel wind and toxins, regain energy, strengthen joints, and support breastfeeding. 

This mindful approach is further reinforced by her insistence on using only 100% fresh ingredients, with zero MSG and preservatives. 

What makes Mama J’s stand out is how she goes the extra mile. All meals are delivered in thermal containers and bottles for convenience and to reduce single-use plastic waste. She is also able to customise your meals to your requests. 

Best of all, you’ll be able to benefit from Mama J’s extensive experience and knowledge. All meal subscriptions will entitle you to a one-to-one consultation session on how to perform a proper confinement, especially valuable for new mummies and daddies!

Chilli Padi Confinement 

Tel: 6914 9900

Meal packages

Meal typeMeal includesCost (inclusive of delivery fees)
Trial meal2 mains, 1 side, 1 soup, white rice, longan red date teaS$30
Single meals2 mains, 1 side, white rice, longan red date tea14 days: S$468
21 days: S$688
28 days: S$888
Lunch and dinner2 mains, 1 side, white rice, longan red date tea7 days: S$468
14 days: S$888
21 days: S$1,328
28 days: S$1,688
Baby shower set (10 pax)Peranakan set:
- Impossible Laksa Slider 
- D.I.Y Kueh Pai Ti (30pcs) Served with Braised Turnips, Egg, Sweet Sauce and Chilli Sauce 
- Collagen Peach Resin Snow Fungus 
- Bibik Curry Chicken Served with Nyonya Pandan Crepe 
- Ang Ku Kueh (Round or Pointed) 
Traditional set:
- Pig's Trotter with Ginger and Egg 
- Slow Baked Parchment Paper Herbal Kampong Chicken (Whole) 
-Wok-fried Spinach Noodle with Egg 
- Collagen Peach Resin Snow Fungus 
- Ang Ku Kueh (Round or Pointed) 
Choc chip lactation cookiesn/aS$25 (only available with meal purchase)
Lactation nougatn/aS$28 (only available with meal purchase)

Yep, this confinement meal subscription comes from the kitchen of well-known Peranakan caterer Chilli Padi. 

With each meal consisting of two mains, one side and complimentary red date tea, there’s enough food for a well-fed mummy (and perhaps with some quick additions and extra rice, Daddy can join in too).

While the confinement menu sticks to traditional Chinese favourites, you’ll also find some nyonya dishes in the mix (and also, Korean ginseng chicken!). And if you’re leery of being stuck with the same few dishes, that won’t be a problem here. 

Chilli Padi’s confinement menu is extensive, and you’re not very likely to encounter the same dishes all too often throughout your subscription period. 

Besides the confinement meals, also check out Chilli Padi’s special cookies and nougat snacks that are formulated to encourage lactation.

And when you and your baby’s first month is up, celebrate in style with Chilli Padi’s baby shower set - choose from Modern Peranakan or Traditional. 

Ummu Fazwill (Halal)

Whatsapp: 9667 1011

Meal packages

Meal typeMeal includesCost (inclusive of delivery fees)
Lunch and dinnerCarbs (Brown Rice / Pasta / Porridge)
Protein ( Fish / Beef / Chicken)
Veg (Salad / Stir Fry / Braised)
Dessert (Cake / Pudding / Congee)
350 ml (Red Date Tea – Lunch / Daily Brew – Dinner)
10 days: S$500
20 days: S$1,000
30 days: S$1,450
44 days: S$2,100

Specialising in halal confinement meals, Ummu Fazwill describes their menu as Western-ethnic fusion, which means you can look forward to receiving a mix of contemporary dishes to enjoy during your confinement period. 

Ummu Fazwill is created by a group of cooking enthusiasts who are also mums, so they understand the importance of having nutritious meals that cater to the needs of women who’ve just given birth. The dishes offered are geared towards strengthening postnatal health, boosting collagen and milk production, as well as promoting blood circulation.

Each meal consists of a main and a side, and comes with brown rice. And to satisfy your sweet cravings as well as help with lactation, you will also receive a serving of dessert specially formulated to help breastfeeding, accompanied by homemade herbal tea, pressed juice or jamu. 

NouRiche (Vegetarian)

Tel: 9002 2577

Meal packages 

Meal typeMeal includesCost (inclusive of delivery fees)
Trial meal2 mains, 1 soup, 1 rice, tea and dessertS$45
Single meal2 mains, 1 soup, 1 rice, tea and dessert14 days: S$478
20 days: S$668
21 days: S$688
28 days: S$898
Lunch and dinner2 mains, 1 soup, 1 rice, tea and dessert7 days: S$478 
14 days: S$898
20 days: S$1,228 
21 days: S$1,288
28 days: S$1,688

NouRiche has a dedicated menu for vegetarian confinement meals, ideal for recovering mothers who wish to continue observing their dietary choice not to consume meat. 

But more than just natural ingredients and clean eating, NouRiche’s confinement meals offer you the chance to experience the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). All their meals are prepared following TCM core principles and incorporate herbs to heal, restore and rejuvenate.

Every meal is well-rounded, comprising two mains, a soup and rice, along with tea and dessert. 

In accordance with TCM philosophy, your meals will also be categorised according to different phases, with the first week focused on revitalising metabolism, and the second week and beyond dedicated to nourishment and restoration. 

This way, you can look forward to having a good amount of variety in your meals, especially during the first fortnight. 

NouRiche also offers a non-vegetarian confinement meal subscription that is available at slightly lower prices. 

Thomson Baby

Contact form
Tel: 63508848

Meal packages - Traditional Chinese

Meal typeMeal includesCost (inclusive of delivery fees)
Trial meal2 mains, 1 soup, 1 rice, longan red date tea + bonus dishS$68
Single meals1 meat, 1 veg, 1 double-boiled soup, 1 rice + complimentary longan red date tea7 days: S$488
14 days: S$643
21 days: S$943
28 days: S$1,188
Lunch and dinner1 meat, 1 veg, 1 double-boiled soup, 1 rice + complimentary longan red date tea7 days: S$643
14 days: S$1,188
21 days: S$1,688
28 days: From S$1,820
Add onsn/aLongan & Red Date tea (500ml): S$4.50
Essence of chicken with ginseng and cordyceps (6 bottles): S$180
Braised pig trotters in black vinegar: From S$45 for 3 servings

Meal packages - Malay

Meal typeMeal includesCost (inclusive of delivery fees)
Trial meal1 meat, 1 veg, 1 soup, rice and drink S$58
Single meals1 meat, 1 veg, 1 soup, rice and drink 7 days: S$520
14 days: S$688
21 days: S$888
28 days: S$1,088
Lunch and dinner1 meat, 1 veg, 1 soup, rice and drink 7 days: S$688
14 days: S$1,088
21 days: S$1,388
28 days: From S$1,590

Thomson Baby is the online portal of Thomson Medical Centre dedicated to the needs of new mothers and their infants. 

Their confinement meals are designed under the guidance of the in-house team of experts in lactation, nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine, so if you’re looking for expert-approved meals, you’ve come to the right place. 

There are two meal selections on offer: Traditional Chinese and Malay.

The Traditional Chinese menu features classic confinement meat and vegetable dishes, paired with double-boiled soup to ensure adequate nutrition. Each meal also comes with complimentary longan and red date tea. You can also beef up your meal with add-ons such as the ever popular Braised Pig Trotters with Black Vinegar, essence of chicken, as well as extra servings of longan and red date tea. 

Over on the Malay menu, you’ll find a selection of home-style Asian dishes, along with some Western entrees for variety. For beverages, you can look forward to teh halia, lemongrass or longan and red date tea. 

All confinement meals are prepared without MSG. They are also delivered in thermal containers, assuring you of a warm meal at your convenience. 

Tips for getting the most out of your confinement meal subscription 

Confinement meals services are no doubt convenient, but they are also pricey. Follow these tips to help you get the most value out of your subscription. 

Go for trial meals 

As taste is subjective, there’s no guarantee that you will like or enjoy the meals you’ll be delivered, especially since your senses may be temporarily more sensitive or altered after giving birth as your body readjusts back to normal. 

Hence, before you commit to a package, be sure to taste a trial meal - even if they are higher priced than the regular meals. Doing so will give you an idea of the food you’ll be receiving, and whether it’s to your taste.

Check the refund or cancellation policy

Even if you find yourself impressed by the trial meal, that doesn't mean it's smooth sailing all the way. There could be several reasons you might need to cancel your subscription prematurely. 

For instance, postpartum depression (a common affliction) may cause you to have poor appetite, the quality of your meals may not be up to scratch, or you may find yourself needing to go on a special diet.

Therefore, to give yourself a way out, be sure to check the refund or cancellation policy practised by the caterer. 

If the company seems to be adamant and unwilling to accommodate cancellations or refunds, you should proceed with caution. 

See if you can add dishes to feed more people

Confinement meals are mainly sized for one, but certain caterers may be more generous with their portions. If you find yourself getting more food than you need, don’t let the extra go to waste. 

Beef up your meal with a simple dish or two, cook some more rice, and now the rest of your family can get fed too. 

Some caterers also accommodate requests for extra dishes or portions at a nominal added cost. This can help you feed your family for cheaper during your confinement period. 

Mix things up by ordering from two different caterers

If your eating choices allow, try to introduce more variety in your confinement by ordering from two different caterers. You could subscribe to one caterer for lunch, and to another for dinner. Or you could line up different caterers every week or fortnight.

Ordering from separate caterers won’t cost you much more than if you were to order from a singular one - in fact, many caterers charge the same, whether you take 14 meals over a week, or seven meals over two weeks. 

Doing this can give you more choices not only in terms of dishes, but also cooking style and flavours, ensuring a higher degree of enjoyment.

Charge your confinement meal package to the right cashback card and you stand to earn attractive rewards and prizes. Terms and conditions apply.

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