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Tingkat Delivery In Singapore: Home-Cooked Meals Delivered To Your Doorstep

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 21 July, 2021

Tingkat meal deliveries are a fuss-free, economical alternative to food delivery, but getting the best value requires fulfilling certain criteria.

Food delivery platforms like foodpanda, Deliveroo and GrabFood are convenient and wonderful, but sometimes all you want is a fuss-free, home-cooked meal without having to rack your brains about what to eat (and rack up expensive delivery fees too!).

Enter tingkat delivery services. The OG meal delivery service, tingkat meals are often offered by catering service providers as an add-on service. It makes sense - they have the manpower, equipment and logistics network, so why not expand their service to other hungry diners?

7 Tingkat delivery vendors for delicious and affordable meals

VendorCost per mealTingkat packages
Royal Cuisine GroupInternational meal: From S$10 
Home-cooked meal: From S$5 
International meal subscription
- Single meal: S$115 (10 days), S$216 (20 days), S$315 (30 days)- Dual meals: S$220 (10 days), S$420 (20 days), S$600 (30 days) 
Home-cooked meal subscription- Single meal: S$50 (10 days), S$100 (20 days), S$150 (30 days)- Dual meals: S$100 (10 days), S$200 (20 days), S$300 (30 days)
Qilin Catering Pte Ltd (Halal)From S$4.60 to S$6.25- Single meal: S$135 (10 days), S$240 (20 days)- Min 2 pax
Jessie Catering Home Meal DeliveryFrom S$4.10 to S$12.853 Dishes- S$53.50 (5 days), S$85.60 (10 days), S$149.80 (20 days)
3 Dishes + Soup- S$58.85 (5 days), S$90.95 (10 days), S$160.50 (20 days)
4 Dishes- S$64.20 (5 days), S$96.30 (10 days), S$171.20 (20 days)
Prices quoted above for 1 pax
Kim ParadiseFrom S$4.80 to S$11.503 Dishes + 1 Soup or 4 Dishes- S$115 (10 days), S$205 (20 days)
Prices quoted above for 1 pax
Ronnie KitchenFrom S$4.50 to S$103 Dishes + 1 Soup or 4 Dishes- S$50 (5 days), S$175 (20 days)
Prices quoted above for 1 pax
Select CateringFrom S$4.50 to S$6.00 Economy package- S$4.50 per pax (no rice)- S$5.00 per pax (with rice)
Deluxe package- S$5.50 per pax (no rice)- S$6.00 per pax (with rice)
Yeyeah DelightsFrom S$9.60 to S$18Family meals package- S$90 (5 days), S$350 (20 days) S$500 (30 days)

Royal Cuisine Group

Tel: 8858 2263
Delivery: Every day
Delivery fees: S$2.50 to condo unit, free for all other residence types 
Timeslots: 9:30am to 1:30pm (Lunch), 3pm to 7pm (Dinner)
Price per meal: From S$5 onwards

Royal Cuisine Group offers two different tingkat meal delivery packages - one featuring an international menu with dishes from various cuisines, and another focused on home-style Asian cooking. 

The international package is the pricier option, costing S$10 and up per meal. But in exchange, you’ll receive multi-course meals starring classic dishes running the gamut from Korean and Thai to Western, Japanese and more. 

Each meal consists of three dishes and a soup or dessert, which you can swap out for a fourth dish if you’d like.

If you’re looking for simpler, less costly meals, the home-cooked package may be more to your taste. Starting from S$5 per meal, this package serves up popular home-style dishes, the kind that you likely grew up eating. 

True to its homely origins, meals in this package come with three dishes (at least one vegetable) and a soup. 

Whether you opt for the international or home-cooked selection, you can further customise your meals with a variety of add-ons.

Qilin Catering Pte Ltd (Halal)

Tel: 6487 6401/9111 6498
Delivery: Mondays to Fridays only
Price per meal: From S$4.60 to S$6.25

If you’re looking for a halal tingkat option in the east, give Qilin Catering a try. The Muslim caterer offers tingkat meals for between two to five pax per order, and delivers every day from Monday to Friday. 

The cuisine leans towards local-Malay, and prices are pretty affordable, going as low as S$4.60 per meal. However, rather than a fixed menu of dishes, what you’ll get will pretty much depend on the availability of ingredients that day. 

You may choose between 10- and 20-day tingkat packages, but do note that rice is not included. Instead, you can top it up for around a dollar per pax.    

Jessie Catering Home Meal Delivery

Mobile app: Android | iOS 
Delivery: Mondays to Fridays only
Timeslot: Dinner only
Price per meal: From S$4.10 to S$12.85

Jessie Catering offers delivery of dinner meals on weekdays, with meal prices ranging from S$4.10 (when you order for five pax) to S$12.85 (when ordering for one).

(In case you’re confused, ordering for more people will result in a lower per-meal cost than ordering for fewer people. This is because the delivery fee is fixed, so it costs the same whether you’re delivering five meals or just one.)

Ordering your meals is a simple and fuss-free process. You can use the website, or download the mobile app to book your meals. The app also allows you to manage your subscription and pause your meal deliveries, which makes for an easy-breezy experience. 

There are three meal packages available: 3 Dishes, 3 Dishes + 1 Soup, or 4 Dishes. You can also subscribe for five-, 10- or 20-day periods. 

Delivery is only available for dinner and on weekdays, making it an ideal service for working professionals too tired to cook after a long day at the office.

Kim Paradise

Tel: 6255 1000
Delivery: Mondays to Fridays only
Timeslot: Lunch or dinner
Price per meal: From S$4.80 to S$11.50

A tingkat specialist with over 200 dishes in its recipe book, Kim Paradise serves up balanced meals prepared with less oil and salt. 

You can choose to have the classic 3 dishes + 1 soup combo, or switch out the soup for 4 dishes if you prefer a heartier meal. 

Whichever package you choose, you can be sure of receiving at least one vegetable dish, one main dish of meat, poultry or fish, supplemented by a secondary protein such as tofu or eggs. 

Deliveries consist only of single meals, and are available for between one to five pax. You may also choose between a lunch or dinner slot, and can preview the week’s dishes on the website before you order. 

However, do note that you’ll need to commit to a minimum package of 10 days. 

Ronnie Kitchen

Tel: 6753 1003
Delivery: Mondays to Fridays only
Timeslot: 9:30am to 1pm (Lunch), 3pm to 6.30pm (Dinner)
Price per meal: From S$4.50 to S$10

Another popular caterer providing affordable tingkat delivery in Singapore, Ronnie Kitchen has over 100 dishes in its repertoire. The kitchen offers meals consisting of 3 dishes + 1 soup, or 4 dishes, and you can choose between lunch or dinner deliveries. 

Apart from its diverse menu of popular Asian and local dishes, Ronnie Kitchen’s biggest draw has got to be its low price points. Cost-per-meal can go as low as S$4.50 (for five pax, 20 days), while solo diners can expect to pay between S$8.75 to S$10 per pax. And that’s with delivery charges included. 

Ronnie Kitchen offers five- and 20-day subscriptions, and two different packages depending on whether you want rice with your meal or not. If you need to skip a day, simply inform them to receive up to two days’ grace period to receive your replacement meal.

Unfortunately, this caterer is only able to deliver to selected zones on the island so be sure to check if they deliver to your area before ordering. They are also unable to deliver to condominiums and landed properties. 

Select Catering

Tel: 9278 2983 or 9093 6206
Email: or
Delivery: Mondays to Fridays only, excluding public holidays
Delivery fees: S$2.50 per trip
Price per meal: From S$4.50 to S$6.00
Minimum pax: 2
Minimum subscription: 1 month

If you’re missing good ole comfort food like grandma used to cook, Select Catering’s tingkat service might satisfy your cravings.

Putting the nostalgia back into tingkat meals, Select Catering prides itself on its curated menu of popular dishes drawn from the 90s. 

You’ll find wholesome favourites like curry chicken, cereal prawn, soy sauce fish fillet and spinach egg drop soup in its menu, which changes weekly for variety and freshness. 

There are two packages for you to choose from: Economy and Deluxe, with the latter getting you more elaborate versions of the daily vegetable dish (for example, Cabbage Lo Han Zhai, instead of the simpler Stir-fry Cabbage).

Instead of tiered subscription packages, you’ll be charged on a standard per-person per-meal basis: S$4.50 for Economy and S$5.50 for Deluxe, slightly more if you want rice included. 

Such low prices are definitely attractive, especially if you’re watching your expenses, but you’ll need to order for at least two pax, and commit to a minimum subscription of one month.  

Yeyeah Delights

Tel: 6243 1468
Delivery: Twice a week
Price per meal: From S$9.50 to S$18.00

Serving up a slightly different tingkat meal service is Yeyeah Delights, which touts itself as the first-ever meal delivery vendor with dietician-approved meals

So if you’re looking for meals that are a little bit more well-balanced and calibrated in terms of calories and nutritional profile, this might be the caterer for you. 

The Family Meals subscription is available for one to four people, and comes in five-, 20- or 30-day terms. Each meal consists of a meat or seafood main course, fresh vegetables, side dish, soup and steamed rice. 

Judging from the sample menu on the website, the meals are designed following contemporary Asian and local recipes. 

Do note that Yeyeah Deli makes deliveries only twice a week, and with meals pre-packed and chilled. Thus, having easy access to a microwave is recommended for maximum enjoyment.

Tips for getting the most out of tingkat meal delivery

Tingkat meals (named for tiffin carriers, an ingenious little contraption that allows you to effortlessly transport as much food as you want) are a great idea, providing convenient, fuss-free meals at affordable rates. 

But they may not be suitable for everybody. Pay attention to the following if you’re thinking of signing up for a subscription package. 

Solo diners pay the most per meal

Tingkat meal providers cater to solo diners, but you’ll need to pay a higher price on a per-meal basis - sometimes up to 50% more, compared to a party of five diners. 

This is mainly due to the need to cover fixed costs such as delivery and manpower.

To reduce costs as a solo diner, try consolidating your order with neighbours who also require tingkat meals. Adding even just one or two persons can help you save a tidy sum. 

Delivery timings may not match mealtimes

Tingkat deliveries often have large delivery windows spanning several hours. 

This means that unless you’re extremely lucky, your meals may not arrive just when you’re getting hungry. Or they won’t be at a palatable temperature. 

Hence, you will need to have a reliable means of warming up your meal, unless you want to eat cold, sad meals. 

Some dishes have trouble keeping

Sure, that dish of fresh vegetables was crisp and delicious when fresh out of the wok, but now, three hours later, all you’re left with is a wilted, soggy mess of limp vegetables and watered-down gravy.

The reality is that central kitchens mass producing food simply have no time to wait for your crispy chicken wing to cool off properly before packing them away, which means your food ends up getting a second round of steaming from the trapped vapour. 

Also, no matter how skilled the cook, some dishes just don’t do well sealed in a plastic box for hours on end.

So try to opt for dishes that can keep, or that you can eat as soon as possible. Soups and stews are the most durable in this regard, while vegetables with high water content are most likely to be vulnerable. 

Charge your tingkat meals to the right cashback and rewards card for maximum benefits! Sign up for one with us and stand to win attractive prizes.*

*Terms and conditions apply.

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