7 Expenses to Expect When You Get Pregnant in Singapore

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maternity expenses in singapore

Being pregnant in Singapore is an exciting time, and saving at least S$2,000 for maternity expenses will help you enjoy this period with little stress.

So you’ve peed on a stick and the results are in: you’re pregnant! Congratulations new mums, your journey begins now.

Having a baby is an exciting time, and saving up at least S$2,000 will allow you to enjoy this period without stress. There are many things to prepare for, some more important than others. We’ve narrowed down the essential expenses that you will likely occur during your nine months. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Doctor’s Visits (S$900 – S$6,595)

Visit the gynaecologist regularly to track the progress of your pregnancy. During these visits, doctors generally administer diagnostic tests (like ultrasound and urine test) and prescribe prenatal vitamins.

Make time and budget for at least 15 visits. Each visit can cost between $105 to $350, depending on whether you go to a public or private clinic, and are exclusive of prenatal vitamin prescription. Some clinics accept credit cards, while others only take cash or cheque. Make sure you call ahead to find out.

Through the Medisave Maternity Package (MMP), Singaporean citizen parents can also use their Medisave for delivery expenses, as well as pre-delivery medical expenses such as consultations and ultrasound. Under the MMP, parents can withdraw $900 for pre-delivery medical expenses.

prenatal vitamins in singapore

2. Prenatal Vitamins (S$98 – S$300)

You can get these through the doctor, or buy them over-the-counter. Ask the doctor for recommendations if you prefer to do the latter.

Prenatal vitamins are mostly higher in folic acid and iron to help support the baby’s healthy development. Depending on your diet (for example, if you eat more or less fish high in omega-3 fatty acids), you’ll need different types of prenatal vitamins.

3. Baby Essentials ($536-$3,553)

Before the little one arrives at home, you’ll need to prepare a number of essentials: crib ($99-$340), diapers ($13-$32) and wet wipes ($5), baby clothes (free if you get hand-me-downs), a set of bottles ($15-$58) or breast pump devices ($66-$228), a diaper bag ($30-$190), baby monitors ($110-$370), a stroller ($99-$1,100), and a car seat ($99-$735).

Many of these can be obtained through secondhand online marketplaces like BabyMarketplace.sg, Gumtree, Carousell, even through Facebook groups like ‘Preloved Baby Goods’. Buying secondhand could save you a big chunk, so more can go towards your baby’s future.

Credit cards marketed for Singaporean women can actually help you earn points or cashback on online purchases. When possible, use these cards when you shop online.

4. Maternity Insurance (S$90 – S$500 per month)

There are many insurance plans for pregnant mothers, families, and even families planning to have children. These can cover prenatal care, delivery costs and unexpected complications. Some plans begin at the family planning period, while others kick in once you discover you are pregnant. Depending on your age, the coverage you choose, and when you begin, monthly premiums can range from approximately $95 to $500 per month.

Prudential’s policy begins before the baby is born, and AXA has a plan that can be transferred to the child after he or she is born. If you are already an insurance policy holder, ask your agent to recommend one that is suitable to your needs and concerns.

prenatal classes in singapore

5. Prenatal Classes ($299-$3,910)

Most hospitals offer prenatal classes to help soon-to-be parents learn about what to do when the contractions come, as well as to help with posture, lactation, and nutritious eating. KKH, Mount Elizabeth, Thomson Medical Centre and Raffles Hospital conduct their own prenatal (or antenatal) classes.

Classes can range from $50 to $250 per class, depending on the courses (some come only in packages), if it’s conducted in a group, and if you’ll be delivering at the same hospital (usually cheaper). You can attend as few as one class to as many as 17 classes.

6. Baby Journal (free – S$42)

This is not just a good way to collect memories for your little one, but also good for keeping track of your progress for the doctor’s visits. You can get a specialty pregnancy journal, which does most of the work for you, from nutrition information, to what to expect at certain weeks. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. You can also get a plain notebook to note down your feelings and progress on your own, or document your experiences on a blog.

7. Maternity Clothes (free – S$1,000)

Your pants might not fit you as your belly expands, and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. You can ask friends and family for gently-used hand-me-downs, or shop for secondhand or brand new clothes.

Maternity clothing can cost as little as $10 to $300 per item. Every mother is different – so set a budget that is comfortable for you.

If you think your cash savings may not be enough to cover these costs, there are personal loans for maternity expenses available to you. Citibank Ready Credit Paylite has one of the lowest interest rates available at 4.55% p.a. (EIR 8.5% p.a.) for new customers.

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