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8 Best Air Purifiers In Singapore For Your Room, Home Or Small Office

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The right air purifier can help safeguard your health. Here are our 8 picks and tips on how to pick a good air purifier.

Every spending situation is unique. SingSaver assembles the ‘Best For‘ list, so you can decide what’s best for you.

So you’ve been religiously washing your hands and using hand sanitiser, masking up as much as possible, and trying to steer clear of crowds, strangers and crowds of strangers. Is there anything more you can do to keep you and the people around you safe and healthy in these trying COVID-19 times?

Why, yes there is. Considering that we spend hours of our day in our bedrooms, homes and offices — and sometimes sharing the space with others — it might be a good idea to pay attention to the air quality at these locations.

Health benefits of air purifiers 

Using an air purifier is a convenient and effective way to ensure clean, fresh air in your bedroom, homes or office.

Thanks to advances in technology, consumer grade air purifiers are capable of filtering the air we breathe to remove fine micron-sized particles, such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, dust, smoke, gases, fungi, bacteria and viruses. 

Air purifiers clean the air by using multiple layers of filtration — with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters as the gold standard. Some models also include additional features such as air humidification, UV light steriliser, ion technology or biochemicals to destroy harmful microbes. 

Using an air purifier with HEPA (or equivalent) filter results in sanitised, fresh-smelling air free of irritants, toxins, or odours, and may also safeguard against airborne viruses such as COVID-19

It can also lessen or prevent allergy flare-up among sufferers by reducing or eliminating allergens in the environment. At the same time, the constant filtering and removing of dust and fine particles reduce dust build-up and helps keep your space clean.

8 Best air purifiers in Singapore

Brand and model Features Price Where to buy  Rating Use in 
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H 3-layer HEPA filter 

Effective coverage up to 48 sqm

Smart home controls

From $184.90 Shopee 4.5 out of 5 Living room, bedroom, small offices
Philips Air Purifier – Series 2000 3-layer HEPA filter 

Smart home controls, Amazon Alexa compatible

Effective coverage of up to 85 sqm

$499 Best Denki 4.5 out of 5  Living room, office, conference room
Augienb Large Room Air Purifier Multi-layer HEPA filter

Humidifier function
Child lock

Effective coverage up to 61 sqm

$230.10 Lazada 3.5 out of 5  Living room, office
Dyson Pure Cool Me Glass HEPA filter

Ultra portable personal air cooler and purifier 

Bladeless operation

$499 Lazada 4 out of 5 Personal workspace or bedroom
TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier Combination HEPA and carbon filter

Includes UV sanitation capability

Effective coverage up to 23 sqm

Lightweight and portable 

$209 Metro 4.5 out of 5  Personal workspace, bedroom or small room 
Sharp Air Purifier FP-J30E-A HEPA filter, PlasmaCluster Ion technology

Simple operation, low noise

Effective coverage up to 23 sqm

$349 Courts 4 out of 5 Personal workspace, bedroom or small room
Samsung Air Purifier BlueSky 3000 Triple-layer filter, removes up to 0.02 micron particles

Soft-touch operation with at-a-glance LED display

Effective coverage up to 40 sqm

$329 Qoo10 4.3 out of 5 Living room, bedroom, office
Novita 4-in-1 Air Purifier A4S Multi-layer HEPA filter

Combines, humidification, filtration, ionisation and sanitisation

ISO 5 Cleanroom standard

Effective coverage up to 120 sqm

$799 Novita 4.5 out of 5 Large rooms, large offices
Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H

  • Cylindrical 3-stage filtration (mesh-HEPA-charcoal) for 360 degree air purification
  • Filters down to 0.3 microns
  • Effective up to 48 sqm, great for offices, living rooms and large rooms
  • OLED touchscreen with smart home controls  

Our first pick by Xiaomi features a 360 degree cylindrical filter consisting of 3 layers (mesh, HEPA and charcoal) that filters down to 0.3 microns, while removing common household pollutants like dust and hair, and absorbing odours and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds. 

The Mi Air Purifier 3H has high effective coverage of up to 48 sqm, yet has a footprint no larger than an A4 piece of paper — ideal for use in the large bedrooms, living room or small offices. 

It also comes with OLED touchscreen controls and display that provides intuitive at-a-glance air quality information. Lastly, the inclusion of Mi Home smart controls ensures you can always enjoy clean, fresh air the moment you step into the home or office. 

Price: $184.90 onwards
Buy from: Shopee
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Review: A good quality, powerful product priced much cheaper than many of its competitors, the Mi Air Purifier 3H provides clean air at great value. 

Source: Philips

Philips Air Purifier – Series 2000

  • 3-layer filter (mesh/charcoal/nano-HEPA) captures particulates down to 0.003 microns
  • 99.97% allergen filtration 
  • Intelligent sensing and auto filtration 
  • 4 modes – auto, sleep, gentle. turbo

Great for larger homes or offices, the powerful Series 2000 Air Purifier from Philips has a total effective coverage up to 85 sqm and boasts particulate capture down to 0.003 microns that far outperforms the standard HEPA rating of 0.3 microns. 

The purifier comes installed with a NanoProtect HEPA Filter as part of a three-layer filtration system that also includes a fine mesh pre-filter and activated charcoal layer. The device offers four modes of operation that include sleep, gentle, turbo and auto, the last of which uses smart sensing to automatically filter particles, harmful gases and indoor allergens. 

Add to that mobile app control, adaptive ambient lighting, intuitive colour-coded displays and a sleek, minimalist design, and this becomes an easy pick whether for the home or the office. 

Price: $499
Buy from: Best Denki
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Review: Great controls, sleek design, large space coverage and ultrafine filtering capacity of 0.003 microns make the rather large price tag worth it. 

Source: Augienb

Augienb Large Room Air Purifier

  • 6-stage HEPA filtration, plus humidifier function
  • Large coverage area, suitable for shared spaces
  • Auto-operation, adjusts fan speed according to air quality 

Launched by Hong Kong-owned home and furnishing company Augienb, this Large Room Air Purifier combines air purification with humidification functions. True to its name, this device boasts over 61 sqm of effective space coverage.

Featuring 6-stage filtration with HEPA-standard filters, this air purifier is capable of scrubbing the air clean of common household pollutants, allergens, germs and harmful gases, including formaldehyde and benzene.  

One drawback is its noise level of around 55 db, which may be too noisy for the bedroom. But no matter, with its large coverage, this air purifier is best suited to the living room, hallway or shared spaces at the office anyway. 

Price: $230.10
Buy from: Lazada
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Review: Slightly noisy, and utilitarian, but a solid option nonetheless for purifying air in large spaces. However, a relatively small water tank may restrict humidifying capability. Price is attractive.

Source: Dyson

Dyson Pure Cool Me

  • Attractive, futuristic design
  • Ultra-portable personal air purification and cooling
  • Glass HEPA filter captures down to 0.1 microns
  • Bladeless operation, child and pet safe

Who says you can’t have air purification, cooling and style all at the same time? The aptly named Dyson Pure Cool Me will earn you the envy of your colleagues as it sits prettily on your desk delivering fresh, crisp air to your personal corner of the office. 

This portable air purifier features an activated carbon and glass HEPA filter capable of capturing particles down to 0.1 microns, while simultaneously removing odours, gases and other atmospheric pollutants. The unique dome design with 70 degree swivel capacity delivers focused airflow wherever you need it. 

Weighing just 2.7kg, the 2-in-1 Dyson Pure Cool Me is best for personal workspaces and bedside use. Its signature bladeless operation also makes this a safe choice for homes with curious young children or pets. 

Price: $499
Buy from: Lazada
Rating: 4 out of 5
Review: The high price is why this air purifier didn’t get a higher rating, but if you can spare the money, the Dyson Pure Cool Me is any awesome way to indulge yourself.  

Source: TruSens

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier

  • Combination carbon and HEPA filter, with UV sanitisation 
  • Dual airflow streams for further and more even air distribution
  • Built-in handle for easy portability

With effective coverage of up to 23 sqm, the TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier is a great option for small bedrooms or offices. 

Featuring a contemporary design, the purifier utilises activated carbon and HEPA-standard air filtration to effectively cleanse air of commonly found pollutants and harmful substances such as gases and volatile organic compounds. 

Trapped bacteria and harmful microbes are destroyed with the built-in UV light filter, providing another layer of protection.

The Z-1000 weighs in at just 4kg, and has a built-in handle for increased portability. 

Price: $209
Buy from: Metro
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Review: Good coverage, HEPA-standard air filtration and UV light sanitisation, all in a portable, affordable package. 

Source: Sharp

Sharp Air Purifier FP-J30E-A

  • HEPA-standard filtration combined with Plasmacluster technology
  • Generates ions found in nature to suspend airborne viruses and microbes
  • Captures pollutants and deodorizes air 

The Sharp Air Purifier FP-J30E-A is not only compact and cute, it also boasts effective air purification and odour removal capabilities. The air purifier not only features a HEPA-standard filtration system, it also comes with Sharp’s proprietary Plasmacluster technology. 

When in use, the device generates a constant stream of ions not unlike those found in nature. These have been proven to capture airborne microbes, and preliminary tests prove they can work against COVID-19 that causes COVID-19. 

Additionally, Plasmacluster technology is also known for its strong deodorizing capabilities, creating fresh, clean air so you can breathe easy. 

With effective coverage of up to 23 sqm, Sharp’s air purifier is suitable for cleansing and purifying bedrooms or small offices. 

Price: $349
Buy from: Courts
Rating: 4 out of 5
Review: Compact, cute and with proven microbe-busting capabilities, this would be a great buy, if it weren’t quite so expensive. 

Source: Qoo10/Samsung

Samsung Air Purifier BlueSky 3000

  • Triple-layer filter removes particles as fine as 0.02 microns
  • Soft-touch controls with intuitive LED displays
  • Effective coverage up to 40 sqm

The Samsung Air Purifier BlueSky 3000 is not only pretty to look at, it also provides powerful air purification for your home or office and has an effective coverage of up to 40 sqm. 

With a triple layer filtration system consisting of a mesh, carbon and ultrafine filter that filters down to 0.02 microns, the BlueSky 3000 offers professional-grade purification without the noise — maximum noise reaches just 48 db. 

The device has two separate sensors – one for dust and one for gases – and is capable of responding automatically to prevailing air quality. It has an intuitive colour-coded LED display that keeps you informed as the air is purified. 

Alternatively, you can also monitor and control your air quality by linking your BlueSky 3000 with your mobile phone via an app. 

Price: $329
Buy from: Qoo10
Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Review: Slightly expensive, but the large capacity, powerful filtration and cool design make up for it. 

Source: Novita

Novita 4-in-1 Air Purifier A4S

  • Combines air filtration, humidification, ionisation and sanitisation
  • Multilayer HEPA filter traps particles and removes odours, gases and germs
  • Generates negative ions to eliminate allergens and microbes
  • Cleanroom standard purification 

If you’re looking for the ultimate in home or office purification, Novita has got you covered. 

The 4-in-1 A4S Air Purifier is able to deliver purification so thorough, your space can pass for a cleanroom (you know, where they make medicines and computer chips and stuff that demand rigorous purity?)

This A4S achieves this frankly mind-boggling feat through a combination of functions. First it employs a multilayer HEPA filter that incorporates catalyst and activated carbon filters to collectively trap, remove and eliminate air pollutants, allergens and germs.

Then, the device has a built-in negative ion generator that releases negative ions to further eliminate any leftover allergens or microbes, while also promoting alertness and improving energy, relieving stress and drowsiness.  

And if that’s still not clean enough for you, feel free to add Novita’s optional Air Purifying Solution Concentrate to oxidise and eliminate any (remaining) harmful germs via the humidifier function. 

The A4S Air Purifier has a maximum effective coverage of 120 sqm, making it a suitable option anywhere from large homes to small conference halls. 

Price: $799
Buy from: Novita
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Review: If you absolutely must have a home or office that’s clean enough for you to eat off the floor, the price isn’t actually that bad. 

Things to note before you buy an air purifier

When in doubt, go with the big brands

While air purifiers come in many brands and makes, it is worthwhile to go with trusted big name brands, even if you have to spend slightly more. The last thing you want is to spend money on an untested brand, only to receive a substandard product that is noisy, runs hot, of poor quality or doesn’t work as advertised. 

Consider filter lifespans

All air purifiers will need to have their filters replaced with use — typically after 24 to 36 months of usage — in order to continue functioning well. You should take the cost of replacement filters into account when choosing an air purifier, as some brands may be more expensive than others, while others may last longer. Also, choose the right type of filter according to your needs; there’s no point paying extra for premium filters if you or your family have been doing ok with a regular one installed.

Buy only genuine replacement parts

Resist the temptation to buy counterfeit filters or replacement parts, even though they may be cheaper and claim to have the same capabilities. Using fake filters generic replacements may affect the effectiveness of your air purifier. In the long run, they may also cause damage or other problems which could shorten the lifespan of your air purifier. 

Choose according to room size

Be sure to pick an air purifier with an effective coverage that is close to the size of the room you plan to use it in. A purifier that is too small won’t be able to properly do the job, while picking one that is too large won’t make your room ultra clean, well not beyond the capacity of the device anyway. You may want to consider getting a mix of large and small air purifiers for the best fit. 

Be sure to shop around

For simplicity, we have linked the best deal we found for each of our 8 picks at the time of writing. However, you should know that air purifiers are sold by a great number of vendors that include big box electronics stores to independent agents online. If you’re interested in a model, be sure to spend some time shopping around. You just may score a sale, or be offered a newer model for the same price range. 

Don’t forget your credit card perks

As air purifiers fall under electronics, you can get more bang from your buck if you charge them to the right credit cards. For example, the OCBC Titanium Rewards Credit Card – Blue Card FaceOCBC Titanium Rewards card offers 10x points (equivalent to 4 miles per dollar) when you spend at electronics stores. Another great credit card is the American Express CapitaCard, which gives you bonus points when you shop at CapitaLand Malls. 

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