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Great Eastern Personal Accident Insurance Plans: Which One Is Right For You?

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 13 July, 2021

Of the eight personal accident plans offered by Great Eastern, which ones are best on their own, and which ones as riders? 

Great Eastern Life offers a whopping eight personal accident plans in total, each catered to a particular set of needs.

Unless you’re familiar with how insurance plans work, and have a clear understanding of your personal accident coverage needs, it can be intimidating trying to find the right plan. 

To help you narrow down your choices, we’re summarised the eight plans in today’s post, highlighting their key benefits and coverage levels

However, before you purchase a plan, be sure to check with a qualified financial adviser first - someone from Great Eastern Life would be best, in this case.

GE personal accident plans at a glance

Name of planSummary of planKey benefitsBase coverage
GREAT Protector ActiveHigh coverage plan against accidental death or permanent disablementBoost cover by up to 1.5x under specific conditions
Includes accidental medical reimbursement
Up to S$3 million for permanent disability
Up to S$1 million for accidental death
Up to S$7,500 for medical expenses
GREAT Protector JuniorChildren’s plan that covers against personal accidents and illnesses3x payout under specific conditions
Includes benefits for accidental medical, mobility aids and reconstructive surgery 
Includes education assurance fund

Up to S$150,000 for permanent disability
Up to S$100,000 for accidental death 
GREAT Golden ProtectorPersonal accident plan for those aged 40 or more3x payout under specific conditions
Includes benefits for accidental medical, mobility aids and post-hospitalisation care
Additional benefits for loss of ADL (activities of daily living)
Up to S$135,000 for permanent disability
Up to S$90,000 for accidental death 
AccidentCare Plus IICustomisable personal accident plan that includes full cover for motorcyclists, bonus coverage for womenFlexible personal accident coverage in Singapore and abroad
Extra 20% bonus benefits for women
Full coverage for motorcyclists
As specified 
Essential ProtectorBasic cover against accidental death and permanent disablementUp to 3x payout for accidental death or disablement during travel
Up to 2x payout for accidental death or disablement as a passenger or driver
Free accidental permanent disablement for children under 17
Guaranteed acceptance between age 17 and 65
Up to S$200,000 each for accidental death or permanent disablement for you and your spouse 
Up to S$600,000 per child for accidental permanent disablement 
Essential Protector PlusGlobal personal accident plan with medical expense benefits24-hour worldwide protection
20% bonus benefits for women
Guaranteed acceptance
Up to S$200,000 for accidental death or permanent disablement

PA SupremePremium personal accident plan with comprehensive benefits Worldwide 24-hour accident cover with high sum assured
Weekly benefits for temporary disablement
Includes medical benefits and funeral expenses 
Up to S$500,000 for death and permanent disablement
Up to S$50,000 for evacuation or repatriation 
Prestige PA CareGlobal emergency and personal accident plan for high net worth individualsWorldwide personal accident coverage, including terrorism
Optional medical benefits and emergency assistance services
Choose your own coverage level 
Up to S$3.5 million for death and permanent disablement

GREAT Protector Active

If you’re looking for a plan that is mainly focused on providing robust cover against accidental death and/or permanent disablement, the GREAT Protector Active might be the ideal plan.

It features high base sums assured of up to S$3 million for permanent disablement, and up to S$1 million for accidental death. 

Benefit booster for 1.5x sum assured

Additionally, the plan comes with a ‘benefit booster’ clause that raises the sum assured by 1.5 times if you suffer an accident as a pedestrian, cyclist or a passenger. This booster also applies if you suffer any accidental death or injury while overseas.

Other notable benefits

GREAT Protector Active offers a modest benefit of up to S$7,500 for medical expenses per accident. You may need to tap into your Medishield Life plan to help cover additional hospitalisation costs. 

GREAT Protector Junior

A personal accident plan for parents to insure their children against personal accidents and infectious diseases, along with benefits for medical costs and rehabilitation.

The sums assured provided are up to S$150,000 for permanent disability and S$100,000 for accidental death.

Education assurance grant

In addition, GREAT Protector Junior also furnishes an education assurance grant of S$100,000, which can be used to help enroll your child in special needs institutions for educational purposes. 

Other notable benefits

The plan also provides:

  • Accidental medical expenses reimbursement: up to S$9,000
  • Fractures, dislocations and burns: up to S$8,000
  • Reconstructive surgery: up to S$5,000
  • Mobility aids reimbursement: up to S$1,500

GREAT Golden Protector 

For those who’ve reached the big four-oh and have yet to sign up for a personal accident plan, Great Eastern’s offering will set you nicely towards your golden years (but hey, 40 isn’t all that old!).

How it does this is by bundling personal accident coverage together with benefits that are more commonly found in elderly care plans. These include high sums assured for loss of activities of daily living and fractures, which can be debilitating when you’re older.

3x sum assured

The base sums assured for permanent disability and accidental death is rather lacklustre at S$135,000 and S$90,000 respectively, but this is alleviated by the triple indemnity clause that triples these payouts in accidents while using public conveyance, private motor cars, or personal mobility devices.  

Other notable benefits

The plan also provides:

  • Accidental medical expenses reimbursement: up to S$4,000
  • Fractures, dislocations and burns: up to S$25,000
  • Loss of ability to perform activities of daily living: up to S$45,000
  • Post-hospitalisation care: up to S$1,500
  • Guaranteed acceptance up to age 75

AccidentCare Plus II

Personal accident insurance can be expensive for those with occupations that are deemed of higher risk. For example, manual labourers and those who work with or around heavy machinery. 

As such, the ability to customise your own protection plan is a good way to strike a balance between getting adequate coverage and doing so affordably. 

Great Eastern’s AccidentCare Plus II is a fully customisable personal accident plan that provides coverage against accidental death and permanent disablement, along with a few other perks.

Choose your own benefits level

The key feature of this plan is that sums assured are priced according to units of coverage, allowing you to choose your benefits level. 

For example, accidental death coverage is priced from S$7 per annum (depending on your occupation class) per S$10,000 sum assured, major permanent disablement from S$1.75 per annum per S$10,000 sum assured, and so on.

Other notable benefits

You may also customise your own benefits levels for the following:

  • Medical expenses reimbursement
  • Hospitalisation daily benefit
  • Evacuation and repatriation 
  • Mobility aids reimbursement

Essential Protector

This is a basic personal accident plan suitable for those looking to shore up their accidental death or disability benefits without having to spend too much on premiums. 

There are two plans offered here: an individual plan and a family plan. The latter allows both you and your spouse to be nominated as the two Lives Assured in the policy, which may result in some premium savings. 

It also extends free cover against accidental permanent disablement for all children under 17, making it a good choice for families seeking to hedge against the negative impact of serious accidents. 

Up to 3x sums assured

Essential Protector’s base sums assured are pretty moderate at up to S$200,000 for accidental death or permanent disablement. 

However, this goes up to 2x should the incident occur on public or private transport as a passenger or driver, and up to 3x during air travel. 

Other notable benefits

This basic plan is also easy to sign up for, as it offers guaranteed acceptance as long as you’re between 17 and 65 years old, and free of mobility problems and disabilities. 

There’s also a 5% premium discount you can enjoy when you renew your plan from Year 2 onwards.   

Essential Protector Plus 

Essential Protector Plus offers worldwide, 24/7 personal accident protection along with selected medical expense benefits. 

While a capable plan, its relatively low sum assured of up to S$200,000 for accidental death or permanent disablement, as well as limited benefits for medical claims and expenses, makes it better suited as a rider.

Pair this with your main insurance portfolio to get some needed coverage if you or your family spends a significant amount of time overseas.

24-hour worldwide protection, including against terrorism

This is where Essential Protector Plus shines. It is one of the few insurance plans that offer cover for acts of terrorism, which will be useful if you find yourself travelling in unstable regions. 

Other notable benefits

The plan also provides:

  • 20% bonus benefits for women (death, permanent disablement and hospital income)
  • Fractures, dislocations and burns: Up to S$8,000
  • Mobility aids reimbursement: Up to S$2,000 
  • Hospital income benefit (dengue fever and food poisoning): Up to S$200 per day for a maximum of 180 days

PA Supreme

This plan is created for those seeking high-level, global insurance protection for the whole family.

PA Supreme pays up to S$500,000 for accidental death or permanent disablement per adult, and S$25,000 per child.

Benefits for temporary disablement

Unlike most other personal accident plans, PA Supreme also offers benefits for temporary disability. You will receive a weekly payout of up to S$500 each week, with a maximum payout period of 104 weeks.

Other notable benefits

The plan also provides: 

  • Medical expenses benefits: Up to S$7,000
  • Hospitalisation benefit: Up to S$300 per day (maximum 90 days)
  • Mobility aids benefit: Up to S$1,000
  • Evacuation or repatriation: Up to S$50,000
  • Funeral expense: Up to S$3,000

Prestige PA Care

And finally, we have Prestige PA Care, which is a plan catered to high-net-worth individuals who may seek peace of mind with added emergency assistance services.

At its most basic, the plan offers only one benefit: up to S$3.5 million for death and permanent disablement. Everything else is bundled together as an optional supplement.

To its credit, Great Eastern has opted to offer this plan on a per-unit basis, which allows you to choose your own level of protection and benefits (and control how much you pay in premiums).

Optional emergency assistance services

Prestige PA Care offers a suite of optional emergency assistance services that may be useful in times of emergency. 

Some of the bundled services include non-medical escort, return of minor children and emergency evacuation. 

Other notable benefits

The plan also provides:

  • Medical expense reimbursement: Up to S$20,000
  • Compassionate visit reimbursement
  • Additional accommodation expenses
  • Repatriation of mortal remains

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An ex-Financial Planner with a curiosity about what makes people tick, Alevin’s mission is to help readers understand the psychology of money. He’s also on an ongoing quest to optimise happiness and enjoyment in his life.


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