8 Best Old Folks Homes & Nursing Homes In Singapore – Cost, Locations For Elderly Care

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Guest Contributor

Last updated 11 May, 2022

Are you looking for an old folks home or a nursing home for your loved one? Here’s all the information you need on residential and care options for the elderly. 


You may not have a spacious home or quality time to care for your elderly loved ones due to a busy schedule or other reasons that make it difficult to assist them.

As a result, old folks homes and nursing homes could be an option to provide residential care. They make your loved ones feel safe and comfortable through the services they provide. 

You may be asking yourself where you should start when looking for the best old folks homes and nursing homes. Our detailed guide will assist you with just that. 

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Old folks homes and nursing homes in Singapore

The difference between the two is that old folks homes are residential facilities where the elderly are free to do as they please, with leisure activities, adequate healthcare facilities and socialisation opportunities provided. The residents depend on themselves and don't need assistance. 

On the other hand, nursing homes are care facilities where the elderly are taken care of, as usually they are suffering from an illness or disability and need assistance for their daily life activities, including showering, going to the toilet and eating. 

How much do such homes cost?  

Before government subsidies, nursing homes cost between S$1,200 and S$3,600 a month. Old folks homes' costs are similar. The price may vary for the following reasons:

  • The level of care required: e.g., if resident needs adult diapers, special needs ambulance services, or therapy sessions.
  • The number of people sharing a room: those who need private beds will have to pay more, at around S$4,000 to S$6,500 a month.
  • Whether the senior is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.

If you find nursing homes to be expensive, you can try home-based care services since they are more cost-effective – priced between S$20 to S$25 an hour. This is also an appropriate alternative for your loved ones if you want them to stay in an area they are familiar with.

How can you get a nursing home subsidy?

As a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, you can get government-funded subsidies for intermediate and long-term care services, which include nursing homes. 

You must already be getting treatment from a MOH-funded service provider. In order to determine the subsidy amount, you must complete a household means test. The means test is based on the factors listed below: 

  • The annual value of the place you stay.
  • The number of family members living in that household.
  • Gross income of the individual in need of care, his/her spouse and family members living in the same household. 

Subsidies are available in varying amounts for various income categories. The table below displays the subsidies for nursing home patients.

Monthly per capita household income  Subsidy Levels
Permanent Residents Singapore Citizens
S$800 and below 50% 75%
S$801 to S$1,200 40% 60%
S$1,201 to S$1,900 30% 50%
S$1,901 to S$2,000 20% 40%
S$2,001 to S$2,800 10% 20%
S$2,801 and above 0% 0%

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Best nursing homes and old folks homes in Singapore

If you are searching for a nursing home or old folks home for your relatives, below are some of the best to look into.

#1 Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home is one of the best elderly care homes in Singapore, with plenty of experience under its belt since it has been operating for more than 50 years. It provides services to seniors who don't qualify for government-funded homes but who can’t afford expensive private homes. 

The home’s staff includes nurses, doctors, dieticians, caregivers, therapists and pharmacists. These are some of the services they provide: nursing care, rehabilitation care, daycare and mental health counselling. 

Thomson: 1 Thomson Lane, Singapore 297728  
Silat: 148A Silat Ave, Singapore 168871

Tel: +65 6256 8502 (Thomson) / +65 6276 2493 (Silat)

#2 Orange Valley 

Orange Valley is one of the largest private nursing homes in Singapore. It can accommodate over 900 residents and is well-known in Singapore.

It has five branches that are located all over the island. They offer short-term and long-term residential nursing care that doesn't cost much.

They also have different rooms that you can choose from: single-bed, two-bed and multi-bed rooms. 

Address and Tel: Multiple outlets 

#3 Bright Hill Evergreen Home

Considered one of the best nursing homes in Singapore, Bright Hill Evergreen Home provides the elderly with healthcare and a comfortable home. It overlooks the natural surroundings of Punggol Waterway, providing a relaxing and peaceful environment for the elderly. 

The home’s healthcare workers and nurses take care of the elderly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and medical professionals make regular visits.

Services they provide include residential nursing and medical care, social services and counselling, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Address: 100 Punggol Field, Singapore 828811
Tel: +65 6459 3492

#4 St John’s Home for Elderly Persons 

St John's Home for Elderly Persons was started in 1958 and shelters seniors who are above 60 and ambulant. They provide care and shelter to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the seniors who lack proper care and shelter.

Besides residential care, they provide counselling services and physiotherapy programmes. 

Address: 1 Willow Avenue, Singapore 347508
Tel: +65 6285 4446

#5 St Andrew's Nursing Home

St Andrew’s Nursing Home is a good example of a private nursing home in Singapore that looks after the elderly with health conditions and disabilities. It has professional caregivers and nurses who can provide appropriate support. 

It also provides long-term care to psychiatric patients. It has been awarded for its dementia care, and allows the elderly to enjoy outdoor activities in a garden with walkways and benches.

Address and Tel: Multiple outlets 

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#6 Charis Manor Nursing Home

Charis Manor excels as a dementia-friendly nursing home in Singapore. It has different facilities that include rehabilitation centres, dining options like a cafe for families to interact within, an in-house restaurant, and a therapeutic garden.

They also feature a variety of accommodation alternatives, such as rooms with a single bed, four beds, or seven beds, with prices starting at S$2,700 per month before subsidies.

At Charis Manor, you won’t need to worry about your elderly loved ones since they’ll receive 24-hour care. 

Address: 39 Sims Ave, Singapore 387412
Tel: +65 6741 8566

#7 Geylang East Home For The Aged

Geylang East Home For The Aged was established in 1978 as a charitable welfare organisation to provide care for the elderly. It is a popular home for the elderly and provides your loved ones with the care that they need. It offers residential care for those with limited financial and social support. 

They have different programmes such as walks and outings, physical exercise classes, recreational activities, daily health supervision, and regular screenings.

Address: 97 Aljunied Crescent, #01-439, Singapore 380097
Tel: +65 6745 3465

#8 Peacehaven Nursing Home

Peacehaven Nursing Home, which has around 500 beds, provides quality care to the elderly, sick and weak who have physical and mental ailments and have no or limited care at home.

They feature 14 residential living spaces intended to meet a variety of medical needs. For example, one of the resident living rooms is specifically designed for persons who have dementia.

Address: 9 Upper Changi Road North, Singapore 507706
Tel: +65 6546 5678

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What makes for a good nursing home or old folks home? 

When looking for a nursing home or elderly persons’ home, there are a few factors to consider to determine what is best for your loved ones.

Staff quality

The quality of the home's staff is one of the most crucial factors to consider since they will be caring for your loved one. Engage with the team and see how they interact with the seniors while you're there.

Observe if they remember the names of the seniors and their attitudes when they are greeting them. Check whether the home has enough staff to take care of the residents.

Living conditions

When visiting a nursing home or old folks home for the first time, take note of the hygiene of the facility and the placement of senior-proof components such as handrails and bar grips.

Note the security measures in place, the amount of natural light in the rooms, the amount of space in each room for every resident, and the kind of outdoor activities they provide.


Try to choose an old folks home or nursing home near you. With a facility nearby, it’ll be easier and more convenient to visit your loved one often. 

You should know the facility's visiting hours to plan your schedule and ensure the visiting hours don't clash with your working hours.

Food quality and options

The food that residents consume daily is critical to their physical well-being. You want to make sure that your loved one is getting the nutrients they need while still appreciating the food they're eating.

This is both good for their physical health and also suitable for their behavioural and mental health.

Noise level

The level of noise might not have a big impact on visitors, but it can significantly impact residents' well-being. Check if the nursing home is peaceful and pleasant, if the patients or staff are noisy, or if the residents or staff are continuously bombarded by sounds from the surroundings, such as from televisions and radios.

Check whether your relative prefers a busy environment or prefers to unwind in quiet. Choose a care home with a noise level that is suitable for them.

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