5 Reasons Why Every Millennial Needs Personal Accident Insurance

SingSaver team

SingSaver team

Last updated 30 June, 2021

Personal accident insurance provides financial benefits in the event of injury, disability or death. Should millennials pay attention to this type of insurance? We think so. Read on to find out why.

For blue collar workers with mouths to feed, personal accident (or PA) insurance is definitely a good idea. After all, they face occupational hazards daily, and the financial consequences of injuries could be dire.

That said, PA insurance is also worth considering even if you’re a young, healthy millennial, working in a regular office job. Here are five scenarios where PA insurance would come in handy.

Scenario #1: Fitness injuries

Work, gym, eat, repeat — that’s the daily grind for many millennials who place a high value on health and fitness.

Unfortunately, the gym (or dance studio or MMA class) is also where injuries commonly happen. The more intensively you train, the more strain your body is under, and the higher the risk of injury, no matter how young and strong you are.

If your fitness injury is severe enough to require medical attention, a personal accident insurance plan offers benefits such as medical expenses coverage, physiotherapy coverage, hospitalisation income and even transport allowance.

Scenario #2: YOLO travel

Maybe you’re the spontaneous type who likes to jump on a plane whenever the mood strikes, and you’re willing to try just about any travel experience at least once.

We certainly hope you didn’t leave home without travel insurance.

... But on the off chance that you forgot, a PA insurance policy typically offers worldwide coverage. You may not be able to claim for luggage delays, but incidents like injuries and food poisoning are covered.

Scenario #3: Road riding

Love feeling the wind in your face as you ride around on your bicycle, e-bike or motorbike?

Hate to be a wet blanket — but if you ride, do consider getting personal accident insurance to cover the very real risks you face on the road. In 2019, there were over 400 recorded accidents involving cyclists and e-bikes and over 4,000(!) cases of motorbike accidents.

As a vulnerable road user, getting into an accident could be financially crippling (if not actually physically crippling).

Bear in mind that, even if you come out unscathed, there is the issue of liability (i.e. paying damages to someone else) to worry about. Personal accident insurance covers that as well.

Scenario #4: Gig economy

If you work gigs that require you to be out and about — such as food delivery rider or freelance videographer, for example — then you should consider personal accident insurance.

That’s because your work environment is constantly changing, which means more risk compared to a regular desk job.

On top of that, gig workers usually do not get medical leave, so an injury may mean loss of income. PA insurance helps with both medical expenses and loss of income.

Scenario #5: Infectious disease

As the current pandemic has shown us, age is no barrier for infectious diseases.

Just because you’re young and healthy doesn’t mean you are immune to diseases like COVID-19 or dengue. In fact, young adults now account for a substantial chunk of COVID-19 cases in Singapore.

Some personal accident insurance plans cover infectious diseases, offering medical expenses and hospitalisation income benefits. Should the worst happen, your PA insurance policy will pay out a lump sum to your loved ones.

Yes, it is a little dark, and not something you would want to claim for, if possible. But it is something important to consider when evaluating personal accident insurance plans.

Personal accident insurance isn’t just for hard labourers and blue collar workers. In fact, even the average millennial in Singapore is exposed to some level of risk, despite our relatively cushy lifestyles. 

PA insurance is a great umbrella product for common scenarios that can catch anyone off-guard. And it’s really affordable, too.

Feel free to reach out to SingSaver Insurance Brokers Pte. Ltd. at insurance_enquiry@singsaver.com.sg or call +65 31382648 if you have any enquiries on coverage related to personal accident plans.

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