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Why You Should Nominate Beneficiaries For Your Insurance Policies & How To Nominate

By Denise Bay

Ever wondered what would happen to your insurance policies’ proceeds after you’ve passed on? It’s time you find out more about beneficiary nomination and what it truly entails.   The nomination of beneficiary or beneficiaries may… Read More

Do You Know What Goes On Your Credit Report?

By Guest Contributor

Your credit report is a record of your credit payment history compiled from banks and major financial institutions. Now, what’s a credit score? It’s simply a number in your credit report that indicates how likely… Read More

Should You Get A Credit Card When You Start A Job?

By Guest Contributor

If you’ve just finished college and entered the workforce, you would’ve probably pondered over getting a credit card. After all, it marks your entry into a financially independent journey as a working professional. The allure… Read More