10 Best Weighing Scales For Everything From Weight Management To Body Composition Measurement

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 24 November, 2021

Feeling guilty about that extra serving of dessert last night? Don’t fret. Take back clarity and control of your weight and health with these 10 best weighing scales and body composition analysers.

Weighing ourselves regularly is a simple yet important task that we all too often ignore. However, there are many benefits to this habit, as it can alert us to sudden weight changes that should be investigated, or simply as a reminder to keep our weight within a healthy range. 

Besides, weighing scales these days are capable of so much more than merely telling us our weight. These body composition analysers can measure and record crucial health data, such as body fat percentage, visceral fat ratio, basal metabolism rate, and so on. Some advanced models can even link up with your mobile device to create records of your health parameters.

Here are 10 great weighing scales for every budget, purpose and taste that will help you take back - and stay in - control of your weight.  

10 best weighing scales for the fitness freak in your life

Weighing scaleFeaturesPrice
Tanita 9-in-1 Body Composition Monitor - Digital weighing scale
- Measures nine different body composition factors
- Battery operated
- Maximum capacity of 150kg
S$168 at tangs.com
Soehnle Loupe Analog Weighing Scale - Analog weighing scale
- Magnifying lens included for accurate reading
- Maximum capacity of 130kg
S$45 at tangs.com
Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 - Digital weighing scale capable of measuring 13 different data points
- Works with Mi Fit app
- Battery operated
- Maximum capacity of 150kg
S$34.90 at tangs.com
Omron Digital Body Weight Scale HN-289 - Battery operated
- Four sensors for heightened accuracy (to nearest 100gm)
- Maximum capacity of 150kg
S$37 at Omron
Fitbit Aria Air Bluetooth Smart Scale - Works with Fitbit app and devices for smart health tracking
- Supports multiple users, each with their own Fitbits
- Battery operated
- Maximum capacity of 180kg
S$53 at Amazon Singapore
Elecom Body Analyser Scale - Capable of seven different measurements
- Battery operated
- Backlit digital display
- Large size, easy to use 
- Maximum capacity of 150kg
S$60 at Harvey Norman
Laica PS1065 Electronic Weighing Scale - Italian design with wood print
- Elegant timeless aesthetic
- Battery operated
- Maximum capacity of 180kg
S$45 at Harvey Norman
Laica PS7011 Electronic Body Scale With Composition - Digital smart scale with five measurements
- Can send data to mobile via Bluetooth
- Battery operated
- Maximum capacity of 180kg
S$75 at Harvey Norman
OTO W-Scale - Body composition analyser and digital weighing scale in one
- Offers five different analyses
S$168 at OTO

Tanita 9-in-1 Body Composition Monitor

Source: Tangs

Price: S$168 at tangs.com

Get a comprehensive overview of your body’s state with the Tanita 9-in-1 Body Composition Monitor. 

Step up onto the scale with your bare feet and you can effortlessly measure nine critical body factors, including weight, body fat percentage, total body water, muscle mass, metabolic age, and more.

You’ll need to click each corresponding button to view a particular measurement, but that’s a minor inconvenience considering the simplicity and amount of data offered.

Comes in stylish light grey that matches any bathroom or bedroom decor.

Soehnle Loupe Analog Digital Weighing Scale

Source: Tangs

Price: S$45 at tangs.com

Pairing modern industrial styling with old-school functionality, the Soehnle Loupe Analog Weighing Scale offers quick and easy body weight measurement for individuals weighing up to 130kg. 

The spring-operated mechanism means there’s no need for a power source, so you can weigh yourself anytime you wish. 

For enhanced accuracy, this weighing scale comes with a zeroing dial, and a magnifying lens to help you achieve an accurate readout. 

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

Source: Tangs

Price: S$34.90 at tangs.com

If you’re a fan of Xiaomi (or just love quality, low-cost products that work well), you should give the Mi Body Composition Scale 2 a go. 

Sporting Xiaomi’s signature toned down homeware aesthetics, the Scale 2 hides some powerful capabilities within its unassuming form. 

Strong and easy to clean, the tempered glass top can withstand up to 150kg of force. Four metallic discs in the corners evoke a scientific motif, but in reality, they are there to collect data across a whopping 13 measurement points. 

But that’s not all. This digital body weight scale is also a smart scale, so you can connect it with the Mi Fit app on your phone to support your fitness goals. 

All that with just four AAA-sized batteries, and a sub-S$35 price tag!

Omron Digital Body Weight Scale HN-289

Source: Omron

Price: S$37 at Omron

Sleek and simple, the Omron Digital Body Weight Scale HN-289 offers a quick, convenient and accurate way to keep track of your weight. 

The scale incorporates four sensors in total for heightened accuracy, measuring your weight to the nearest 100 gram. You can also switch between three different metrics - kilogramme, pounds and stones. Additionally, the auto power on/off operation helps you save power and avoid frequent battery changes.  

This model comes in a gorgeous turquoise-blue that is sure to cheer you up, even if the numbers on the scale don’t.

Fitbit Aria Air Bluetooth Smart Scale

Source: Amazon

Price: S$53 at Amazon Singapore

The Fitbit Aria Air Bluetooth Smart Scale is designed to work seamlessly with your other Fitbit devices and health trackers, making it the best option for quick and easy weight management. 

Bluetooth-enabled, all you have to do is to have your phone nearby when weighing yourself, and the smart scale will automatically beam your weight data over to your Fitbit app. This data is then incorporated with the readings from your other devices to give you a richer picture of your overall health. 

One potential downside is that the Aria Air only measures body weight, and doesn’t provide other readings such as body fat composition and the like. Nevertheless, it is a reasonably priced, convenient way to incorporate weight data in your Fitbit suite. 

Elecom Body Analyser Scale

Source: Harvey Norman

Price: S$60 at Harvey Norman

Eschewing the bioimpedance method of measuring body composition (which involves running  a mild electric current through your body; this might pose risks to those with pacemakers), the Elecom Body Analyser Scale instead utilises a mathematical formula to come with the similar readings. 

This alternative method, developed using MRI data provided by the University of Tsukuba, is capable of producing up to seven types of readings - weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, bone mass and basal metabolism.

Thus, the Elecom Body Analyser Scale offers a risk-free way for users of all health statuses to get a view of their body composition, and might be the best choice for households with members using powered medical implants.

It also has a backlit digital display for easier reading, and an outsized weighing platform for ease of use. 

Laica PS1065 Electronic Weighing Scale

Source: Harvey Norman

Price: S$45 at Harvey Norman

With its elegant tempered glass finish and classic wood print, this weighing scale looks like it belongs in a swanky hotel room. 

Bring a touch of classic Italian design to your bedroom or bathroom with the Laica Electronic Weighing Scale. Its sleek lines, large digital display and evocative aesthetics makes weighing yourself an enjoyable task.

Fitted with battery operation for convenience, and features sturdy construction that safely supports up to 180kg.

Laica PS7011 Electronic Body Scale With Composition

Source: Harvey Norman

Price: S$75 at Harvey Norman

Another option for a smart weighing scale capable of Bluetooth connectivity, the Laica PS7011 Body Scale offers a winning combination of utility and sophisticated good looks. 

This bioimpedance body composition scale can measure five different factors, ranging from body fat percentage, body water percentage, basal metabolism, BMI and skeletal musculature. It can also send the data gathered to your mobile device, allowing you to handily track your progress. 

Capable of taking up to 180kg in weight, the Laica PS7011 makes for a smart, stylish and affordable choice. 

OTO W-Scale

Source: OTO

Price: S$168 at OTO

From OTO Bodycare comes this body composition analyser and digital weighing scale-in one, a device designed to help you keep track of your health and weight management goals.

The W-Scale consists of two parts, a tempered glass-topped weighing scale, and a connected bioimpedance bar that you hold in your hands for body composition analyses. This design means that you don’t have to go barefoot when using the machine, which is a boon for those who do not like stepping on cold surfaces first thing in the morning. 

This digital, battery-operated weighing scale is calibrated to deliver precise measurements of your weight, body fat and water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass. The gathered data can be beamed to your mobile device, where you can use a proprietary app to keep track of your health records.

Ozeri Rev Electro-mechanical Bathroom Scale

Source: Amazon

Price: S$43 at Amazon Singapore

Digital weighing scales are all well and good, but if there’s one thing they lack, it’s the visceral pleasure of seeing the needle swing around the dial as you step on and off. 

Offering the best of both mechanical and electronic measurement, the Ozeri Rev Bathroom Scale utilises a combination weighing apparatus for a unique take on the mundane task of weighing yourself. You can enjoy the tactile feedback of the mechanical dial, along with the assurance of digital precision.

Beside, the retro stylings and chrome highlights make this an eye-catching conversation piece that will have your house guests clamouring to get on.

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