Sompo Travel Insurance Singapore Review 2020

Best for: Unexpected mishaps and unique Japan insurance coverage. These include the loss of passport, accidents, and baggage delay. It also provides bonus coverage such as reconstructive surgery, recuperation allowance due to accidental miscarriage, golf cover, and rental vehicle excess. Sompo stands out for its coverage for loss of frequent flyer points and a unique Go Japan! Plan. Prices start from as low as $24!
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  • Full Terrorism Cover (except for Vital Plan)
  • Covers Loss of Frequent Flyer Points
  • Cashless services at 740 clinics and hospitals when travelling to Japan (Go Japan! Plan Only)
  • No cover for any sports in a professional capacity
  • Claims arising from skin care products, health supplements, probiotics are excluded whether purchased OTC or prescribed by a registered medical practitioner
  • No cover for any articles sent as freight or any baggage forwarded in advance

Types of Plan

Sompo provides four tier of Plans with different coverage and pricing - Vital, Deluxe, Elite, Go Japan!. We will not be comparing Go Japan! Plan in the below sections, as that is similar to the Deluxe Plan in terms of most benefits (except for Medical Expenses benefit), catering for Japan travel ONLY. For more details, please read the full list of benefits and exclusions in the policy wording.
Plan Type Cancellation Medical Coverage (Overseas) Bags/Belongings
Vital $5,000 $150,000 $3,000
Deluxe $6,000 $300,000 $5,000
Elite $15,000 $1,000,000 $8,000

Vital Plan

Sompo Vital Plan caters for those who seek basic travel insurance coverage. In terms of personal cover, both personal accident and medical expenses incurred overseas are capped at $150,000 each. Travel inconvenience such as baggage delays covers up to $1,000 (capped at $100 every six hours).

Deluxe Plan

Sompo Deluxe Plan now features new attractive coverage such as emergency medical evacuation or repatriation required due to pre-existing medical conditions. Baggage delay is up to $1,000 (capped at $200 for the first six hours both overseas and in Singapore, and $125 per four hours while overseas after that). Personal accident coverage is at $250,000. Some of the additional offerings (different from Vital Plan) in the event of medical mishaps include:
  • Hospital Allowance For Hospitalisation In Singapore
  • Additional Accommodation & Travelling Expenses
  • Guardian For Return Of Dependent Children benefits
Bonus cover such as the following are also available with the Deluxe Plan:
  • Full Terrorism Cover
  • War Cover
  • Leisure Underwater Activities
  • Reconstructive Surgery Due To Burns
Be sure to read the full terms and conditions of coverage before purchase.

Elite Plan

Sompo Elite Plan offers the highest limit among the three plans. With a lower than average premium in its class, it provides $1 million Overseas Medical Coverage and Personal Accident Coverage of $500,000. The additional benefits from the Deluxe Plan are also covered in the Elite Plan, with some benefits given a higher limit.


Medical Exclusions Trip Inconvenience and Sports Exclusions
Detention, confiscation or destruction by customs or other officials or authorities Claims arising from any fraudulent, dishonest or unlawful act committed by You
Losses for which insurance is prohibited by law Health supplements, vitamins, prebiotics, probiotics and skin care products whether purchased over the counter or prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner
Any government intervention, prohibition or regulation Engaging in aerial activities (except for hot-air ballooning) or air travel except as a fare-paying passenger in any fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft but not as a member of the crew nor for the purpose of any trade or technical operation in or on the aircraft
Routine physical examinations, health check-ups or any other tests not related to the treatment or diagnosis of any Injury, Illness, or Sickness or any treatment of a preventive nature including vaccinations, treatment for obesity, weight reduction and weight improvement programmes Travel booked or undertaken against medical advice or for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment
Any Infectious Disease which is announced or notified as an epidemic or pandemic by the health authority in Singapore or the Government of the Republic of Singapore; and a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) HIV and/or any HIV related illness including AIDS and/or any mutant derivatives or variations thereof however caused


Basic Plan
Sompo Vital Plan Industry Basic Plan Average
1 week ASEAN $24 $26
1 week Asia $33 $32
1 week Worldwide $48 $46
Annual ASEAN NA $149
Annual Asia NA $208
Annual Worldwide NA $282
Mid-Tier Plan
Sompo Deluxe Plan Industry Mid-Tier Plan Average
1 week ASEAN $30 $33
1 week Asia $42 $41
1 week Worldwide $61 59
Annual ASEAN NA $206
Annual Asia $214 $242
Annual Worldwide $288 $332
Top-Shelf Plan
Sompo Elite Plan Industry Top-Shelf Plan Average
1 week ASEAN $38 $47
1 week Asia $57 $58
1 week Worldwide $70 $80
Annual ASEAN NA $269
Annual Asia $270 $310
Annual Worldwide $344 $430

How to Claim

Hotline: +65 6461 6555 24-Hour Emergency Assistance: +65 6532 2522 Website: Submit your claim online here. Address: Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd. 50 Raffles Place, #05-01/06 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623 Faster and easier to claim*:
  • Download Sompo SG from App Store or Google Play
  • Submit online for applicable types of claims
Remember to submit your claim within 30 days upon return.
Sompo Travel Insurance - Product Summary
Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
Sompo will pay the reasonable cost of transportation and en-route medical care incurred for evacuation to the nearest registered medical institution or return to Singapore for medical treatment. For Go Japan!, Elite and Deluxe plan, this section is extended to cover pre-existing conditions.
Full Terrorism Cover
Full terrorism coverage is made available (not applicable for Vital Plan)
Amateur Sports Coverage
Covers amateur sports such as hot-air balloon, parasailing, white-water rafting, snow-skiing and bungee jumping.
Loss of Frequent Flyer Points
Sompo will pay for loss of frequent flyer or similar travel points used by the Insured Person to purchase an airline ticket following the Trip Cancellation or Postponement if the Insured Person is unable to recover the lost points from any other source.
Rental Vehicle Excess Cover
Pays for any excess or deductible which you are liable to pay under the vehicle rental agreement in respect of loss or damage to the rental vehicle caused by an accident or theft of a rental vehicle during the rental period. Not applicable for Vital Plan.
Reconstructive Surgery Due to Burns
Sompo will reimburse for the medical expenses incurred in Singapore within twelve (12) months from the date of Accident for Skin Transplantation procedures due to Accidental burns sustained during Your Trip (must be certified by a Registered Medical Practitioner as medically necessary). This is not applicable for Vital Plan.