20 Important Milestones Worth Celebrating (Besides Getting Married)

Lauren Dado

Lauren Dado

Last updated 22 February, 2016
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Don't be stingy about celebrating your good life while you can.

Marriage is a beautiful, life-changing experience for every Singaporean. We’re not making an argument against getting married. But with all the social pressure to tie the knot, it feels like it’s the only benchmark against which our success gets measured.

We should remember that there are other personal, professional, and financial milestones worth celebrating. And the more you celebrate, the more life becomes worth celebrating.

So here’s a gentle reminder of what you can accomplish besides (or in addition to) getting married:

milestone first promotion

1. Getting a Promotion at Work

There’s nothing quite as validating and rewarding as receiving a promotion. It won’t be smooth sailing from here on, but it’s great sign that your career is moving forward as planned.

2. Accepting a Job Outside Your Comfort Zone

Whether you’ve entered a new industry or relocated to a foreign city, venturing outside your comfort zone will fast-track your personal and professional growth.

3. Traveling Alone for the First Time

It’s a brave first step into the world. And without the company of friends or family, you can have a truly immersive adventure that will transform your life.

4. Getting Your Own Mobile Plan

And realizing that when you’ve gone over your data cap, there are no more family arguments to be had.

5. Surviving a Devastating Breakup

Especially if you learn to find strength and growth from the experience and refuse to let it destroy you.

6. Having an Emergency Fund

Saving up at least 6 months’ salary for your emergency fund is no easy feat. Now make sure you actually use it for REAL emergencies.

7. Going On Your First Vacation With Your Significant Other

One that you paid entirely on your own, without help from your parents and without going into debt.

milestone first trip with partner

8. Owning Your First Credit Card (Not a Supplementary Card From Your Parents)

Owning a credit card is a major first step towards learning financial responsibility and building a healthy credit score. You can compare credit cards in Singapore using SingSaver.com.sg's comparison tools.

9. Finishing Law School, Medical School, or Getting Your Master’s Degree

This wasn’t an easy path, and you should be extremely proud of yourself for making it this far.

10. Taking Your Parents on a Vacation

After decades of raising you and giving you everything you need, this is your chance to finally treat your parents to something nice.

11. Investing Your Money For the First Time

Especially if you said no to get-rich-quick schemes and educated yourself about investments that suit your risk appetite and financial goals.

12. Making Dinner for Friends You Cooked Entirely Yourself

From scratch, like a real adult.

first cooked meal

13. Starting a Fitness Plan

Get fit because it’s right for your body, and not just because you’re jumping on the athleisure trend.

14. Putting a Down Payment on Your First Flat

Scraping up that first S$150,000 isn’t easy!

15. Making a Major Physical Change

Whether it’s a tattoo, new haircut, or a better wardrobe, it’s a big step to make a huge physical change you aren’t quite ready for.

16. Earning Your First Professional Certification

Learning shouldn’t stop just because your formal education ended.

17. Buying Your First Car

Singapore is the most expensive city to be a car owner. You’re truly fortunate to be able to afford one.

first car

18. Doing Something That’s Always Terrified You

Whether it’s bungee jumping or starting your own business, you deserve recognition for pursuing something that scares you.

19. Treating Yourself to Luxuries You Can Comfortably Afford

It’s important to know the difference between rewarding yourself and being reckless with your money.

20. Knowing You Have Enough Money to Retire Comfortably

Most Singaporeans are afraid of outliving their retirement savings. Because you’ve planned, saved, and invested, you’re not one of them.


Lauren is the Content Manager at SingSaver.com.sg. When she’s not helping people save time and money, she’s doing yoga, hunting for bargains, and scoring travel deals.


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