5 Budget-Friendly In-Store Bicycle Shops To Start Off Your New Year’s Fitness Goals On The Right Foot

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 24 December, 2021

Want to start cycling in 2022 but don’t know where to get good quality bicycles with wallet-friendly prices? We’ve got you covered. Read our recommendations for five bike shops in Singapore with options geared towards beginners. 

Did you know that Singapore has over 460 kilometres of cycling paths that connect one corner of the island to another, and there are plans to increase this to 800 km by 2023? No wonder cycling is getting more and more popular!

Riding around on a bicycle is not only a great way to enjoy the city scape and explore lesser-known paths, it is also a good sport to build your cardiovascular fitness. And with the rise of foldable bikes that have entered the scene, biking to and from work is now even more convenient than ever. 

Because there’s no better time to start a new hobby than the new year, here are five brick-and-mortar bicycle shops in Singapore with budget-friendly options, ideal for newbies looking to get their first bike. 

5 in-store bicycle shops in Singapore with budget-friendly options

Bicycle shopLocationType of bicycles availablePrice range
Decathlon SingaporeVariousLeisure bicycles, mountain bicycles, children’s bicyclesS$200 to S$2,000
Rodalink SingaporeEast Coast, Boon LayMountain bikes, city bikes, touring bikes, folding bikes, women’s bikes, kids’ bikesS$300 to S$3,000
My Bike ShopHenderson Road, Thomson HillsFoldable bikesS$700 to S$2,500
Hello, BicycleBugis, Joo ChiatLifestyle and leisure bicycles, men’s bicycles, women’s bicycles, kids’ balance bikesS$790 to S$1,290
Mighty VeloTai SengFoldable bicycles, foldable tricyclesS$999 to S$6,300

Decathlon Singapore - From S$200

Location: Various
Types of bicycles available: Leisure bicycles, mountain bicycles, children’s bicycles
Price range: S$200 to SS$2,200

If you’re not sure what type of bicycle you want, or simply want to start with a basic model, Decathlon is a good place to start.

The sporting goods megamart stocks a quite-impressive range of bicycles in various styles, including mountain and sports bikes, hybrid bikes, and leisure bikes. You can also find bicycles for women and children, as well as some folding models. 

All in all, Decathlon stocks over 40 different types of bicycles, which you can browse on its website. Prices are friendly too, with decent models starting from S$200.

If you find something you like, be sure to call ahead to check if the model you want is available at the branch you’re thinking of visiting.

Rodalink Singapore - From S$300

Location: 166B Upper East Coast Road Singapore; 18 Boon Lay Way, #01-98D Singapore
Tel: 6242 8330 (East Coast), 6795 4320 (Jurong East)
Types of bicycles available: Mountain bikes, city bikes, touring bikes, folding bikes, women’s bikes, kids’ bikes
Price range: S$300 to S$3,000

Rodalink Singapore stocks a wide range of different bicycle models, from mountain and touring bikes for off-road or competitive riding, to city bicycles and folding bicycles that are ideal for more leisurely jaunts around the neighbourhood. So if you’re a newbie and want to check out your options, you should make a pitstop here. 

The store deals mainly in bicycles from Polygon and Marin, which are world renowned manufacturers catering to serious athletes and competitive riders. While these high-end models can cost over a thousand bucks, there are also more casual offerings with price tags that are friendly to the wallet. 

You may balk at the idea of dropping a few hundred dollars on a bicycle, but once you experience the polish and finesse of these quality brands, you just might become hooked for life.  

My Bike Shop - From S$700

Location: 213 Henderson Road #01-06 S 159553; 9 Thomson Hills Drive S574754
Tel: 6694 1750
Types of bicycles available: Foldable bicycles for adults and children
Price range: S$700 to S$2,500

When you first visit My Bike Shop’s webpage, you might think you have accidentally stumbled upon a personal biking blog. But stick around and you’ll find a friendly and knowledgeable team of bike enthusiasts that also happen to import and sell foldable bicycles.

Foldable bicycles or ‘foldies’ have been gaining in popularity due to how you can conveniently take them on the bus or MRT when needed. They also fold away for easier storage in the house. 

You won’t find generic bicycles of questionable quality here. My Bike Shop focuses on offering reputable products from brands such as Sixty Korea, Tern, Bickerton and Dahon, so you can be assured that your money will be well spent. 

Another reason to visit My Bike Shop is that they also have some solid options for younger riders, making it easy to get the whole family started on this fun and healthy activity!

Hello, Bicycle - From S$790

Location: 135 Middle Rd, #01-01 Bylands Building, Singapore 188975; 5 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427741
Types of bicycles available: Lifestyle and leisure bicycles, men’s bicycles, women’s bicycles, kids’ balance bikes
Price range: S$790 to S$1,290

Hello, Bicycle has established itself as the go-to importer of lifestyle and leisure bikes, city cruisers and women’s bikes from leading brands around the world, featuring such brands as Tokyobike, LINUS and the children’s favourite Cruzee.

What you’ll find here are elegant, stylish and well-made machines that will inspire you with visions of breezy jaunts around the city, with family or friends in tow. 

Prices here aren’t cheap, but do yourself a favour and at least go for a test ride. Once you’ve experienced the joy of one of these high-end bicycles, you’ll understand why cycling is a beloved activity all around the world.

Mighty Velo - From S$999

Location: 30 Tai Seng Street, #02-14 BreadTalk IHQ, Singapore 534013
Types of bicycles available: Foldable bicycles, foldable tricycles
Price range: S$999 to S$6,300

Another retailer specialising in folding bikes is Mighty Velo, which stocks popular high-end brands such as Iruka, Birdy and REACH GT. It is also one of the few retailers to offer the Carryall range of foldable tricycles, which is a safer alternative for older folks who wish to continue cycling for leisure. 

Models from Iruka, Birdy and REACH GT are high-performance machines, and have price tags well in the thousands of dollars. But in exchange, you’ll be getting advanced capabilities like multi-gear operation and high speeds. 

If you’re just starting off and don’t wish to spring for the costlier models, look to the Carryme range. Known as the world’s most compact foldable bike, each unit only weighs 8.5kg. And to seal the deal, Carryme bikes are available in a range of nine attractive colours.   

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