Best Places To Buy Affordable Hiking Gear In Singapore 2021

Kendra Tan

Kendra Tan

Last updated 13 January, 2021

Take a trip, offline or online, to these sporting stores and gear yourself up for the next hiking trip.

If you’re just getting into trekking or hiking for the first time in Singapore, buying outdoor gear may just be your first mountain to climb. After all, there are literally hundreds of brands out there in the market, and some with eye-watering prices.

In order to get a sense of what to bring for your day hike, you’ll need to know: 

1. The location of your hike (and how remote it is)

2. The duration and distance of your hike

4. The weather forecast for the day

Obviously, the longer and more out-of-the-way your hike is, the more stuff you’ve gotta bring. If you’re a seasoned pro, scroll on. But if you’re a beginner, here’s a basic check-list of the things to bring on your day hike. 

Day Hiking Check-list

  • Durable/waterproof backpack
  • Dri-fit and light clothing for Singapore’s humid weather
  • Hiking boots or shoes
  • Food and drinks
  • Multi-purpose tools such as a Swiss Army Knife
  • Torch lights (in case you get lost)
  • First-aid kit

As usual, we’ve got your back. Scroll on for a list of stores to get these hiking equipment without breaking the bank!

Last updated on 13 January 2021. Deals are subject to change without prior notice.

Best Places To Buy Affordable Hiking Gear In Singapore 2021

DecathlonIslandwideFrom $1 for accessories 
D.LABOnlineFrom $9 for accessories 
ZaloraOnlineFrom $90 for shoes
EzbuyOnlineFrom $0.63 for mini compass
Monotaro.sgOnlineFrom $5.39 for sports towel

Source: Decathlon


What they have: Affordable hiking shoes, boots, trekking equipment… You name, you got it. 

What to get:

The first on our list is, without a doubt, Decathlon Singapore. 

The one-stop outdoor store has a wide range of affordable yet durable hiking and trekking equipment for beginners to seasoned hikers alike. As their products are tested and designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, you don’t have to worry if your boots will tear apart while engaging in all sorts of outdoor adventures. 

Source: D.LAB


What they have: Accessories like portable speakers, wireless earphones, handheld fans and digital wearables to complement your adventure. 

What to get: 

D.LAB is all about tech that improves your outdoor experience at an affordable price point. What caught our attention, however, is their Body Temperature Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor.

For only $39, we’d say this fitness tracker is pretty amazing. It is waterproof, dustproof, easy to operate and comes with many measurement functions including step counter, calories burned, distance covered, type of sport, sleep analysis, body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. 

Source: Zalora 


What they have: Discounted hiking footwear from established brands such as Timberland. 

What to get: 

We all know how expensive Timberland’s footwear can be at its original price, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cheaper options around.

Enter Zalora, an e-commerce site focused on fashion, shoes, accessories and beauty. Not only do they sell authentic Timberland products at a discount, there is also an ongoing promotion which entitles you to a 40% discount off your total bill when you purchase three products with the same banner.

If you gather two more buddies and buy these shoes together, the average price per shoe will only cost you around $92. You’re welcome. 

Source: Ezbuy


What they have: wallet-friendly equipment, clothes and accessories for hiking… Basically anything under the sun, simply because it’s Ezbuy. 

What to get: 

Ah, Ezbuy — the shopping website with a never ending maze of amazing stuff, including hiking gear. As there are many products and brands to choose from, remember to read the reviews and always compare prices against other merchants first before purchasing anything. 

Source: CapitaLand Mall


What they have: Outlet stores selling a range of apparel, bags and gear for your outdoor adventures. 

Where to shop:

  • The North Face Outlet
  • The Travel Store Outlet
  • Timberland Outlet

If you like to see and touch your product before buying, you can opt to go shopping at IMM, the largest outlet mall in Singapore. From backpacks to weather-appropriate clothing and waterproof boots, you’re sure to find something to suit your hiking needs and budget at one of these outlet stores. 


What they have: Industrial-grade products and multi-purpose work tools for construction work sites and more. 

What to get: 

In case you haven’t heard of, it’s a Japanese e-commerce company selling industrial supply products ranging from safety equipment and hardware to mechanical parts. As they actually supply materials to the industrial goods sector, you can be assured that their products are hardy enough to withstand the harshest conditions during your hikes.

As affordable as these hiking gear can be, the cost can add up. To maximise your spend for your next hiking trip, consider using a cash back credit card that can defray the cost through the rebates it offer. To find one that suits your needs, check out our detailed cash back credit cards comparison.

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