4 Ways Grab For Business Will Save You Time and Boost Productivity

SingSaver team

SingSaver team

Last updated 14 June, 2019

For most executives, Grab has become the go-to app for their day-to-day transport needs, payment solution and even food delivery services.

Because it is so widely used, most companies have included Grab for transport reimbursement programmes.

But, reality bites when users realise what this entails –– painfully documenting every ride and retaining the physical proof of the journey until it’s time to close the account books again.

Enter Grab for Business, a solution to dispel the end-month flurry as you’re scurrying for receipts to make your transport claims.

1. Claims, claims but no receipt?!

Gone are the days when you get anxious about losing paper receipts needed to make claims. With Grab for Business, tag your rides as “Business” when you book a Grab to begin your claims process. It’s a simple toggle that you turn on with each ride, one that shortens your claims processes immensely.

Simply tag your ride as "Business"

No need to worry about saving digital receipts on your phone, or sorting through your emails when it comes to monthly expenditure claims.

Grab will automatically email you a monthly consolidated statement of work-related rides at the end of each month which you can file as expense claims. The statement will include the date and time of booking, location pick-up and drop-off, as well as the price of the ride.

Example of a Grab For Business monthly statement

The best part? Grab for Business can be synchronised with common travel expense platforms such as Concur, Expensify and Chrome River.

2. Kon-mari your wallet and go green

Who wants a wallet chockful of old, tattered receipts? Declutter your life with Grab for Business, and go green at the same time.

When you Grab for Business, you don’t just go paperless. There’s no need to ask the taxi uncle “Can I have a receipt?”, especially if you’re in a foreign country and are unable to speak the local language.

Your rides are also automatically tracked in one single app and with all receipts stored digitally, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing one.

3. Safe and reliable business travel overseas

Off for a week-long business trip in Southeast Asia? With Grab for Business, employees who need reliable, fast transport to meetings or airport transfers to and from hotels now have a safe and hassle-free option. Say goodbye to getting ripped off because you are a foreigner, don’t speak the language, or are not aware of which are the “unreliable” taxi companies.

Payment through the app is also easy so you don’t need to fumble around with unfamiliar currency at your drop-off location. With Grab having high-penetration especially in Southeast Asia, moving onto Grab for Business means saving more time and money at your convenience.

4. Minimum hassle, maximum rewards

Signing up for Grab For Business is easily done in 4 steps

Grab for Business doesn’t just minimise your hassles. Ride and earn more when you pair the right credit card with your Grab app so you can even enjoy a little extra benefit.

Why wait for Grab promotional codes and special offers when you can make the most out of every ride with this programme? And, with the time and money saved, you can focus on boosting your productivity in and out of work without stress.

This article was done in collaboration with Grab.

Grab For Business Logo

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