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Travel Insurance: The Safeguard You Need Against Flight Disruptions and Baggage Delays

Annette Anthony

Annette Anthony

Last updated 19 July, 2022

Recent news has highlighted way too many instances of flight disruptions and baggage delays. How can you prevent yourself from falling victim to unfortunate travel circumstances beyond your control? Travel insurance coverage might be the solution you need. 

What exactly is causing the delays and disruptions? It all boils down to one hard-pressed factor – manpower. 

The pandemic hampered worldwide travel in 2020, and since then, thousands of airport and airline workers were laid off. The International Air Transport Association divulged that the industry is now working at about 44 million-strong capacity, almost half of what it used to be in 2019.

The supply-demand dilemma in the travel industry

Now picture this.

Many countries have either eased their COVID-19 restrictions or resumed to normal life.This makes it easier for people to go on international trips. However, while there are more individuals catching flights, the increase of airline and airport staffing is trudging behind. 

The result? Precisely what we’re seeing right now. These are only made worse by COVID-19 outbreaks within the airport staff circle, dampening the situation even further. Additionally, there are strikes happening in Europe, even among pilots.

What’s happening in airports in Europe and the rest of the world?

Flying into European countries has been chaotic, to say the least.

Heathrow Airport, for one, was at the heart of an ongoing strike with over 700 British Airway check-in staff demanding better pay. Luckily, their efforts to reinstate their pay (a 10% pay-cut was issued during the pandemic) seems to have borne fruit, as the strike was just suspended (July 7) after a new pay offer.

The London airport has been facing other issues, including flight cancellations with snaking long queues and extended waiting times.

France has faced its share of flight cancellations in June, and Spain this month, driven by demands for better pay and working conditions. 

The same effects are eminent in other countries across the globe, with shortage of pilots in America, and long queues in Australia and India.

When will the flight disruptions and baggage delays start to ease?

CNBC quotes Stephen Furlong, a senior industry analyst from Davy, providing his view on the current travel disruption situations.

Furlong predicts that the travel disruptions will continue into the summer. It could be due to ground handling, security, or labour issues from airlines.

Finding talent to fill in the gaps will also take time, given the change in the labour market and  the Great Resignation. Workers today prioritise work-life balance, and are more willing to quit their jobs.

What can you do to avoid getting stuck in an airport?

In the current situation, it’s best to steer away from travelling to destinations with ongoing flight disruptions and baggage delays.

Radarbox’s list of flight disruptions between April 1 and June 29 include London, Frankfurt, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, and Norway. 

Here are three precautionary steps you can take to manage the situation as a passenger:

  • Book hotels or airbnbs with flexible cancellation policies
  • Pack essentials in a carry-on 
  • Include a buffer time to accommodate any time-related disruptions

Travel insurance coverage is a necessity during the new normal

While it may seem expensive to include travel insurance on top of your usual costs, it has proven to be a dependable shield against travel woes. With travel insurance, you’re covered for a myriad of instances, including:

  • Travel medical expenses (Certain plans in Singapore cover COVID-19, too)
  • Loss or damaged baggage
  • Trip cancellations or delays
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Pre-existing conditions

Travel insurance coverage for baggage and flight disruptions

Now, let’s see what insurers in Singapore provide local travellers for baggage and flight disruption coverage.

Insurance ProviderTravel Insurance CoverageCOVID-19 Coverage
FWD Travel Insurance Up to S$7,500 for theft or damage to personal belongings

Up to S$900 for baggage delay

Up to S$1,000 for travel delay
Yes, as an add-on
Starr TraveLead Travel Insurance Up to S$7,500 for personal baggage cover

Up to S$1,200 for baggage delay

Up to S$500 for unused ticket entertainment
Allianz Travel InsuranceUp to S$ 7,000 in personal baggage coverage

Up to S$2,000 for travel delay 

Up to S$1,400 for baggage delay
HLAS CovidSafe Travel Protect360Up to S$8,000 for baggage loss

Up to S$1,500 for baggage delay

Up to S$2,000 for travel postponement
AIG Travel Guard DirectUp to S$10,000 for loss of personal belongings

Up to S$1,600 for baggage delays (due to collection at your destination airport)

Up to $3,000 for travel delay
Singlife Travel InsuranceUp to S$8,000 for baggage loss

Up to S$2,000 for travel delay

Up to S$2,000 for baggage delay
MSIG TravelEasyUp to S$1,500 for travel delay

Up to S$400 for missed travel connection

Up to $1,500 for baggage delay

Up to $7,500 for baggage loss
Etiqa (TIQ)Up to S$10,000 for trip cancellation and deposit loss

Up to S$200 for baggage delay

Up to S$500 for travel delay

Up to S$1,000 for travel postponement
Yes, as an add-on

*Terms and conditions apply

There are many plans available to cushion you (and your loved ones) during your getaway. To know more, click on the button below and compare the insurance plans in Singapore. 

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