Social Gatherings Increased To Groups Of 10, Mask-Wearing Outdoors Optional From 29 March 2022 Onwards

Kendra Tan

Kendra Tan

Last updated 04 April, 2022

Restrictions of sale and consumption of alcohol after 10.30pm will also be lifted, and live performances can resume at all venues.

In a televised address to the nation earlier today (24 March 2022), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the relaxation of several measures as Singapore makes a “decisive” move towards living with COVID-19. 

The new measures will take effect from next Tuesday (29 March 2022) onwards. 

All nightlife businesses in Singapore including karaoke outlets, can resume from 19 April (announced on 4 April)

Nightlife establishments such as bars, pubs, karaoke establishments, discotheques and nightclubs will be allowed to fully reopen from April 19, with COVID-19 safety measures in place.

For nightclubs, discotheques and places where there is dancing, a negative ART test is required for patrons before entry. The tests must be taken under supervision by a Ministry of Health-approved test provider either in-person or remotely.

Patrons must get tested at most 24 hours before the end of the attendance at the event or activity.

The Latest COVID-19 rules and restrictions in Singapore were announced on 24 March 2022

Group sizes

  • Permissible group size for social gatherings will be doubled from the current five persons limit to 10 persons
  • The maximum number of unique visitors per household will be increased to 10


  • Mask-wearing in outdoor settings are optional (HDB void decks, retail block walkways, bus stops, naturally ventilated bus interchanges, etc.)
  • Masks will still be required for indoor settings when people leave their homes (office buildings, shopping malls, public transport, etc.)

Safe distancing 

  • Encouraged but will not be required between individuals or groups for mask-on settings
  • A safe distance of one metre will continue to be required for mask-off settings

Capacity limits

  • 75% capacity limit for large events and settings of more than 1,000 people 
  • Smaller settings/events with less than 1,000 people can proceed without being subject to any capacity limit

Workplace requirements 

  • 75% of those who work from home will be allowed to return to office 

Cessation of Rostered Routine Testing (RRT)

  • Will no longer be required for all sectors

Dine-in at food and beverage (F&B) establishments

  • 10 people are allowed to dine-in, only if all are vaccinated
  • Hawker centres and coffeeshops: 10 people are allowed to dine-in, only if full vaccination-differentiated SMMs (VDS) checks have been implemented at their entrances
  • No entrance checks for groups of five fully vaccinated people at F&B outlets
  • Random spot-checks will be done to ensure that only vaccinated persons are dining-in instead

Alcohol consumption

  • The current restriction in F&B establishments on the sale and consumption of alcohol after 10.30pm will be lifted

Live performances and screening of programmes

  • Live performances will be allowed to resume at all venues, including F&B establishments
  • Outdoor live performances and busking will also be allowed to resume

Vocalisation activities

  • Vocalisation activities will be allowed. This includes:
    • Singing in general settings such as schools
    • Congregational singing and chanting
    • Audiences, spectators and participants at events are allowed to cheer
  • However, masks must be worn throughout

As for nightlife businesses like bars, pubs, karaoke establishments and nightclubs, the task force is separately looking into their resumption.

These are activities with much higher transmission risks, and participants in these settings will have more difficulties complying with the prevailing safe-management measures. 

The Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Home Affairs will provide an update on the reopening of this sector in the coming weeks. 

Travelling to Singapore

  • From 1 April onwards, fully-vaccinated travellers can take any flight or ferry to Singapore with no on-arrival test or stay-home notice needed
  • There is no need for VTL flights
  • Only a pre-departure test is needed two days before a trip to Singapore 

Travelling between Singapore and Malaysia 

  • Singapore and Malaysia to reopen land borders to vaccinated travellers from 1 April 2022 onwards
  • All modes of transport allowed
  • Quarantine-free and no COVID-19 tests needed

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