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mySQupgrade: How to Upgrade Your Singapore Airlines Ticket For Less

Aaron Wong

Aaron Wong

Last updated 19 January, 2024

Want to travel in premium comfort on your Singapore Airlines flight at a fraction of the price? Then keep reading.

As good as Singapore Airlines may be, I can imagine that no one relishes the thought of flying in a cramped Economy Class cabin – especially if you have a long or ultra-long haul flight ahead of you!

But even if you don’t have the miles or cash to pay for a Premium Economy or Business Class seat, never fear. Thanks to Singapore Airlines’ mySQupgrade programme, you could be enjoying a full-flat seat with a glass of champagne in hand, all for a whole lot less. 

Table of contents

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What is mySQupgrade?

mySQupgrade is Singapore Airlines’ paid upgrade programme, which allows targeted passengers to purchase a discounted upgrade. 

Depending on your route and seat availability, you can upgrade from:

  • Economy Class to Premium Economy Class
  • Economy Class to Business Class
  • Premium Economy Class to Business Class

Upgrades from Business Class to First/Suites were previously available, but are not possible anymore.

Who is eligible to participate?

Invitations to upgrade are automatically sent out 72 hours before departure by email to eligible passengers. Alternatively, you can visit this page within the 72-hour window to see if you’re eligible- just enter your booking reference number and last name.

If you do not receive an invitation, it could be because your ticket falls into one of the following categories:

  • Your booking is not ticketed by Singapore Airlines
  • Your flight is not operated by Singapore Airlines
  • There are more than 9 passengers in your booking
  • There is an infant in your booking
  • Your booking is a redemption ticket
  • Your booking is using a Flight Pass coupon
  • Your fare class is Economy Lite, Economy Value or Premium Economy Lite

In these cases, you will not be eligible to participate in mySQupgrade.

Unfortunately, it does mean that you must purchase a more expensive Economy Standard, Economy Flexi, Premium Economy Standard or Premium Economy Flexi fare to be eligible for an upgrade. This wasn’t always the case, but brings mySQupgrade in line with Singapore Airlines’ policy on upgrading with KrisFlyer miles.

Likewise, there’s no possibility of a further upgrade if you’ve redeemed an award ticket using miles. 

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How does mySQupgrade work?

In the past, mySQupgrade worked on a bidding system, where passengers were invited to name the maximum price they’d be willing to pay for an upgrade, and the highest bid won.

These days, things are a lot more straightforward. mySQupgrade presents you with one simple question: Upgrade to Premium Economy/Business Class for S$X. Yes or no?

If you say yes, your credit card details are taken and the upgrade is processed immediately (assuming that there are still seats available- since seats are first come first serve, an invitation to purchase an upgrade is not a guarantee). 

Do note that the price quoted by mySQupgrade is always one-way, per passenger. If you’re on a flight with multiple legs (e.g. SQ26 from SIN-FRA-JFK), read the offer carefully because it may only be for the first or second leg.

All mySQupgrade offers must be accepted at least nine hours before departure.

What if I have multiple passengers?

If there are multiple people in your booking, the mySQupgrade invitation will be sent to the main email address on the booking. That individual will be purchasing on behalf of everyone in the booking.

If only some passengers on the booking wish to upgrade and not others, you’ll need to contact your local SIA reservations office and request for the booking to be split, so the passengers who want to upgrade are in one booking, and the passengers who don’t want to upgrade are in another. 

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Key in the promo code under the coupon code section on the next page after selecting your destination and dates. The prices shown are before discounts.

Receive coverage for trip cancellations, medical expenses, and more when you purchase the COVID-19 Rider. T&Cs apply.

Can upgrades be cancelled?

All upgrades via mySQupgrade are strictly non-refundable. 

Should the worst happen, you can still change or cancel your flight depending on the fare conditions of the original booking, but the money paid for the upgrade will be forfeited. 

For example, if I purchase an Economy Flexi round-trip ticket and purchase a S$400 mySQupgrade to Business Class, I can still change my flight date, but will forfeit the S$400 in the process (i.e. my new flight will be back in Economy Class). 

It’s for this reason that you should only purchase an upgrade if you’re sure you’re going to travel. That said, since mySQupgrade offers only go out 72 hours beforehand, chances are your plans are already locked in. 

What do upgraded tickets enjoy?

Tickets upgraded through mySQupgrade are eligible for all the standard benefits that come with that cabin class.

For example, passengers who purchase an upgrade to Business Class are entitled to visit the lounge, as well as order Book the Cook (BTC) items where available (do note that BTC requires a minimum of 24 hours notice, so if you buy your upgrade later on you may not make the cut-off). They will also enjoy an upsized luggage allowance, and priority boarding where applicable. 

KrisFlyer miles, Elite miles and PPS Value will be earned based on the original booking. 

What else should I know?

The most important thing to remember is that the photos which appear in your mySQupgrade invitation are for illustration only.

This isn’t so much an issue for Premium Economy, since all Premium Economy seats are basically the same. However, when dealing with Business Class, you need to exercise caution because Singapore Airlines has five different types of seats, and not all are made equal.

For example, if you end up on Singapore Airlines’ A380-800, you’ll enjoy a full flat Business Class seat with great privacy and plenty of storage space. It’s a really comfortable way to fly, and I think few would regret it!

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

On the other hand, if you’re flying on one of Singapore Airlines’ B737-800NG aircraft, your Business Class seat is basically a larger Economy Class seat with more legroom. I daresay you might feel a bit of buyer’s remorse if you pony up for Business Class, only to get this. 

Singapore Airlines B737-800NG Business Class

Your best protection is to familiarise yourself with the different types of Business Class seats that Singapore Airlines offers, then check your aircraft type. This can be done under the Manage Booking tab, just below the fare class. 

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Should I buy an upgrade?

This is a tough question because it depends on the individual. How much do you value comfort? Are you willing to 

There are some obvious heuristics you can use, however:

  • It makes more sense to upgrade a red-eye or long-haul flight, as opposed to a daytime or short-haul flight
  • If you’re celebrating a special occasion like a honeymoon or anniversary, there might be more justification for treating yourself
  • Upgrading to Business Class may make more sense when departing from Singapore, because you can enjoy the airline’s flagship Business Class lounge (you also get lounge access when departing from overseas, but the quality can be hit or miss)

I would also look at what the current cash price is for a seat in the upgraded cabin, then deduct the fare already paid to see what the upgrade “should” cost.

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mySQupgrade presents an opportunity to buy a discounted upgrade, though the extent of your savings depends on a whole host of factors such as cabin loads and base fare.

It really boils down to your pain threshold and budget, and whether you’re willing to spend a bit more on comfort, or save those funds for when you reach your destination. 

Be sure to monitor your inbox for the invitation 72 hours before departure, because it’s fastest fingers first!

Aaron founded The Milelion to teach people how to travel better for less, with credit cards, airline and hotel loyalty programmes. With 500,000 miles flown and counting, he’s keen to debunk the myth that you can’t travel in style without breaking the bank.


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