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Easy Office Secret Santa Christmas Gifts Below S$20 For 6 Types Of Colleagues

Kendra Tan

Kendra Tan

Last updated 30 November, 2022

Cheap, easy, good Christmas gifts you can get in Singapore that’ll delight your workplace buddies.  

Ah, it’s Christmas season once again. To wrap up the year, offices usually organise a Secret Santa game where colleagues get to exchange gifts with one another. 

Secret Santa gift exchange

In case you haven’t played Secret Santa, here’s what usually goes down: 

  1. Participating colleagues write their names down on a piece of paper.
  2. After giving the names a shuffle, each person draws a name. The name you’ve got is the person you have to buy a gift for. 
  3. During the party, everyone puts their gift (with the name of the giftee on it) in a pile.
  4. Each person takes their gift, and tries to guess which colleague gave the present to them. 

Have yet to think about what to buy? Here are some suggestions for awesome Secret Santa gifts that you can easily buy for under S$20. 


1. For the adventurer: Klook gift vouchers 

With the world opening up, your colleague is most likely to go overseas in the near future. And even if they don’t have travel plans in the next year or so, it doesn’t matter — Klook gift vouchers don’t expire. 

Klook Christmas discounts and promotions 2022

  • Get 1.5% cashback when you purchase Klook gift voucher via Shopback
  • Get 4mpd for travel-related transactions when you pay with HSBC Revolution

HSBC Revolution Credit Card | SingSaver


2. For the health nut: Amazing Graze

Looking for a gift for your health-conscious colleague? Look no further than Amazing Graze.  

All their products are made from 100% natural ingredients for a healthier snacking experience. 

A huge variety of gift bundles under S$20 include: 

  • Bundle of 3 Brownie Chips, S$18.90
  • Granola Collection, S$17.90
  • Nuts Variety Box, S$16.90
  • Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack, S$6.90
  • Limited Edition World Cup Party Packs, S$13.20
  • Bundle Of 2 Granolas, S$17.80
  • Sweet & Savoury 3-In-1 Snacks Bundle, S$16.80 

For more budget-friendly Amazing Graze gift bundles, click here

Amazing Grace Christmas discounts and promotions 2022

  • Get S$5 off with promo code NEWSUB 
  • Get 4mpd for online spending when you pay with your Citi Rewards card

Citi Rewards Card | SingSaver


3. For the colleague who loves serving up tea: T2 Ten Teabags Gift Pack, S$13

10 T2 teabags. 10 different flavours. Perhaps your colleague will find something new to obsess over instead of spilling tea all the time. 

10 samplers include: 

  • China Jasmine
  • French Earl Grey
  • Green Rose
  • Lemongrass and Ginger
  • Melbourne Breakfast
  • Tummy Tea
  • Morning Sunshine
  • New York Breakfast
  • Packs A Peach
  • Sleep Tight


4. For the colleague who is always showing you pics of their toddler: Sliding car with music and bubble blowing function, S$20

For only S$20, we think this sliding car from Giant is a steal. It will keep your colleague’s kid occupied, so that they won’t be so distracted during WFH meetings. 


5. For music lovers: SONICGEAR, S$5 to S$20 


What can S$10 get you these days? At Giant, you can buy bluetooth speakers, headphones and more from SONICGEAR starting from only S$5. Great for upcoming gatherings and showing off your playlist. 


6. For the all-about-christmas colleague: Christmas tree, S$20 

Artificial Christmas trees are as cheap as they can get at… You guessed it, Giant again. 

Before you go off on us in the comments, this is not a paid advertisement — Giant really serves up super budget-friendly gifts for your office Secret Santa needs. 

For only S$20, Giant offers a basic Christmas tree that is sure to light up your colleague’s home. 

If you have a couple of dollars more to spare, you can even throw in some Christmas tree ornaments including felt socks, Santa hats and Christmas baubles for just S$1 each. 

Giant Singapore Christmas discounts and promotions 2022


  • Get S$5 voucher with a minimum spend of S$60 at Giant with your UOB card
  • Get S$10 Voucher with a minimum spend of S$100 at Giant with your UOB card

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