How to Make the Most of Your Delayed Flight with SmartDelay

Razak Ahmad

Razak Ahmad

Last updated 08 May, 2024

Key Takeaways of Review on SmartDelay:

  • SmartDelay Essentials: Understand the concept and benefits of SmartDelay for smoother travel experiences during flight delays.
  • Enrollment Made Easy: Learn the process to sign up for SmartDelay and start enjoying its perks.
  • Eligibility Check: Determine if you qualify for SmartDelay and ensure you meet the criteria for enrollment.
  • Using SmartDelay: Get insights on how to use SmartDelay to access airport lounges and amenities when faced with delays.
  • Extensive Lounge Network: Explore the wide range of airport lounges available through SmartDelay across various airports worldwide.
  • Comfort Optimization: Discover tips and strategies to make the most of your delayed flights with SmartDelay.
  • Pros and Cons Evaluation: Assess the advantages and potential limitations of SmartDelay to make informed decisions about its usage.

Pro tip: Enjoy worry-free travels as we help you get access to SmartDelay when you buy travel insurance from us today. T&Cs apply.

Travelling is fun for most people. But there's one aspect of travel that's often out of our control: flight delays. 

Thanks to SmartDelay service, you can now turn these unforeseen disruptions into moments of relaxation to calm your nerves. After all, flight delays are not only frustrating but also time consuming.

According to the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a flight is considered to be delayed when it is 15 minutes later than its scheduled departure time.

If you experience a flight delay, the SmartDelay service can provide you with complimentary access to one of over 1,400-plus airport lounges in more than 500 airports across 100-plus countries.

Table of Contents

What SmartDelay Offers

SmartDelay is a premium service that offers travellers a haven of comfort and convenience during unexpected flight delays. 

By providing complimentary access to over 1,400 airport lounges across 500 airports in 100 countries, SmartDelay can transform flight delays into something more pleasant such as free access to major airports around the world.

Enrolling in SmartDelay

Signing up for SmartDelay is simple and hassle-free. This exclusive service is available as a free benefit to all customers who purchase Travel Insurance via SingSaver. Terms & conditions apply

Plus, SingSaver has extended this benefit to accommodate your companions, allowing you and up to 4 additional passengers on the same journey to enjoy the perks of SmartDelay.

Eligibility for SmartDelay

The SmartDelay service is available to all customers who purchase Travel Insurance via SingSaver, making it accessible to a wide range of travellers.

You may validate your eligibility by visiting this official website. Whether you're a frequent flyer or embarking on your first journey, SmartDelay ensures everyone's comfort during flight delays.

How to use SmartDelay

Using the SmartDelay service is easy and straightforward.

Upon purchasing any travel insurance policy with SingSaver, you will receive a unique Customer Number and instructions to register your flight via SmartDelay. If you happen to be taking a connecting flight, each code also allows you to register up to 3 flights and include up to 4 travelling companions.

Flight registration must occur no later than 2 hours before the flight's the flight's actual departure time, with additional or return flights requiring separate registration. 

Upon registration, you'll receive a confirmation email to acknowledge your enrollment. In the event of a qualifying flight delay announcement, you'll promptly receive email notification with your complimentary airport lounge access vouchers.

Access to Airport Lounges

With SmartDelay Lounge Access, you and your guests gain access to a comfortable space amidst the chaos of airport terminals. Enjoy complimentary snacks and refreshments, free newspapers and magazines, Wi-Fi, device charging stations and even conference and business facilities. 

Most importantly, SmartDelay provides access to over 1,400 airport lounges worldwide, ensuring a comfortable retreat for all travellers.

Optimising Delayed Flights with SmartDelay

Flight delays are an inevitable part of travel, but with SmartDelay, you can make the most of these moments. 

Take advantage of the lounge amenities by indulging in a delicious meal, catching up on work or emails with complimentary Wi-Fi, or simply kicking back and relaxing in a quiet, comfortable environment. Use the extra time to recharge and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

What are the pros and cons of SmartDelay?


Comfort and Convenience: Access to over 1,400 airport lounges worldwide ensures a relaxing travel experience.

Cost Savings: SmartDelay is a free benefit for SingSaver customers, making it an invaluable addition to your travel toolkit.

Accommodating Companions: Up to 4 additional passengers can join you in enjoying the perks of SmartDelay, ensuring everyone's comfort during delays.


Dependency: Relying solely on SmartDelay for comfort during flight delays may lead to disappointment if lounge access is not available.

Limited Availability: SmartDelay may not be available on all flights or for all passengers, depending on eligibility criteria and airline policies.

In conclusion, SmartDelay offers a valuable solution for travellers facing flight delays, providing comfort, convenience and peace of mind during unexpected disruptions. 

By enrolling in SmartDelay and understanding how to make the most of it, you can transform frustrating delays into moments of relaxation. Although we can't prevent flight delays, services like SmartDelay empower us to navigate travel disruptions with greater ease, ensuring a smoother journey from beginning to end.

FAQs: SmartDelay Lounge Access and Flight Registration

1. How do I get free lounge access with SmartDelay?

Getting free lounge access with SmartDelay is a breeze. Here's how it works:

Eligibility: Ensure you're a SingSaver customer, as SmartDelay is exclusively available to SingSaver customers who purchase Travel Insurance from SingSaver. You may validate your eligibility by visiting this official website.

Flight Registration: Register your flight for SmartDelay before its actual departure time. You can do this through the SingSaver website or app.

Qualifying Delay: In the event of a significant flight delay meeting SmartDelay's criteria, you'll receive an email notification with your complimentary airport lounge access vouchers.

Enjoy the Lounge: Present your vouchers at the designated airport lounge to gain access and indulge in complimentary amenities while you wait for your flight.

2. How do I register my flight on SmartDelay?

Registering your flight on SmartDelay is quick and easy.

SingSaver Account: You will need to purchase Travel Insurance from SingSaver to qualify for the SmartDelay reward.

Flight Details: Enter your flight details, including the airline, flight number and departure time. Make sure to register your flight before its scheduled departure time.

Flight Delay Notification: If your flight experiences a significant delay meeting SmartDelay's criteria, you'll be notified via email with your complimentary airport lounge access vouchers.

Enjoy Your Benefits: Present your vouchers at the designated airport lounge to enjoy complimentary amenities while you wait for your flight.



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