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6 Tips For Planning The Perfect Girls Getaway To Bangkok In 2020

SingSaver team

SingSaver team

Last updated 20 February, 2020

January is over and you may or may not stick to your fitness resolution. But your New Year's resolution to go on a trip with your girl gang — before year 2020 ends — is one you can still keep.

So, convince your squad to block your annual leave calendar well in advance and pick a destination.

Agreed that this can be a bit of a challenge. Chill all day at the pool or walk around and soak in history? Cocktails or good old coconut water? Roadside local food or snazzy rooftop bars? Depending on the duration and the season, you can pick a holiday that suits your mood and budget. 

But if there’s one destination that you can never really tire of, it’s got to be Bangkok. One of the most popular cities in the world, favoured for short and long getaways, Bangkok has it all – culture, cuisine, nightlife, shopping, entertainment and maximum R&R. What makes it a great choice is its proximity to Singapore.

Tip 1: Decide on the type of holiday you want

Now that you’ve circled Bangkok, talk to your gang and decide if you want to go slow or live it up. Even a 3-day Bangkok trip can be packed with cafe-hopping, partying, hopping across markets and cultural attractions. Bangkok has something for every kind of traveller.

If it’s going to be a sightseeing and shopping trip, bear in mind that there’s a world beyond Chatuchak, Platinum Mall, and Siam Paragon. It’s a good time to consider responsible eco-shopping. Homegrown, eco-conscious stores such as Ecotopia and Save Earth Store that stock upcycled products, sustainable clothes, beauty products, green gadgets, eco-decor could be a great start.

It goes without saying that Bangkok has great street food. But while street food is often the tastiest you can eat, a bad case of stomach bug (happens to the best of us!) can throw off all your plans. A good travel insurance plan can, therefore, come in pretty handy in these trying times and save you hundreds of dollars on emergency medical visits. Tiq Travel Insurance, for instance, has a coverage of $200,00-$1,000,000 for medical expenses incurred overseas (non Pre-Ex plans). It’s best to decide on one from among the three plans — Entry, Savvy, Luxury — that perfectly caters to your gang’s preferences. TIQ also offers Pre-Ex coverage (if you need it).

SingSaver Exclusive

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Tip 2: Figure out a budget and stick to it

Work out a per person budget and an itinerary that doesn’t go above that budget. Some of the most central areas, located closest to BTS  stations, can also give you the cheapest and quirkiest B&B stay options in Bangkok – take your pick from Siam, Pratunam, Silom or Sukhumvit.

Tip 3: Save on unforeseen costs

One of the biggest cost savings can come from choosing more affordable flight tickets and accommodation. However, when it comes to working around a budget you are all comfortable with, don’t forget other essential costs that you simply cannot afford to omit. Travel insurance is a good example. Buy one as soon as you book your flights, so you’re covered for potential costs including trip cancellations, emergency medical costs, flight delays, and baggage delay. 

Yes, a flight delay can mar the best itinerary but it’s nothing that a good travel insurance plan can’t fix easily. Tiq Travel Insurance has an automated flight delay monitoring feature that helps track your arrival and departure aircrafts with an instant payout, in case your flight is delayed by over 3 hours. The best part? You receive a payout in your e-wallet that you can cash out immediately via PayNow.

Tip 4: Pack light to get around with ease

If it’s a reunion trip with your girlfriends you meet once in three years, get matching tees made with your group’s name or the trip’s hashtag printed on them. Get ready to slay Instagram wearing them. Pack light overall. Carry one pair of denims, another pair of shorts, a swimsuit, and a shimmery outfit for a night of dancing. Be extra careful if you’re carrying a pair of diamond earrings or your limited edition Louis Vuitton bag to jazz up your outfit. All the more reason to insure your valuables to recover the cost through your travel insurance.

Tip 5: Sign up for activities to bond better 

Block a day to enjoy activities together — a Thai cooking class, a street food tour, or a Muay Thai session (yes, even boxing!). If your group is looking for some serious thrill, consider skydiving for less than 9,000 baht per person. Note that it’s a good 1.5-hour’s drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport, so you’ll need to commit to a full day including the commute back to the city. 

Go and be adventure junkies, but not with an insurance plan to boot. Look up Tiq Travel Insurance for it covers a whole bunch of adventure sports including hot air balloon ride, skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding and leisure scuba diving, among others.

Tip 6: Be prepared for contingencies but remember to have fun

When you’re travelling with a big group, you’ve got to be mentally prepared that things may not always go smoothly. Follow the itinerary but be flexible to change your plans should the need arise. Losing a shoe at midnight would be the least of your worries if one of your besties has an unfortunate medical emergency. 

Luckily, not all insurers skip claims resulting from pre-existing medical conditions when you’re overseas. Tiq’s Pre-Ex plans are specifically tailored to cover pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes, stroke, and more.

In the end, you want a stress-free girls getaway. So, as you start booking your stay, activities and tours for that reunion trip with the girls this year, it’s good to be prepared for contingencies like cancelling a trip at the last-minute due to an emergency (or a global virus), cutting it short because one of you fell ill or had an accident while overseas. 

Your best bet is to buy insurance as soon as the bookings are all made. Tiq’s coverage starts up to 60 days before your trip commences and allows you the peace of mind you need to really plan your holiday. Just so you can focus on bringing back the best kind of memories from your trip.

This article is written in collaboration with Tiq Travel Insurance.

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