Driving to Malaysia? Travel Insurance May Be More Important than You Think

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Driving to Malaysia? Travel Insurance May Be More Important than You Think | SingSaver

When driving to Malaysia, get yourself covered with travel insurance – even if it’s just a short trip across the causeway.

Some lessons are learned the hard way, as fellow Singaporean Rudy Dil experienced when he and his family drove to Malaysia for a short  New Year Eve’s trip.

Sharing his experience on Facebook, Rudy details how his car was stolen while it was parked at AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Centre. He and his family went for lunch and shopping at around 1 pm, and when he returned less than 6 hours later, his car had vanished, with groceries and clothes all in the boot. AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Centre is slightly more than a 30-minute drive from Woodlands checkpoint.

While police reports were made in both JB and Singapore, Rudy stated that “investigations can only be done by the Malaysian police”. To make matters worse, he was told the shopping mall’s CCTV cameras were not working and the traffic cameras around the area were also not functioning. A brand new Toyota Wish Aero Tourer is estimated to be worth S$112,000.

Having learnt his lesson, Rudy urged Singaporeans to get travel insurance, even if it’s for a short day trip across the Causeway.

“Please buy travel insurance next time you decide to drive across the causeway. Even if it’s just a few hours makan session or a one-night staycation. We got complacent and didn’t get any travel insurance cos we never thought it could happen to us, but it did.”

Travel Insurance is not just for extended trips

As Rudy’s case has shown, the mindset that short trips don’t require travel insurance can leave you open to unnecessary risk. From food poisoning and loss of belongings, to bigger issues like accident and injury, keeping yourself covered can help you travel with better ease of mind.

With cheap short-term travel insurance (ASEAN) plans that cost as low as $20, there’s no reason not to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances.

Planning a trip to JB soon? Here are some other things you should consider before driving from Singapore to JB.

Choose the right plan and coverage Most travel insurance plans don’t cover extreme activities, so be sure to choose the right coverage for your needs. Those that are travelling with family can also save more by choosing a family policy over multiple personal policies. You can even apply for policies that protect against loss of frequent flyer points, and that specially catered to those with pre-existing medical conditions!

Before your next trip, be sure to read our 10 tips to buying the right travel insurance first.

Get better value with an annual policy

Regular travellers? Get an annual multi-trip plan instead. Remember to look out for any restrictions on the maximum number of days covered per trip. There are even annual plans that provide worldwide coverage for maximum flexibility, so you can always travel with peace of mind.

So whether it’s just a quick hop across the causeway, or an extended adventure in Europe, always keep yourself covered. Choose the best travel insurance for your needs with our guide to the best plans in the market.

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