A Complete Guide To 24-Hour Clinics In Singapore

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Last updated Oct 11, 2021
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Located everywhere from neighbourhood heartland estates to glitzy shopping malls, medical clinics are reassuringly abundant in Singapore.

With the number of local COVID-19 cases still not down to an absolute 0, this handy list of 24-hour clinics is something you should definitely bookmark and keep starred on your WhatsApp for reference.

At last count, there are over a thousand General Practitioners medical clinics operating in the country. But when night falls, the situation changes; that’s not to say you’ll have to go to a hospital if you need medical attention late at night. There are 24-hour clinics located throughout Singapore that you can visit for a consultation, even in the wee hours. 

How much do 24-hour clinics cost?

Generally, 24-hour clinics have two tiers of consultation charges: one for regular hours and another for after hours, usually beginning at midnight. Therefore, how much you need to pay for a consultation depends on the time of your visit. 

Charges among the available 24-hour clinics on the island do vary somewhat. However, you should expect to pay anywhere between $80 to $130. Having said that, most consultations after midnight seem to cost around $100. 

Do remember this charge is for consultation only. You’ll still need to pay for medication as well as procedures such as urine tests or minor surgery, if necessary. 

For comparison, you’ll be charged around $120 to $160 for a standard Accident & Emergency (A&E) visit. This typically covers consultation, diagnostics, treatment and up to 1 week’s worth of medication. However, depending on the hospital you choose, you may be charged extra for necessary items. 

What services do 24-hour clinics provide?

24-hour clinics offer a range of services catered to general medical needs, which is to say, they are not much different from your regular GP clinic. The only difference is the extended consultation hours they offer. 

You may consider going to a 24-hour clinic if you’re taken unwell in the middle of the night, and need medications to deal with your condition or symptoms. You should also go for a consultation if you develop sudden symptoms or experience rare or unusual symptoms. 

Should I go to a 24-hour clinic or the A&E?

The decision whether to go to a 24-hour clinic or a hospital’s A&E department mostly depends on the severity and urgency of the condition. You may also decide to go to the A&E if you have an insurance plan that covers such visits. 

However, remember that going to an A&E, when it is not warranted, may mean delaying others who are in genuine need of emergency care. If your condition is assessed not to be life-threatening, you will be downgraded in priority. As a result, you will have to wait for hours at an A&E before seeing a doctor. 

Meanwhile, a 24-hour clinic is much more likely to attend to you much faster (unless you happen to visit during an outbreak in the neighbourhood, or other such freak occurrences). If the doctor on duty finds that you do need to go to the hospital after all, they will refer you accordingly. 

When in doubt, use the following table to help decide whether to go to a 24-hour clinic or the A&E.

Type Average Consultation Cost Recommended For
24-hour Clinic Between $80 to $110 Sprained or twisted ankles
Cuts or gash
Cold or flu
Sore eyes
Accident & Emergency Approx. $120 to $160
(includes treatment and up to 1 week of medicine)
Elderly’s injuries
Broken limbs
Sustained high body temperature over several days
Breathlessness for prolonged period
Sudden and severe pain
Sweating and breathlessness
Fits and seizures
Vomiting that does not subside
Blood in your vomit
Slurred speech
Severe hives

Where can I find a 24-hour clinic near me?

If you’re new to your neighbourhood and don’t know where the clinics are, consult the following table to quickly locate a 24-hour clinic near you. 

Region Name of Clinic Address, Phone and Website Consultation Fee
North Intemedical 24 Hour Clinic 25 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 #01-2407, Singapore 560525
Tel: 6919 2998
Weekday regular hours: $18
Weekends: $25 – $35
After 12am: $78 – $88
North Central 24-HR Clinic Group Blk 701A Yishun Avenue 5 #01-04, Singapore 761701
Tel; 6759 7985
7am to 10pm: $28
10pm to 12am: $$70
After 12am: $110
North Central 24-HR Clinic Group Blk 768 Woodlands Avenue 6 #02-06A, Singapore 730768
Tel: 6365 4895
7am to 10pm: $28
10pm to 12am: $$70
After 12am: $110
North Central 24-HR Clinic Group Blk 303 Woodlands Street 31 #01-185, Singapore 730303
Tel: 6365 2908
7am to 10pm: $28
10pm to 12am: $$70
After 12am: $110
North East Central 24-HR Clinic Group Blk 681 Hougang Avenue 8 #01-831, Singapore 530681
Tel: 6387 6965
7am to 10pm: $28
10pm to 12am: $$70
After 12am: $110
East Raffles Medical Airport 24-hr Clinic 65 Airport Boulevard, Changi Airport Terminal 3
Tel: 6241 8818
9am to 5,30pm: $35 – $45
After 5.30pm: $55 – $65
After 12am: $90 – $100
East Central 24-HR Clinic Group Blk 219 Bedok Central #01-124, Singapore 460219
Tel: 6247 6122
7am to 10pm: $28
10pm to 12am: $70
After 12am: $110
East Central 24-HR Clinic Group Blk 446 Pasir Ris Drive 6 #01-122, Singapore 510446
Tel: 6582 2640
7am to 10pm: $28
10pm to 12am: $70
After 12am: $110
East Tampines 24-Hr Family Clinic Blk 201D Tampines Street 21#01-1151, Singapore 524201
Tel: 6786 7228
Web: N/A
6pm to 10pm: $28 – $36
Before 11pm: $42 – $48
After 12am: $130
West Prohealth 24-Hour Medical Clinic Blk 259 Bukit Panjang Ring Road #01-18, Singapore 670259
Tel: 6765 2115
Before 9.30pm: $16 – $28
After 9.30pm: $33 – $36
After 10pm: $34 – $44
After 12am: $82 – $86
West Central 24-HR Clinic Group Blk 450 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-291, Singapore 120450
Tel: 6773 2925
7am to 10pm: $28
10pm to 12am: $70
After 12am: $110
West Central 24-HR Clinic Group Blk 492 Jurong West Street 41 #01-54, Singapore 640492
Tel: 6565 7484
7am to 10pm: $28
10pm to 12am: $70
After 12am: $110
West Central 24-HR Clinic Group Blk 959 Jurong West Street 92 #01-160, Singapore 640959
Tel: 6251 2775
7am to 10pm: $28
10pm to 12am: $70
After 12am: $110
West Unihealth 24 Hour Clinic 135 Jurong Gateway Road #01-317, Singapore 600135
Tel: 6970 5868
Before 12am: $22
After 12am: $85
Central Unihealth 24 Hour Clinic 178 Toa Payoh Central #01-218, Singapore 310178
Tel: 6203 1639
Before 12am: $22
After 12am: $85
Central Thomson Medical Centre 339 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307677
Tel: 6350 8812
Before 9pm: $45 – $55
9pm to 12am: $55 – $65
After 12am: $85 – $95

Before 1pm: $48 – $58
After 1pm: $58 – $68

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