LTA, URA, HDB Parking Fines In Singapore – Guide To Traffic Summons & Appeals

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Guest Contributor

Last updated 26 March, 2022

Received an LTA parking fine or traffic summons in Singapore? This comprehensive guide will help motorists understand what to do. 


Driving in Singapore can be a very expensive affair. 

There are many different types of parking fines that you may receive, and the penalties for not paying them or appealing against them in time can be significant. You can be slapped with a fine from the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), or Housing & Development Board (HDB). 

Here, we discuss what you need to know about parking summons in Singapore and how to appeal against them.

LTA traffic fines

The LTA is responsible for all traffic management and regulations in the country, including the issuance of parking fines or summons. The LTA may fine you if your vehicle has broken any road rules under its purview. These include committing traffic offences such as the following. 

Offence Fine
Parking when there is a "no parking" sign S$70 / S$110
Making a vehicle stop in a zebra-crossing area S$120 / S$180
Stoppage of a car in such a way that it causes an impediment to other road users S$70 / S$110
Stopping when there is a "no stopping" sign S$70 / S$110
Stopping your car on the right side of a two-way road S$70 / S$110
Failure to stop your vehicle parallel to or close to the edge of the left-hand side of the road S$70 / S$110
Parking within 9 metres of a bus stop S$70 / S$110
Turning your vehicle so that it is facing a direction in which traffic is not permitted to move S$70 / S$110
Parking on a grass verge of the road S$70 / S$110
Parking your vehicle on any road between the edge of a roadway and any portion of unbroken white lines or unbroken double white lines S$70 / S$110
Parking within 3 metres of a fire hydrant S$70 / S$110
Parking on a filter lane S$70 / S$110
Parking wherever there are unbroken double yellow lines or unbroken double yellow lines S$70 / S$110
Parking in an underpass S$70 / S$110
Parking within 6 metres of a junction S$70 / S$110
Keeping your automobile in any posture that may cause other road users to be put at risk or become distressed S$300 / S$450
Parking on a slip road S$70 / S$110
Stopping on the carriageway, shoulder, or verge of the expressway S$130 / S$200
Stopping on a central divider of an expressway S$70 / S$110
Parking on a ramp leading to a flyover or underpass S$70 / S$110
Parking within Demerit Points No Parking Zone or footpath S$120 / S$180
Parking on the footway of a road S$70 /S$110
Stopping or parking at a taxi stop or public taxi stand S$50 / S$80
Parking within the pedestrian crossing S$120 / S$180
Parking abreast to another vehicle causing an unnecessary obstruction S$120 / S$180
Waiting when there is a "no waiting" sign S$70 / S$110
Parking on a flyover S$70 / S$110

URA parking fines

The URA is responsible for the regulation of land use and development in Singapore. The URA may fine you if your vehicle has been parked in a restricted area without a valid parking permit or if you have contravened other parking regulations.

Some of the URA offences and fines include the following.

Offence Fine
Displaying a coupon that has any alteration, erasure, or other irregularity – indicating it has tampered with S$400 / S$600 or charge in court
Parking after the expiry of a parking session for half-hour to 1 hour S$4 / S$12
Parking without having a valid or sufficient coupon. Parking without having set up a parking session. S$8 – S$80
Not parking in a parking lotFailing to follow traffic signs displayed in a parking lot and causing obstruction by: - Parking within a season parking lot without valid season parking authorisation - Parking beyond the confines of a parking lot and/or stopping in a manner that does not allow other motorists to enter or leave the lot S$35 / S$70
Displaying a parking coupon with a start time that is earlier than the actual start time (NA) / S$40
Parking after the expiry of a parking session for a half-hour or less S$4 / S$8
Parking after the expiry of a parking session for more than 1 hour S$4 / S$24
Failing to produce any coupon shown on a parked vehicle for inspection and/or retention by the Superintendent or authorised personnel S$400 or charge in court
Not displaying coupons in an obvious and readable manner, parking without showing a valid coupon(s), and no digital parking session S$8 / S$40
Unauthorised parking in a restricted or reserved lot (e.g., a handicapped lot) S$200

HDB parking fines

The HDB is responsible for the management of public housing in Singapore. The enforcement of parking restrictions on HDB premises is under the jurisdiction of the police force, with help from the auxiliary police force and community volunteers. If you have parked illegally or violated any traffic rules around your home, then you might be given a notice by an authorised officer or a traffic police officer.

Some of the HDB parking offences and fines include the following.

Offence Fine
No parking coupon / parking session S$8 / S$40
Failing to follow parking place signs S$35 / S$70
Obstructing the flow of traffic by parking in an unauthorised area beyond the boundaries of a parking lot S$35 / S$70
Season parking without a valid season parking subscription S$35 / S$70
Parking in an area that is not designated as a parking lot S$35 / S$70
Displaying coupons for which the time of commencement of parking is later than the actual time when the car was initially parked NA / S$40
Parking and displaying invalid parking ticket(s) S$8 / S$40
Failure to pay a parking fee at a payment station before departing a parking space S$35 / S$70
Failing to provide coupons on demand by the Superintendent for verification and/or inspection S$400 / S$400
Parking in a parking place not designated for your use  S$35 / S$70
Selecting wrong car park (of a lower parking charge) for parking session S$8 / S$40
Disregarding the safety of other vehicles and persons while drawing, driving, pushing, or parking in an unruly manner S$35 / S$70
Parking vehicle in a parallel parking lot in any direction except the one in which traffic is moving lawfully S$35 / S$70
Entering a parking lot other than through the access provided S$35 / S$70
Repairing a motor vehicle in a parking lot S$80 / S$80
Displaying any authorisation that has been altered or erased, or which contains any other irregularity suggesting it has tampered with S$300 / S$300
Selling or advertising items from a vehicle in a parking space S$80 / S$80
Using a parking spot for an unauthorised purpose S$80 / S$80
Washing the automobile in a parking spot S$80 / S$80
Parking after the expiry of parking session: Half-hour or less, Exceeding half-hour to one hour, Exceeding one hour S$4 / S$8, S$4 / S$12, S$4 / S$24
Failure to comply with lawful instructions given by parking wardens S$35 /S$70
Unauthorised parking in a reserved lot, or lack of displaying an official label S$35 / S$200, S$70/S$200
Selecting the incorrect automobile class (with a lower parking fee) for your parking session NA / S$40
Parking without using a valid parking coupon or displaying the incorrect number of coupons S$8 / S$40
Coupons that are not clearly visible from the front or side of a vehicle NA / S$40
Displaying coupons that have been tampered with, falsified, or contain any other irregularity thereon indicating that they have been tampered with S$80/S$400, S$80/S$400
Vehicle movement without permission of owner or driver S$35 / S$70
Unlawful parking in a common HDB property S$100 / S$100
Leaving a parking spot other than via the designated exit S$35 / S$70

Traffic police fines

In addition to parking fines overseen by the agencies, you might also receive summons for infringing traffic regulations overseen by the traffic police. 

Offence Penalty
Failing to produce a deregistered vehicle’s disposal documents Up to S$2,000 fine or 3 months’ jail
Driving a deregistered vehicle Up to S$2,000 fine or 3 months’ jail
Illegally modifying your vehicle

Up to S$1,000 fine or 6 months’ jail
Driving without a proper licence Up to S$1,000 fine or 3 months’ jail
Speeding Between 6:30am and 12am:1-20km/h – S$150 fine / 4 demerit points21 – 30km/h – S$200 / 6 demerit points31 – 40km/h – S$300 / 8 demerit points41 and beyond – charged in court
Between 12am and 6:30am:1-20km/h – S$200 fine / 6 demerit points21 – 30km/h – S$300 / 8 demerit points31 – 40km/h – S$400 / 10 demerit points41 and beyond – charged in court
Reckless driving

Up to S$10,000 fine or imprisonment of up to 8 years or both. You can also get a 2-year driving ban.

Driving without being considerate Up to S$1,000 fine or jail for up to 3 years
Using your mobile phone while driving

Up to S$1,000 or imprisonment for up to 6 months or both
Driving under the influence Fine of up to S$10,000 (not less than S$2,000) or imprisonment of up to 1 year or both
Not wearing seat belts S$120 fine and 3 demerit points. If it is the driver, fine of up to S$1,000 or 3 months jail.
Not stopping in case of an accident If serious injury or death occurred, charged in court and up to S$3,000 fine, or up to 12 months jail or both

How to check vehicle fines in Singapore

When you get a parking ticket, the first thing that happens is that the fine is put on your car's windshield. You may also receive an official government notification by mail informing you of your penalty and how to pay it (in the case of moving traffic violations).

In the case of more serious traffic infractions that need a court hearing, you will be notified of the time and date of your hearing.

How to appeal a traffic or a parking fine in Singapore

If you receive a traffic or parking fine and want to contest it, there are some strategies you can employ. 

If you decide to contest the ticket, make sure you do so within the stipulated time frame (generally 14 days). You can either submit an appeal online or through the mail explaining why you think the ticket is not valid. If you choose to make an appeal online, you can find your ticket information when you check traffic offences by vehicle number.

If you were fined for illegal parking, for example, you might be able to argue that you had an urgent personal matter to attend to and had no choice but to park in an area without a parking lot. 

After you have appealed, you will not be required to pay the fine until the appeal's outcome has been determined.

How to pay for traffic fines in Singapore

If your traffic appeal has been rejected and you have to pay a fine, there are a few ways you can do so.

These include:

  • Payment through the respective agency’s website with a credit or debit card
  • By cheque 
  • In person
  • Internet banking
  • Through AXS stations
  • Through iNETS Kiosks
  • Through SAM Kiosks

In conclusion, traffic fines in Singapore are generally straightforward. While payment can be easily settled, it would be better to avoid any infringements at all, so familiarise yourself with the possible offences if you’re going to drive. 

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