5 Sure-Fire Ways To Reject Hard-Selling In Any Situation In Singapore

Kendra Tan

Kendra Tan

Last updated 09 November, 2022

Here’s how not to give in to hard-selling, especially when it comes to engaging beauty and spa services in Singapore. 

For those who enjoy buying S$18 facials and S$20 eyelash extensions on group-buy sites, you’re not alone. 

I mean, how can you not be tempted with such deals, especially when the price of everything has been rising

There is no doubt that these vouchers are a fantastic way to save money (imagine three-hour spa sessions for only S$50, and classic gel mani-pedis for only S$30), but sadly, many people often fall victim to hard selling by unscrupulous beauticians.

For the uninitiated, hard selling is when someone tries to sell something to you as a result of deceptive or manipulative tactics — something fervent Fave users in Singapore will be familiar with. 

But because the voucher you bought is cheap, your beautician will try their hardest to upsell packages and add-ons during and after the treatment.

Being a bargain hunter myself who loves deals and promotions, here are some tactics I have mastered over the years to combat hard selling from any place that provides beauty treatments and services Singapore. 

#1 Don’t make eye contact when they are pitching to you, use your mobile phone instead

When they start to get too pushy with their sales pitch, whip out your mobile phone and start using it. 

When they ask you something, simply reply “hmm”, “ah”, “oh”. 

Sooner or later, they will give up due to your lack of enthusiastic replies. 

#2 Tell them you are in the midst of migrating

Works 100 per cent of the time, because you won’t be in Singapore to use the package at all. 

However, be warned that you may have to come up with lies about where you’re migrating to and what you plan to do if you don’t want to come across as rude for outrightly ignoring them. 

#3 Just say no

The trick to not forking out additional money is to constantly refuse their offers. 

Do not explain yourself and the reason for rejection. Just a simple and firm “no” will suffice. 

Throughout your treatment, insist on getting only the service which you came for at the start, without any add-ons. 

Yes, they may try to scare you by saying “if you don’t buy this package you will go bald”, or “your skin is very rough”, but don’t waver. Give them your best poker face and repeat “no”. 

#4 Get your fiercer-looking friend or significant other to wait for you outside the salon

If you’re afraid of being kept in that little white consultation room after your facial, get your intimidating friend or SO to wait for you outside.

If you take too long, text them to barge into the salon and whisk you away. 

#5 Bring only what you need 

The best option is to do this — simply go for your appointment with S$20 in your wallet, because even if you give in to their hard selling, you’ll have nothing to pay with. 

Don't bring your credit and debit card too, if possible. 

If all else fails, refrain from redeeming free/cheap vouchers from dubious businesses

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend people who easily succumb to hard-selling tactics to buy Fave vouchers or going for free/cheap first trials as you will most likely end up paying more than you’re willing to. 

If you're the type who feels bad and gives in, don’t even put yourself in the situation in the first place.

Yes, those cheap beauty services may be tempting, but the regret which sets in after signing your life away a package is even worse.

Most importantly, remember not to be rude — everyone just wants to earn a living, after all. 

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