5 Travel Hacks for Weekend Getaways from Singapore

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Need to get away from the daily grind in Singapore? Ayush Gupta talks about money saving tricks he uses for his weekend trips.

Singaporeans work hard and the stress levels are always peaking. To beat the stress, Singaporeans have one of the best remedies: travelling. It’s great how this small island is so close and well-connected to all of Asia that we can plan quick weekend getaways.

Now when it comes to travel we all need to do a bit of planning and research. I am an avid traveller and love taking spontaneous getaways. Below are 5 travel hacks that always work for me:

1. Enable private browsing (go incognito) to avoid airline/hotel sites from tracking you

Ever searched for a flight or hotel, returned to look for the same flight a few days later and seen a massive price hike? It’s true, your search history can be monitored by airlines. To avoid price hikes, use a private window in your browser to search undetected.

2. Get an air miles credit card

Compare the market and look for travel credit cards which give you air miles with local and overseas spending. I personally look for air miles cards with attractive bonus miles. This month I came across a great deal on DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card which gives you 12,000 welcome miles.

3. Get more legroom without spending on upgrading

We all need comfort and a bit of space on our flights. Sites such as SeatGuru help you secure the best seats on the plane. Type in your airline, flight number and date of departure to locate your plane information and pick the best seat.

4. Use last-minute hotel booking apps/websites

If you are flexible with hotel locations and chains, apps like Hotel Quickly display last minute hotel deals which can give you approximately 20% cheaper rates than online rates. This especially works great for spontaneous getaways.

5. Always get travel insurance

You might want to save those extra bucks by not buying travel insurance. However, a lot of unforeseen events can take place when you travel. Travel insurance can cover you for trip cancellation, flight delays, baggage loss and overseas medical expenses. Always compare the market and pick a policy that suits your needs. It really does take the stress away!

Plan your trip smarter today! Bon voyage!

Ayush Gupta
By Ayush Gupta
With more than 10 years of experience in the telecom and digital industries, Ayush is currently the Managing Director of SingSaver.com.sg. As the former Associate Director at Singtel Digital, his forte lies in marketing, product and affiliate partnerships.