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6 Free Things to do In Singapore In April 2016

Celine Asril

Celine Asril

Last updated 01 April, 2016

Who says you have to spend to enjoy Singapore? Here are 6 free fitness and cultural activities to look forward to in April 2016.

Singapore has a reputation for being notoriously expensive. With the cost of living rising every year, signing up for a fitness club and other leisure activities almost seems like a luxury.

But if you know where to look, you can actually enjoy a good workout and a cultured afternoon for free.

We rounded up a handful of free activities around Singapore this April, plus some money saving tips if you want to make these a part of your lifestyle.

1. Put a Stamp On It

From now until 31 July, Singapore citizens and permanent residents can experience Singapore’s 50-year progress through stamps at The Philatelic Museum for free. It’s not all about stamps at this museum: Charlie Brown’s exhibition is also on until 30 April at this museum – a must-see if you’ve watched The Peanuts Movie.

2. Yoga in the Park

Join the Urban Yogis, an open community of yogis on, on Sunday, 3 April at 10.45am at Botanic Gardens MRT Exit A. You’re in for an hour of peace and balance with at least 60 others. Sign up here for the free session.

3. Learn Pilates

Focus Pilates is holding an Open House at their Orchard Road studio on Saturday, 16 April. Contact the studio at +65 6733 8785 or to get in on their free 45-minute trial classes.

If you’d like to sign up for more classes, do use the American Express True Cashback Card. You get 3% cashback for the first S$5,000 you spend during your first 6 months.


4. Work out by The Bay

Every Tuesday evening until 28 June, Under Armour, Virgin Active and wellness collective Urban Remedy offer complimentary hour-long workout sessions for men and women.

Just dress in your workout gear and show up at Clifford Square or Fullerton Bay at 6.30pm or 7.30pm for yoga, Clubbercise and more. Email for more details. The first session in April is on the 5th.

5. Take a Photowalk

A photowalk is a great way to get acquainted with little-known neighbourhoods in Singapore while honing your photography skills.

At 9.30am on 17 April, the Singapore Photowalkers will be exploring Dakota Crescent with their point-and-shoot, lomo and DSLR cameras. Contact Bernard at 96904741 for more details about the three-hour walk, or simply sign up here.

6. Meditate

Yes, you can technically do this on your own, for free, but group support matters: meditation is very much about being in the right space, with the right people.

Head on over to the Botanic Gardens on Sunday, 24 April for a free 1.5 hour session. The venue is sponsored so you simply have to bring your own mat.

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CelineAsrilprofileBy Celine Asril

Celine Asril is a former Food & Drink Editor who writes about food, travel and lifestyle with a sustainable angle. This includes sharing sound financial tips for good future planning.


Celine Asril is a former Food & Drink Editor who writes about sustainable living, including sharing sound financial tips.


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