8 Best Physiotherapy Clinics In Singapore (2020)

Jayeeta Mazumder

Jayeeta Mazumder

Last updated 27 May, 2020

It’s a breezy morning, so you decide to head out for an early morning jog. A good 15 minutes in, you stop and bend down to touch your toes for a casual stretch. And ouch! Something snaps. You manage to lug back home, pop a painkiller, and lie down. 

You’re certain that you’ll wake up feeling nothing. If only an injury went away when left alone. Slip disc, stiff neck, tense shoulders, random aches and knots after a workout can become your common nemesis when you’re leading a sedentary lifestyle, stooping over a laptop for 8 hours a day.

This is when a physiotherapist can become your best friend. Like your body needs its every day nutrition, it also needs TLC to power through minor accidents and injuries. This is why regular physiotherapy can keep you feeling healthy through it all.

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Here’s listing out the best physiotherapy clinics in Singapore, so you can book your appointment pronto.

Physiotherapy clinicsAddressContact detailsServicesCost
Singapore Physio282B River Valley Rd, Singapore 238323Call: 6887 4190

Email: info@singaporephysio.com
Physiotherapy, running biochemical assessments, triathlon coaching, bike fitting, and sports physiotherapy$180 for a 1-hour initial consultation
PhysioActiveOrchard Road, Raffles Place, East Coast Road, Jurong East, NovenaEmail: info@physioactive.sgPhysiotherapy, sports therapy, clinical massage, women’s health, neurological rehabilitation, and functional fitness$100 (30-minute session) onwards
Physio Asia Therapy Centre Pte Ltd.360 Orchard Road #05-02, International Building, Singapore 238869Call: 6736 4142

Email: info@physioasia.com
Outpatient physiotherapy, women’s health physiotherapy, home-based physiotherapy$90 onwards
Urban Rehab- RB Capital 22 Malacca Street #03-03 RB Capital Building, Singapore 048980

- Metropolis 9 North Buona Vista Drive, #01-03 The Metropolis Tower 1, Singapore 138588 (Inside Fullerton GP Clinic)

- MBFC 10 Marina Blvd, #01-03/1A Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2, Marina Bay Link Mall, Singapore 018981 (Inside Fullerton GP Clinic)

- 108 Robinson Road #04-01, Singapore 068900

- Paragon Medical Centre #15-11 (Inside Primary Care Asia Clinic), Lobby E (Transfer at 7F) or F, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859

- 391B Orchard Road, #25-03/07/08, Ngee Ann City, Tower B, Singapore 238874
Email: jarah@urban-rehab.org
Physiotherapy, hand Therapy, Podiatry, personal training, clinical pilates, and massage therapyCall to enquire
Performance Sports & Rehab Specialists101 Irrawaddy Road 15-13/14, Royal Square, Singapore 329565Call: 6734 3421

Email: frontdesk@performanz.com.sg
Physiotherapy, sports training, sports massage, pilates, cycling analyticsCall to enquire
Focus Movement22 Malacca Street #08-00, RB Capital Building, Singapore 048980Call: 6235 3938/6327 2072

Email: info@focusmovement.sg
Movement, integrated pilates, physiotherapy, and courses and classesCall to enquire. $170 initial assessment (60 mins)
LocoMotion100 Peck Seah Street #10-12, Singapore 079333Email: enquiry@locomotionclinic.comPhysiotherapy, dry needling, hand therapy, clinical sports massage, functional rehabilitation and more$160 for an initial assessment
East Coast Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic17 Jalan Masjid #01-02, Singapore 418942Call: 6909 5917

Email: info@eastcoastphysio.com.sg
General physiotherapy, Orthopaedic physiotherapy, Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy, Neurological rehabilitation, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation, sports physiotherapy$70 onwards

Editor’s Note: Most clinics across Singapore charge between $100-200 per session. The rates vary depending on the clinic’s rate card and your physio needs.

1. Singapore Physio

Well-known for its physiotherapy techniques, Singapore Physio can be your one-stop shop for any kind of physical wear and tear. Got a thoracic spinal pain? A running injury? A migraine? No worries. Head over here to get a check-up and you’ll be prescribed the best physiotherapy based on your condition. 

They provide treatments for lumbar spine, labrum tears, ACL tears, meniscus tears, MCL, lower back pain, sports injuries and more. Singapore Physio, which has a big presence in Japan as Asia Physio, also specialises in endurance sports, knee injuries, back and neck pain, women’s health and post-operative rehabilitation.

2. PhysioActive

There’s no reason you should be hard on yourself for thinking you can learn a whole new sport after 30. So, you fancy skating and decide to take the skateboard for a spin unsupervised. And then have a great fall (tch)? 

That dislocated arm will probably make for a great party story. As long as you followed up with a thorough string of physio sessions. PhysioActive is known for its specialisation in elbow, hand, hip, knee, lower leg, shoulder and foot injuries. 

One of the top clinics in Singapore, its multi-disciplinary therapists can help you heal from various conditions. A 30-minute physiotherapy session costs $100 and a 1-hour session at home will set you back by $290.

3. Physio Asia Therapy Centre Pte Ltd.

If you need physiotherapists that help with pain management, mobilisation, sports performance enhancement, and neuromuscular balance and coordination, this is the place to be. They’ll even work closely with your trainer or doctor to help provide the best personalised treatment that you may need.

4. Urban Rehab 

Ever wondered if your physiotherapy clinic could double up as a training centre? Urban Rehab does just that. Their UrbanRehab Personal Training and Sports & Conditioning Coaching aims to help you achieve your fitness goals — from weight loss and strength training to sports-specific training for higher sports performance and core stability training for a stronger back (fewer back pain injuries, yay!), they have it all. 

You can expect to be on your path to recovery thanks to specialists that have trained in Podiatry, hand therapy, massage therapy and, of course, physiotherapy.

5. Performance Sports & Rehab Specialists 

A handful of handpicked specialists will look into your concerns and work towards healing you or achieving your goals using sports science and orthopaedic manipulative therapy. 

Sounds too cool to be true? Well, believe it. There’s sports massage, cycling analytics, shockwave therapy, pilates and more. Imagine the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and the most expert rehab specialists looking after your needs.

6. Focus Movement 

For sports and fitness enthusiasts, Focus Movement is a dream come true. An integrated physiotherapy, pilates, and movement studio, Focus chases a holistic approach to embracing all forms of physical movement as well as recovery from all kinds of injury. 

Some of their movement classes include backcare, Oov pilates, prenatal and circuit. A trial class will cost you $25, and they are also running virtual classes at the moment. They also use a unique physio-pilates system to get rid of your aches and pains.

7. LocoMotion 

This is a physiotherapy and wellness clinic offering sports massage, home therapy and dry needling,specialising in musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions. An initial, 1-hour assessment will cost you about $160 and it’s strictly by appointment only. 

If you're specifically looking for trained physiotherapists for sessions at home, LocoMotion could be a good bet. You’d have to discuss the concerns with the appointed physiotherapist before knowing the charges, though.

8. East Coast Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic 

An accident doesn’t come calling. And an injury pertaining to your bones, joints, muscles, tendons, or ligaments can be pretty common if you’re an outdoorsy person. A quick run to the A&E is but a temporary solution, which is why you’d need special handling when it’s an injury that could last. 

East Coast Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic helpfully provides back pain treatment, spinal manipulation, biomechanical assessment, posture management, ankle injury treatment and stroke rehabilitation, among a host of other crucial treatments. Rest assured, you’re in good hands at this Ministry of health-certified clinic.

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